Weekend Wrap: December 12th

Dylan Burkhardt

With not just a Friday night game, but also a number of recruiting features and videos, there was an unusual amount of content that we posted this weekend. Just in case you missed something, here’s run down of the whole weekend.

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  • JimC

    At this date last year, we were approximately* 6-4, with a home loss in the ACC challenge to BC.

    Conclusions anyone?

    Counting an ex. win, which is like beating concord grape college.

  • drae

    Gotta keep playin and not let the record get to this young teams head… Hopefully the Utah game was a break out game for THjr, now coach needs to work with Smotz… He has to realize that even if ur having a bad game on offense you still have to keep ur head on defense… I think Smotz will come along with a lil more work from Coach B…