2013 Intro: Derrick Walton


Derrick Walton is a point guard in the class of 2013 from Chandler Park Academy in Detroit. From his ESPN profile:

Derrick is a talented and skilled scoring point guard. He has great natural scoring ability and is very confident. He is a very good slasher that is able to penetrate at will. He is very good off the dribble and can create for himself and others. Derrick has a solid mid range game and has a good pull up jumper. He has range on his shot to 19 feet. He has some explosion on the offensive end and you can see he will be a force on that end of the court. Walton is a decent defender at this point with a chance to really improve with his length and athletic ability.

Walton has visited Michigan a few times and his recruitment is just now picking up. I caught up with Derrick earlier today and here’s what he had to say:

Describe your game. My game is basically moving around, doing a lot of rebounding, doing a lot of little stuff that other guys aren’t thinking about.  Rebounding, checking and scoring, mostly.

Who’s been recruiting you? Michigan, Michigan State, Connecticut, Stanford, Purdue, Central Michigan, U of D and a few other mid-majors.

Have you visited Michigan? Yes.  I came down for a football game and I came to see a basketball game but I can’t remember who they played against. I loved the facilities and I loved that they’re rebuilding.  I want to go to a school with top-of-the-line facilities.

Which coach has been primarily recruiting you for Michigan? Coach Bacari.

Have you met the rest of the staff? I’ve met coach Meyer, and I kind of talked to coach Beilein a little bit, but that’s about it.

What do you like about Michigan? Mostly, I just love the history of the program. The history of the program is reall good, with Chris Webber and Jalen Rose and the Fab Five. I really like that.

Any visits planned for any other schools in the near future? Not of the top of my head, but I’m sure I’ll be planning some visits to other schools soon.

How do you think you would fit into the offense Michigan likes to run? I think I would fit into it well. Watching games on T.V. and watching games in person, they like to work with pick-and-rolls a lot and I think I work the pick-and-roll really well.

Anything specifically you’re focused on improving about your game? Consistency is the big thing right now.

What players have people compared you to? A few Baron Davis comparisons, a little Chris Paul and a little Rondo for the all-around game.

What ultimately goes into your decision? Me personally and my family, the education part is big in my family. And I want to go to a team that wins.

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  • eddie

    Love that he mentions the Fab Five. It’s a shame that most kids these days weren’t even alive when they were in AA.

  • Kevin

    Yeah, it’s a shame kids were born in the early-mid 1990s, what were they thinking!

  • Jimmy


    A mention of Evan Smotrycz in this article about freshman who are adjusting well. It looks like he wrote it based on his Clemson performance so let’s hope the praise isn’t premature.

    • JimC

      Good paragraph on Metrics. thx

  • Alex

    Wasn’t there a recent MSU defender by the name of Walton?

    • Sam

      That would be Travis. He graduated two years ago.

      • Alex


  • Bill
  • tin mad dog

    The kid has some skills but I didn’t see much more than a bunch of 1 on 1 (or more moves) from this “PG”. Maybe that’s just the video editors choice but the video only shows him getting 2 assists.

  • mgocanada

    I really like the look of this guy, though obviously it’s hard to tell from this small and possibly unrepresentative sample. Some wacky mechanics in there but I like the athleticism on display, the swagger, and the fact that JB hasn’t surrendered the entire City of Detroit to Izzo, as I had worried.

  • AG2

    Wow, did MSU even watch tape of the Michigan/Syracuse game? All you have to do is force Cuse to take jump shots, but MSU keeps playing turnover-prone basketball.

    • Beast1530

      That’s the problem with MSU. They don’t take care of the ball well and aren’t a great shooting team. They simply don’t match up well against Syracuse offensively. Syracuse has been just as strong on the board so that basically neutralize MSU’s advantage.

      Michigan played better defense against Syracuse than MSU. Michigan allowed .87 point per possession. MSU allowed 1.06 PPP. If Michigan can continue to play good defense with the exception of Concordia game which I think that they had a huge letdown after beating Clemson and Harvard. Michigan have a shot of upsetting a few Big Ten teams especially if their shots are falling.

  • gpsimms

    so we were beating syracuse with 4.30 to go. i’m not sayin, i’m just sayin sparty,

  • tin mad dog

    Is he really only 5’10”?

  • JimC

    Why is Eminem omnipresent?

  • MaizeNBlueJ

    For those that are interested, the torrent of the Concordia game is up at BigTenTracker.com:


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  • gordie bell

    Hard to tell much from the video, biggest thing I got out of it was the total lack of effort on D by the opposition.

  • mgocanada

    Watching Syracuse lay an absolute beatdown on State gives me some confidence we can pull out a few unexpected conference victories, which is good, because if we’re already surrendering to MSU, OSU, Illinois, Wiscy, Minny, and Purdue, really what’s the point of watching at all? To maybe, just maybe, get a split with Northwestern? But joking aside, watching that game made me not feel so bad that we never had a shot with Appling.

    • Kenny

      I’d say we have a shot at any team in BT, just not going to be consistent through the season.

  • AG2

    MSU is much better at slower paced Big Ten games because they tend to commit fewer turnovers. Its just so ironic that MSU insists on trying to play fast when they’re so much better when the game slows down.

    • Beast1530

      Actually, MSU will still turn the ball over regardless of pace.

      • Jonesing for some more content here, Dylan. You have us all pretty spoiled. Have you worked up a game plan for Beilein and Utah?

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          Just posted some links, we’ll have a mail bag feature this afternoon then a Utah preview tonight or tomorrow morning. Sorry for the lull. We should also have some great stuff coming up this weekend.

    • Kenny

      MSU’s half court offense was not working against the zone and give turn overs too. And ‘Cuse were able to start their fast break after tipping rebound out. This is a price MSU pay by sending three to crash the board.

  • Section13Row15

    Not being able to go inside to Raymar when the jump shots aren’t falling is hurting them big time. Not to mention that Chris Allen was one of their better shooters as well.

    • mgocanada

      Seriously, the idea that msu is an all-star team is coming apart at the seams. Even Lucas is not remotely back to his old self. I don’t think tOSU will have a problem with them — hopefully we can exploit the flaws as well (maybe by emphasizing our zone D, not that we’ve seen much of it on the court yet).

  • KRN

    Really nice start to the season for Brundidge scoring 41 in an 87-59 win over Mt. Clemens.


  • the streets

    the kid is a very special the comment on one on one moves and two assist is a sample that the kid is all around led the state as a freshman in scoring 20ppg 5reb 8assist dont slip on him