Game 13: Purdue at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

The game is reportedly sold out despite the obscure Tuesday afternoon 2pm tip time. For those of you that won’t be there because you have to work, are watching on BTN, or anything else, join in the open thread discussion.

Pre-game coverage: Game preview, Beilein presser, video interviews with Novak, Hardaway, and Morgan.

TV/Radio: 2 pm / Big Ten Network / WTKA / Streaming Audio / Live Stats

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  • sven

    They seem to call a foul every time someone looks at Johnson’s scrawny ass. I thought we played in the Big Ten?

  • AG2

    Jujuan Johnson’s got a stroke that says “I could go 20-20 from the line today.”

  • sven

    Novak you are a moron!

  • Mattski

    Dunno who called it, but I was thinking we needed a time out.

  • AG2

    Since when was Purdue good at jumpshots? Its like they can’t freaking miss.

  • AG2

    Purdue is 4/4 from 3 in the 2nd half.

  • Kevine

    Michigan’s going pretty small here with Smotrycz at the 5

  • Kevine

    Might be time to go Keith Benson on JJ and start with the constant double teams…

  • AG2

    There’s just no rhyme or reason to the defense right now. Can’t stop Moore, can’t stop either Johnson, can’t even stop Ryne Smith.

    • AG2

      Speaking of Smith, now he’s 5-6 from 3. How do you leave an 87% 3pt shooter open like that?

  • sven

    Well this game is over.

  • William

    This has to be a career game for smith.

  • Go Blue

    Smith and d. Johnson cant miss. Whatever!

  • Rick

    Morris dribbles the damn air out of the ball – I’m so sick and tired of it.


    • Mith

      Yeah he’s been awful this year. (rolleyes)

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Michigan just can’t get stops in this second half. That’s the difference in this one. They need to figure out a solution quickly if they want to mount a comeback.

  • AG2

    FWIW, Purdue is probably the #2 team in the Big Ten right now considering how weak Illinois and MSU look right now. Still you can’t just let them conduct a clinic on your home court like that. This is a Big Ten Basketball game, not Jujuan Johnson’s NBA Draft workout.

  • Skinzkid

    Welcome to the Big Ten boys.. Hopefully we can squeak out a few wins in conference.

    • Go Blue

      This is not indicative of the way the the whole Big Ten season will go. UM ran into a buzz saw today with the way Purdues other players were shooting the lights out. Better days are ahead.

  • AG2

    I’m shuddering at the thought of what Ohio State can do. They could win by 40. Purdue seems to be making a premeditated attempt to embarrass Michigan.

  • Kevine

    Hate to say it but it kinda looks like MIchigan has given up.

  • GrandChamp

    I’ts just one game we will be fine. All of our energy was spent climbing out of that 16 point deficit early on. I still see us finishing .500 in the conference.

    • jihadistjohn

      agree with expending too much energy early…could’ve been avoided without whatever morris’ transgression was (or simply waiting until sunday vs. PSU to bench him)…one of the big advantages of being at home is jumping all over the visitors right away…purdue is CLEARLY way too good for us to be spotting them 4+ minutes…that set the tone right away and they were never rattled no matter how many haymakers we hit them with to come back and take a three second lead

    • JimC

      I hope you’re right.

      Talent & experience gaps were exposed today.

      • GrandChamp

        Young teams will have ups and downs such as we had today. We have a favorable big 10 schedule playing a lot of the bottom dwellers multiple times. Purdue shot the ball very well today and there just isn’t many teams in the conference that will shoot that well. Evan being in foul trouble hurt a lot also.

  • Alex

    Chalk this one up to those down moments people have been talking about since the end of last season. I hope they take something out of this game that will make them better for the remainder of the season.

    PSU is a winnable game. I’m hoping the team rebounds.

    • Go Blue

      We gotta get the PSU game! Hopefully our best player will be on the court at the start for the next one.

  • UMQuasi

    It’s games like this that make me glad I’m not a basketball coach. I can’t really figure out what we did wrong other than just flat-out not being as good as Purdue. I hate that feeling of helplessness.

