Game 9: Utah at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Follow along with tonight’s rare Friday evening tip off in our open thread. Tip off is 6:30 pm and the game will be televised on the Big Ten Network (radio: WOMC 104.3 FM). Vegas has Michigan listed as an 8 point favorite but I certainly expect a battle. The game preview lives here and don’t hesitate to join the conversation in the comments.

As mentioned in the preview, we’ll have our typical post game content as well as some nice recruiting and scouting features tonight and over the weekend.

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  • CJD

    Is there any doubt that the dunk got THJ fired up? Look at his game and confidence changed after that transition dunk.

  • wayman britt

    Glad to have Hardaway gain some confidence.

  • gordie bell

    Mclimans outlet pass was phenomenal, he is pretty damn strong, maybe it is his old volleyball skills kickin’ in

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      He was also a pretty good pitcher on the baseball diamond.

      • gordie bell

        I didn’t know he played baseball, now if he can start rebounding a little better, he can really trigger the fast break.

    • JB

      Wasn’t McLimans a pitcher too?

  • ATLblue

    First time all season i see THJR attack the rim and not just stand in the corner looking to shoot, i think he needs to become more of a slasher which will help open up his 3-point game

    • CJD

      Totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Wow. 62-40. The Wolverines are fun to watch right now, running Utah right out of the gym. Love the energy and positive play all over the court.

  • tin mad dog

    Zack finally makes a 3. YES!

  • Nate the Newt

    1. I like what Horford brings to the table more so than McLimas.

    2. D-Mo has looked like a varsity player against JV in most of the games this year. His leap from year 1 to year 2 is phenomenal. It’s the single biggest reason for how well we’ve played this year and how fun we are to watch.

    3. If you want to learn to rebound, watch Novak use his body and spacing to grab boards against much bigger guys.

    • Beast1530

      Novak is the best rebounding guards in the conference. It helps that he has experience in guarding players who are much bigger than Novak.

  • Dodort

    Wow are these announcers bad. Especially the color guy. Stop calling Morris the butterfly! Other than that, this game has been great to watch. Nice to See Tim Jr. get his shot back.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Agree on Tim Doyle, although I believe it is his first game doing color. Still terrible.

  • JB

    I missed the Butterfly thing. What’s the story behind that?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Doyle said he’s like a butterfly as he has grown out of his cocoon…..

      • gpsimms

        it might be a little funny if he called him a beautiful butterfly.

        but, i’m a tireless big ten network defender. sometimes the “talent” is a little bad, but no way do I get to watch Michigan Utah on a Friday night in Indiana 4 years ago.

        • gpsimms

          nice! i called it. delivery was awful. turned out to be not funny at all.

          it might stick for tim doyle, no one else will say it.

      • JB

        Wow, that better not stick…

  • wayman britt

    Good game for UM. I believe they will surprise some teams in the Big Ten this year, but it’s going to be tough sledding in the conference. The confernce is going to be stacked, no nights off.

  • tin mad dog

    Good win.

    GO BLUE!

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Michigan dominated that game. Great performance despite a little lackadaisical defense in the second half. Loved the way they played for the most part. Stay tuned all weekend because we are going to have loads of content.

  • CJD

    I was wrong………… thought they would win but struggle to close the game similar to Clemson.

  • Tweeter

    Great game offensively. Horford really stepped up today with some big minutes. Whats the deal with Smotrycz? Has this just been a matchup thing that keeps him out of the games or is he in the doghouse? He looked pretty down on the bench during the second half.

    • wayman britt

      He just hasn’t been playing good enough to warrant more playing time. Beilein will need to keep his confidence up.

      • Tweeter

        i mean, yea, he has struggled lately, but I don’t understand the complete lack of playing time. He played about a minute and a half in the second half before Beilein pulled him. Which is fine if its a matchup thing or to sit him down for a mistake. But why didnt he get another chance at some point? Im starting to think its a combo: he’s struggling, made some bad mistakes, and the matchups have not been good. All that said, I just don’t like the quick hook and no playing time beyond that. Ofcourse, I can’t really question Beilein since it was an easy win.

        • Roverback

          ….three turnovers and two fouls in ten minutes. The play that got him yanked wasn’t really his fault. Morris was yelling for the ball while Smotz was headed to taking what appeared to be an open 8 footer and instead he passed the ball. Kind of hard to change your mometum with a shot in mind and you dish at the last second. The defender positioned himself and got a charge off him.
          Beilein got the teaching hook out.

          Smotz awareness going baseline is full steam to the basket and that is causing him problems. He needs to focus on dishing the ball down there. That will aid the offense with finding the open man as well as open up the baseline.

          I felt he’d be a big contributer in this game but thankfully these guys are finding multiple players to step up.

    • Jeff

      I think he’s been making a lot of mistakes and many of them have been mental. Tonight, he already had 3 turnovers in the first half and was lucky not to get his fourth and that’s when Beilein pulled him. Hopefully, Beilein will be able to help him get past this and he’ll learn from it.

  • Brian W

    Hardaway was excellent. Once U-M got the large lead, it seemed like Beilein was trying out some things and resting some guys by playing Akunne and Horford more. There was definitely no home cooking from the refs tonight, though.

    Who were the guys in the black warmups with the small white lettering on the front, sitting in the section to the left of the tunnel? They were at the game when Jimmy, Jalen and Ray were honored also. A local high school team?

    • TheYooper

      Romulus, They were about 10-15 rows in front of my seat.

      • Brian W

        Thanks. Great to see a local team at the game.

  • AG2

    Morgan and Morris have been huge so far this season. So has Douglas and Vogrich shooting. So has Novak’s rebounding. Smo and THJr are still growing but have contributed quality production.

    Beat Oakland and we’re 10-2 heading into our date with the Boilers. I am starting to feel like that’s a winnable game.

  • drae

    Good job blue… Nice mix of everyone… Can’t wait to get home and watch on the ole DVR…