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Dylan Burkhardt


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  • Bluebufoon

    Interesting article on the talent of NW Indiana comes out on the day Michigan is scouting 6-10, Mitch McGary, who originally is from Chestertown (Novak’s school) but who now attends Brewster Academy– prominent New England Prep School.

    Plus wasn’t Coach Meyer scouting McGary last year, when he noticed the skill of Glen Robinson III on the opposing club.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Yeah, Michigan is supposed to head out to watch him this afternoon I believe. We’re trying to catch up with him for an interview.

  • MGoYooper

    When Ziegler says “I don’t know where I would fit” without Manny and Peedi, is he talking about from a basketball standpoint or just that he was friends with Manny?

  • SJWolv

    Random question, does anyone know where I can find a listing of our historical records by season? I typically go to Wikipedia and look up the coaches to find the record, but Brian Ellerbe’s wikipedia page doesn’t have the season-by-season record like Steve Fisher, Amaker and JB do. It’s like Avery Queen never existed.

  • AG2

    Wow, Trey would have chosen MIchigan if Manny had stayed. But not even that can dull my mood after we beat Clemson again. It does show that Trey was thinking the same things we all were: that Michigan really needed him, that he would have been able to play right away, and that MSU’s recruiting class was too stacked for him to consider them.

    I’m happy with the team we have now, they’re young but they’re more talented than people think. And next year with Brundidge and Burke, we could have the best backcourt in the Big Ten!

  • Champswest

    As per Zeigler, his comments in this article are hard to believe. He didn’t go to UM because there wasn’t enough talent there (with Manny gone, I presume that he knew that Sims was graduating) and there was too much talent at MSU. Sounds a little bit like Goldilocks (this bed is too soft). I distinctly remember him saying during his recruitment that it didn’t matter to him if Manny stayed or left early, so why is he now saying that he didn’t see how he would fit in. At the time he said he decided that he just wanted to play for his dad and was inspired by Butler’s (small school)performance in the NCAA tourny and thought that CMU could do the same thing. I wish him well at CMU, but it would have been nice if he would stick to the same story.

    • Jeff

      I had been wondering if the disappointment of last season had scared him off . If they had been able to follow up on 2009 with another tournament appearance, I wonder if he would have felt better about the direction of the program. We’ll never know, but his comments make me think he may have chosen us if the team had taken a step back last year.

  • JimC

    Is winning at Clemson the best win since the 08-09 tourney season?
    We beat a falling UConn team, and #15 OSU, both at home last year. That was about it for big wins.

    • windsorGoBlue

      I think the UConn win was bigger — the Huskies were fading fast by that point, but in terms of raw talent, Dyson, Walker, Edwards, et al presented a greater challenge than the Clemson squad we just owned. But the Clemson win was definitely bigger than the OSU win, cause they didn’t have Evan Turner at the time. On that note, if we could beat OSU just once this year, it would be bigger than a victory over KU — the extra depth that Sullinger and Thomas provide, combined with the senior leadership of Lighty, Diebler, etc. make the current buckeyes a much better team than the one saved by Turner’s sick-twist-of-fate shot at the BTT.

  • windsorGoBlue

    I don’t want to read into Zeigler’s comments too much, but one thing I get from them is that we need to re-establish a recruiting presence (dare I say an “edge”) in Detroit; the Clemson win showed us that JB’s unorthodox strategy (NBA progeny and Indiana shooting projects) is beginning to work on the court, but I think a large part of UM’s historical bball success depended the on bonds of friendship and solidarity between guys who had competed against each other in the DPS. Call me old fashioned, tell me that Detroit isn’t what it used to be, but this is what seems to be working for Izzo and there’s really no good reason why it can’t work for us again.

  • detroitbry

    No doubt the dissappointing season made a difference. Still sobering to read those comments, it is like he didnt have confidence in Beilein. He would have fit perfectly with what UM has now, we need to start closing more deals similar to how we grabbed Burke.

    • Kenny

      I think it was all about playing for his dad. The comments for why not going to other schools are all BS. Manny staying or not, M has a better year or not does not really matter.

  • Kenny

    Given how well Morris is playing now and thinking that it would be Brundidge instead of Stu driving into the lane already get me very excited about the next season.

  • Drew

    Haha…he called “Peedi,” Petey. Oh well…Who would have thought that Manny staying would have helped our chances with TZ. Oh well…I like where we are headed with Trey Burke and Carlton Brundidge.

    Another note, I am really trying to find positives for Vogrich…but….he does not belong in the Big 10…Can’t shoot unless he is standing, wide open, and he certainly can’t finish at the rim which was evident when he got his stuff thrown when he tried to finish with his left hand.

    • Brick

      His first finish was pretty sweet. I don’t know why everyone makes such a big deal out of someone getting blocked. It happens all of the time. I thought he had a lane but the guy made a great play on him. He will learn. He doesn’t practice against anyone who blocks shots like that.

    • Champswest

      Per Vogrich: Why call out a guy who is playing about 5 minutes a game?

