Game 11: Oakland at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan takes on the Oakland Golden Grizzlies in a noon tip that will only be broadcast on ESPN3. You can find whether your ISP provides the internet channel here. As many have pointed out in the comments, you can also stream ESPN3 on your Xbox 360 – provided you have a supported ISP. Radio is local on WTKA 1050 or you can stream the audio here.

You are also encouraged to participate in the comments of this post as we discuss the game.

Oakland Preview Content:

Detroit Pershing guard Sherron Dorsey-Walker is also expected to make an unofficial visit to Crisler Arena this afternoon. In other recruiting news, 2011 Arizona wing forward Sai Tummala committed to Michigan as a preferred walk-on ($). Tummala is 6-foot-7 with a 7-foot wingspan and, while he struggled on the AAU circuit, sounds like an intriguing prospect.

  • Jeff

    Horford’s showing a knack for the offensive rebound. Valuable skill to have.

    • Gus Johnson Pure

      Yea he’s earned himself more playing time. Hope to continue seeing him get more burn.

      • Gus Johnson Pure

        He should get every McLiman’s minute. I don’t see one thing McLiman does better than him.

        • Brick

          Horford has passed McLimans in the rotation but Blake should still get a few minutes a game which will help him improve. We are going to need him at some point when we get in foul trouble. I love having 3 bigs. We can keep guys fresh and don’t have to worry as much about the fouls.

          McLimans is definitely the tallest and that does come in handy now and then.

          • Paul

            I’m loving Horford’s progress (this coming from someone who thought earlier this season he should have red shirted)

          • Gus Johnson Pure

            We all want Blake to develop into a credible 3rd or 2nd big man but at this point Horford is leaps and bounds better than him. Until he improves he’ll be relegated to garbage minutes which, unfortunately, are tough to come by in conference games.

  • Chris in NC

    We’ll know a lot more about this team in 4 weeks… But after getting a 20 point lead we’ve let them back in. Can’t do that in the B10.

    • Gus Johnson Pure

      No kidding. That’s what happens when you start draining the shot clock with 10 minutes left. I hoped to see us keep up our offensive tempo, keep taking the first good look even after building the 20 point lead. Instead we got conservative and let Oakland sorta get back in it. That could cost us against B10 teams. But great win for now. Great defense. Happy as a clam.

      • Brick

        I think I could live with having a 20 point lead with 10 minutes left in any of the B10 games.

        • Jeff

          Just about to say that.

        • Gus Johnson Pure

          Haha true true…

    • jmblue

      Basketball’s a game of runs. Teams make comebacks. Don’t worry too much about five-minute stretches.

      • Gus Johnson Pure

        Absolutely. I just worry that Oakland’s comeback happened as a result of them switching to a press — not just us going cold/them getting hot. Hopefully this serves a wake-up call that we need to practice breaking the press.

  • Gus Johnson Pure

    Wow the full court press works way too well against us.

  • Paul

    Wow…SC really making a game out of it against Kansas

  • Zem

    way to go blue, good close out after mini-oakland run

  • SubAlum_06

    DMO smoked that pass to Stu!!

  • Polisci

    Not bad for a bunch of unathletic MAC level recruits.

    Go Blue!!

  • CJD

    Nice win for sure……

  • Chris in NC

    Ok, well done. I think we’re a definite NIT team with a shot at a big dance berth… Coach B gets the most of his players. That’s for sure.

    • Mith

      It’s hard not to be optimistic right now, the team has really exceeded expectations so far. It still will most likely be a tough B10 season, but I like to think there’s at least a chance that this team could go 9-9 and grab a Big Dance berth.

      • colin

        i think they could go 7-11 and still have a pretty decent shot to go dancin

        • Beast1530

          That would not be enough for the NCAA tourney. NIT, certainly. Michigan still doesn’t have a marquee win. Oakland is a solid team but is overrated IMO. No bad losses which is a good thing.

          If Michigan can win 10 Big 10 games, they may have a shot to get in as a bubble team.

          • Gus Johnson Pure

            10 wins in a strong B10 conference is a shoe-in. 7-8 wins absolutely not. A 9-win B10 team is squarely on the bubble.

  • Nate the Newt

    That D-Mo pass is the difference from last season. Last year that would have been a chucked-up 3 by Manny as the shot clock expired.

  • KRN

    Hey, we even got the score to end up at where it should have been in the first place.

  • wayman britt

    UM is playing so well I would be disappointed if we don’t get into the NIT this year.

    Hats off to Coach Beilein and his defensive strategy against Benson. He definitely knows how to prepare his team.

  • Kainkitizen

    Job Well Done!! It was a well played game. The only concern is foul trouble with Jordan Morgan and John Horford with trying to block shots or taking charges. It just wasn’t Keith Benson’s day at Crisler Arena.

  • maxwell’s demon

    Can’t wait for Purdue.

  • Lyn

    Darius Morris is phenomenal! WOW!

  • AG2

    If there was ever a game to get into Big Ten play, its a home game vs. an offensively challenged Penn State team. Not to overlook Bryant, but we owe the Lions a beat down after last season.

    • steve

      unfortunately we get purdue before penn state

      • sven

        No that is fortunate. We get to play them before they get Hart back.

  • Brick

    A few interesting things in the box score:

    Morgan had 11 rebounds in 18 minutes.
    Horford with 6 rebounds and 3 blocks in 17 minutes.
    Novak outrebounded Hudson 12-6.
    We beat them on the boards 38-35.
    Benson had 7 boards and ZERO offensive.

    I guess another Beilein stereotype is being proved wrong this year. He cares about rebounding, he just never had many players that could do it.

  • Paul

    Wow – the size of Michigan’s win today was super unexpected (at least by me)! They are now playing like a team that will make the Bid Dance, and if they keep playing like this, their recruiting level should pick up too. I hope they crack the Top 25 soon. Go Blue!

  • sven

    The only thing surprising about this win is that we didn’t win by more. :)

    Bring on the Big Ten! I just hope we don’t run away with the conference too quickly. I’d like things to be at least a little bit interesting. Maybe Coach B can start the walk-ons a few times.

    • KRN

      Lol, just in time for Jordan Dumars to take over this team.

  • Dylan

    Working on getting the post game videos up… Vimeo is acting up for some reason.

  • Brian W

    The defense and rebounding today were excellent. Beilein prepared them well. If they can continue that effort in the Big Ten season, good things will happen. I’m usually tough on Vogrich, but he made some nice contributions today… The growth of Horford so far has been amazing. He puts in the effort every time out, and he’s a defensive presence when guys try to drive the lane and rebounds pretty well.

    • Gus Johnson Pure

      Length can compensate for weakness, and Horford knows how to use his length.

  • rlc

    Hey, when does Dumars become eligible? Any chance he’ll contribute? Another ball handler would help when the opposition decides to press.

    • sven

      Pretty sure he can play next game. I have no idea what he can do though.

  • KRN

    And down go the Illini upset by Illinois-Chicago.

  • sven

    Illinois goes down to UIC.

    I’m going to have a good time giving all the Illini fans(everyone I know) crap at the bar tonight.

  • Paul F.

    Good win against Oakland U. Proud to be a U of M fan. I couldn’t be there in person but,I always am there with the team. Got to keep playing hard. Keep getting better. Confidence is way high on this team. Go blue!

  • Dylan

    I’m here with Joe watching Brundidge vs Kearney. Beilein and an assistant are down in Indiana watching Gary Harris and Zak Irvin.

  • Bluebufoon

    BrianW— I agree Matt Vogrich’s play was needed, especially those five points in the first half. He also made some nice plays on both ends in the second half also.