To The Point: Your Questions Answered


As promised last week, we asked several players questions that were submitted in the comments of my last post. In order to do it again in the future, you can submit questions in this post and we’ll try to get them answered down the road in another video.

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  • WingedKnight

    Who is the funniest guy on the team?

    • Kevin in GR

      I’ve heard that question asked before and I hear the answer to that is Evan.

  • canadaGoBlue

    Geez, these goofballs are the guys I’ve been cheering for all this time?

    That said, Jordan Morgan seems like a nice guy.

  • the_white_tiger

    Whose dad would win in a game of one-on-one? (For Tim Hardaway Jr. and Jordan Dumars.)

  • kevin

    hahahaha, they hoed my question. nice vid though

  • Placentasaurus

    Who is the best player on the team at Call of Duty, Halo, Madden, or any other game that they might all play.

  • pleaseprintmycomments

    What’s the toughest upcoming game on the schedule?

    Harbaugh or RichRod? (kidding, but seriously)

  • Kevine

    biggest nerd on the team.

  • mgobrew1982

    Toughest game on the schedule?

  • J-Turn14

    Who has the best fashion sense on the team? Who has the worst?

  • AG2

    Hah! I can’t believe I called Wisconsin on upset alert!

  • Adam

    Who is the best shooter on the team?

  • Kevin in GR

    Who is the biggest ladies man?

  • MarcO

    What’s their favorite place to eat on campus?

  • Drew

    Agreed. Best “gamer” on the team (xbox, ps3, etc.)

  • tin mad dog

    Who is your favorite Wolverine basketball alum?

  • Mitchigan

    What are coach Beilein’s favorite sayings?

  • Mitchigan

    What’s the hardest or most unusual workouts that the coaches have you do?

  • CAW

    does anyone on the team do a beilein impression

  • Placentasaurus

    best on campus cafeteria for food? best pizza in ann arbor?

  • bball

    That was awesome – thanks!

    Favorite NBA player?

  • Gus Johnson Pure

    As a Wale fan since 2005, I gotta ask a follow-up to Stu’s answer re: what’s on iPod: which Wale tapes/albums are his favorite, and does he ever use any DMV slang, e.g., lunchin’, Joe, jah, siced, etc… Or, more generally, what are the most popular expressions/sayings on the team?

    What are some nicknames most fans don’t already know? Of course we hear guys shouting “D.Mo” when they want Darius to see they’re open. I’m curious to hear some others.

    Any unusual tidbits about Beilein that fans might be surprised to know?

    Hypothetically, who wins a game of HORSE between McLimans and Shaq? (Just kidding, just kidding.)

    • JimC

      Yes, what are the nicknames?!?