  • Nate the Newt

    Good learning experience for D-Mo and the young guys. Got a little out of hand, but we competed for a while.

  • UMQuasi

    I feel like that last basket by Barlow with Akunne draped all over him was a microcosm of the entire game. Purdue just couldn’t miss.

    • michiganhoops4eva

      Very true…they hit all their open shots, and some contested ones as well.

  • Nate the Newt

    Also, I could take JaJuan a little more seriously if it didn’t look like he was wearing capris.

  • Flintstone

    Purdue showed why they are no11 in the nation today. Moore could get a good look anytime he wanted. Michigan just does not have anyone able to create their own shot.

    • Brick

      You are wrong. Morris can create his own shot. Hitting them was the problem.

  • michiganhoops4eva

    This was an extremely frustrating game from the very beginning.

    First of all, I am very interested to see why Darius Morris was sat at the beginning of the game. It better have been something big, because John Beilein sacrificed a portion of the game for that.

    The defense was atrocious; Michigan forgot who to double team and who not to…man, it was frustrating.

    Morgan, Hardaway, and Smotrycz played as freshmen. They need to mature quickly if Michigan has any shot of knocking off high-ranked opponents.

    Darius Morris didn’t play as a leader; he turned it over, couldn’t shoot, and made poor decisions.

    Stu Douglass played as a leader and was a rare bright spot. Zack Novak played a typical game; doing the little things, but not adding much.

    Overall, just a frustrating game…Michigan will need to reevaluate things after this one.

  • Beast1530

    This is why it’s too early to anoint Michigan as a NCAA tourney team. They’re not good enough to get in.

  • tim

    My keys to the loss:

    1. Morris can’t have an off game and it showed how important he is by the way we started the game. He also needs to figure out what ever team rule he broke and not let it happena again.
    2. Smotz should not be playing the 5 unless the other teams center is 6’7 or shorter.
    3. The 8 minute mark Beilein used a timeout, and should of used subs knowing the under 8 minute timeout was coming up.
    4. Our lack of depth showed as our guys looked winded, and Beilein’s inability to sub hurt our rebounding.
    5. Out of multiple timeouts the set play ended up with Morris getting a 3 pointer at the top of the key, which is not a winning play in the long run.
    6. Purdue has talented players 1-8 that are just better then our 1-8 by a large margin.
    7. Unless we find a way to handle a post presence, Kansas and Ohio state are going to do the same thing to us as Purdue but with stronger 5s.
    8. Turnovers killed us in the 2nd half.

  • AG2

    tim, a lot of things killed us in the 2nd half. Giving up 50 points thanks to excellent shooting by Jujuan Johnson from the free throw line, 6/6 shooting from 3, and letting the last 5 mins turn into a layup line. Literally everything Purdue threw at the basket went in. Not a good sign considering how poorly Purdue had been shooting up to this point.

    Penn State is a 110% beyond all doubt absolute MUST WIN. We lose to them at home and next thing we know we’re 10-7 because we ain’t beating Wisconsin in Madison or Kansas and OSU at home.

  • Alex

    Agreed about PSU. The other three will be extremely difficult but they play the games for a reason.

  • rlc

    Tough wake-up call. I was afraid our offense might still look this bad against a team that specialized in pressure defense – makes me pessimistic about Illinois and somewhat nervous about Iowa – but our defensive showing the last two games has been surprisingly bad. Hope they can turn it around against Penn State.

  • Don

    I saw Purdue get blown out by Richmond earlier this year and they looked awful. This was an embarrassing loss. Can’t believe this was supposed to be a great defensive team – how many open looks did Smith have? Way too many. Way too soft on D.

  • Max in Chicago

    Man, it kills me to hear all this negativity. Young team, bad game, kids got confused. Oh well. Penn St. looks beatable and have had their fair share of shitty games and good ones, just like MI. Let’s hope we can pull out the latter and come out hungry on Sunday. Beilein knows how to get this team up. No worries, GO BLUE!