  • Adam

    I think the big news out of that article is how much influence his dad actually had on the process. I thought his dad was more supportive of wherever he went and just wanted what was best for Trey. I think what we get out of that article is that he would’ve been extremely hurt if he picked another school and I’m sure he told him similar things along the recruiting process.

    The whole “I don’t see where I fit in” after Manny and Peedi left makes no sense because it would mean he fits in more. He would have the opportunity to start where he may not have with Manny around. That just seems like the wrong terminology to use there. Maybe he thought Michigan wouldn’t be any good without them, but “fitting in” would seem to not make any sense.

    • canadaGoBlue

      I think by “fit in” he means he identified with them as fellow Detroit recruits, and saw them as potential mentors/big brothers/whatever; he probably was somewhat deluded in seeing himself as part of some triumvirate of stars a la Miami Heat, rather than as a freshman who would have a much better chance of starting on a younger, weaker UM squad WITHOUT Sims and Harris. Also, since “Petey” was a graduating senior, not sure how he could have ever figured they’d be teammates. Anyway, it’s water under the bridge.

  • Ben

    Here is a great one!! :)

  • Bluebufoon

    I think the article on Trey Zeigler, was poorly written I assume, was by a CMU student. Not only did the article call Sims “Petey”, the author mis-identified where the Big Ten Tournament was held last year.

    Casey Prather update at Florida. Prather is averaging less than 3 ppg thru six contests as a freshman the Gators starting Center Vernon Macklin is out with an injury, so Prather might get significantly more playing time in the near future.

    • georgeesq.

      Prather is a 3. How would an injury to Macklin give him more PT?

    • Sam

      “I think the article on Trey Zeigler, was poorly written I assume, was by a CMU student.”

      Practice what you preach before you go out ripping on someone.

      Also, yes, he did do a bad job researching the whole “Petey”/”Peedi” thing, sure, but he never explicitly stated that the BTT was in Columbus, he simply said that Beilein was coming from Columbus. I’m guessing he was probably watching Trey Burke or some other prospect play immediately after the BTT finished and then went to watch Zeigler play.

  • Bluebufoon

    Correction Vernon Macklin is in the line-up for Florida, looks like he is going to try to play thru some sort of knee pain, so maybe Prather won’t get additional minutes in the near future.

  • That article about Trey was very interesting. If Trey was being honest, I think the “I don’t see where I fit in” had nothing to do with playing time or UM’s won loss record.

    I believe it was more because of the background of the other kids on the team and Beilein’s style of play.

  • Gary

    Regarding the Brundidge article: He’s got a great attitude for B10 basketball and I can’t wait to see him in a Michigan uniform.

    Regarding Zeigler: I don’t see much value in second-guessing the decisions of a 17-18 year-old kid. He’s playing for his father and that is enough explanation for his decision.

    I am also very glad that my career isn’t dependent on the decisions of teenage kids.

    • Champswest

      Per Zeigler, the point is, why not just say that I want to play for my dad and not give all of the reasons that you didn’t go somewhere else. If the decision is based on playing for your dad, just say it and make everyone happy (including your dad).

      • Gary

        None of us know exactly why he made his decision. Given that he is playing for his dad, I would assume that there are some obvious personal reasons.

        Why has his explanation changed or why do some the reasons sound odd? Because he is a just a kid and he may not be sure exactly why he made his decision, or he may not be willing to say exactly what is on his mind, or he may have changed his mind about why, or he may feel he has to justify it for other than personal reasons. What difference does it make? It’s his decision and he doesn’t owe any of us an explanation.

  • Joe

    I think Ray and Trey were planning to play for their fathers all along. They were just trying to still get the recruiting experience. It would be very difficult to tell your father that you are going to play somehwere else. Even though they had better basketball schools offer them, they want their fathers to be succesful as well.

  • Bluebufoon

    Macklin is the only true center on Florida’s roster. If Macklin was shelved because of injury
    Patric Young Young and Eric Murphy would fill that hole but on a roster thats only 10 deep
    nine deep with Macklin out, the rest of the roster would have to fill the 40 minutes.

  • Sheryl

    The other day when Deshawn was having his 24 pt and 15 rebound game, I happened upon the last few minutes of that game-live stream. It looks like they will have his game tonight online too at 7pm Eastern. Really clear picture. Here is a link. Upper right, click on futurecast after the game listing.

  • Mark

    It would have been nice to have Trey commit but after watching Hardaway who cares. Hope he enjoys playing in the MAC and not getting any TV exposure. I actually don’t think he will be finishing his career at CMU because the way the team is playing I don’t think his dad will last more than 2 more seasons.

    Bry as far as your crying about recruiting if JB can get two players a year that look as good as Smote and Hardaway I think he is doing fine. Throw in some hard working bigmen like Morgan and Horford and I see UofM future looking good. Why don’t you go write a Bryblog about what a great guy RichRo is compared to the evil mastermind Jb.