Game 6: Michigan at Clemson Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Image Credit: Michigan Basketball Facebook Page

Tip off is 9:00 p.m. but feel free to use this thread to discuss other Big Ten/ACC Challenge games taking place beforehand. The game preview is in the post below this, or is linked here.

The game will be broadcast on ESPN2 (or ESPN3 online) or 104.3 WOMC in the metro Detroit area. You can find a live stream of the audio here and live tempo free stats here.

  • Jimmy

    Today was a true reminder of why I continue to support and believe in John Beilein. Well-coached game and our young guys look ready to play. You can’t really say enough about Darius Morris right now.

    • MaizeNBlueJ

      I agree completely. Coach Beilein managed this game perfectly. Called the timeouts at just the right time, and it paid off with a big win on the road. Very proud of the way this young team responded to Clemson’s runs. Go Blue!

  • Forty

    Loved the Rondo-like hustle play by Stu where he beat their guard to the ball and then thew it off him!

  • Dave

    Impressive win.

    Morris looked exceptional tonight – he’s made great strides since last year. Creating his own shots and dishing well to the open man.

    Morgan looks solid in the middle – finishes well when open inside and cleaning up on loose rebounds.

    Smot looked confident putting the ball on the floor and driving AND hitting the outside shot.

    Hardaway looked under control and was hitting his open shots – will be nice to see him develop and drive more.

    All the others played under control, hustled and hit some key shots.

    Just a solid game overall. Michigan has a chance to have a decent year if they stay healthy and continue to improve. Maybe Beilein doesn’t need superstars. Maybe all he needs is a few talented smart coachable players and the right role players.

  • peterklima

    I love solid and smart “team basketball.”

    Of course, Clemson kind of self-destructed and Tanner Smith looked awful in everyway… but a bunch of underclassmen keeping their cool. Great. I can see why famous NBA fathers approve of the program. I can also see Bacari Alexander’s big man development being the perfect accompaniment to Beilein’s system.

    Go blue!

  • Sean

    Great road performance by a young team in a tough environment. This experience should be helpful for our next road game, which isn’t until January 5th at Wisconsin, another tough road environment. Hopefully we can take advantage of our upcoming 8-game home stand by winning 7 or even all 8.

    • Tweeter

      Would love to see them win all 8, but there are going to be several tests in there plus a big time start to conference play with Purdue. If they go into that game 10-2, I think we can start talking about what that game could mean and if this team has a real shot at the tournament. But because this team is so young and has shown a trend now of playing meh to poor in the second half, we have to take this thing one game at a time.

  • Tweeter

    Man, because of the Mich game I didnt get see a second of what looks like was a great shootout between Mizzu and GTown. Really wish I had seen that.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I’d rather watch a Michigan win ;-)

      • MaizeNBlueJ

        Ditto! Go Blue!

        • Tweeter

          yea so would I obvi since I missed the other game for UM. But I still love seeing random shootout games in college.

  • gpsimms

    Wow. That first half was what a Beilein offense is supposed to look like. And I loved to see that when he hit the wall a bit offensively, the young team continued to play tough D so Clemson still couldn’t get back in it. Very encouraging to see them play like this after the bad weekend.

    I’m sure they’ll lay some eggs this year, being so young, but it’s nice to see what this offense is going to become.

  • Chris in NC

    Illinois just beat UNC. 4-2 Big Ten over the ACC. If freaking Iowa and Minnesota don’t choke, we’ve already won the challenge. Here’s hoping for a few more wins tomorrow…

  • AG2

    I can’t name a player of the game because so many people came up big at so many times. Smotrycz and Morris played like men in the first half. Novak had the big 3s down the stretch, Hardaway put the game away at the line. Douglass made the hustle plays (and looks good going baseline). Even Vogrich and Horford had a few moments.

    You heard it hear first: Wisconsin is on upset alert tomorrow.

  • Gus Johnson Pure

    – We had great movement in the zone defense tonight, especially during our scoring stretches. Forced Clemson to take a lot of low percentage shots.
    – I like Horford’s inside defense. He makes up for his lack of strength by using his quick feet to jump in front of guys and prevent inside feeds. Not mad at him for that bl
    – Love Morgan’s game. He almost always gets a body on guys defensively and picks up box-outs, preventing second chance points. He has good hands on offense and clears a lot of space for outside looks. It’s nice to have that inside presence after years of Peedi’s 10-14 foot range game.
    – Novak continues to be an overachieving rebounder for his size. Picked up a couple boards that looked like a Clemson player had position on.
    – Smotrycz obv a huge pleasant surprise. If he averages low double-digits this season that could win us a couple more games than expected.
    – Morris continues to impress. Super pleased with his play save a few moments when he lost composure.
    – So awesome to see the entire team stay composed on the road.

    – Stu’s left hand is not reliable enough to bring the ball up the court. He always hooks his right arm around defenders when dribbling with his left, cuz he’s not confident enough with his left. Got called on 2 fouls for that around mid-court tonight. We need a more reliable ball handler when Morris isn’t in.
    – When we aren’t active enough in the zone we end up getting bunched up in one area and giving up wide open 3s. If Clemson hit a few more open looks the game would obviously have been a lot more interesting.
    – Some other things that I don’t feel like nit-picking because I’d rather just enjoy the great win.

    Go blue!

  • Thomas

    Good game on the road. We need to see Horford more than McLimans. and Stu being a leader needs to play smart, which he’s not doing right now. Morris has some potential. NIT is a must!

    • Evan

      All I can say is that we got clemsons number

  • eddie

    I’m loving Stu off the bench. When he came in after Clemson went on their run to open the second half, both the offensive and defensive sides of the court stabilized for the young squad.

    Douglass and Novak are reminding me more and more of Lee and Merritt–veteran guys who can occassional score, play solid d, but most importantly, play within themselves and the system.

  • bryemye

    Really well played for large swaths of the game. It’s interesting to finally see what real Beilein is supposed to look like. I still feel very cautious about this year but I like where the team is headed. I think this program will eventually become very solid and maybe, just maybe, this year won’t be as bad as many of us feared.

  • Bigfoot


    Bilas: Clemson — The Tigers are at home, and Michigan hasn’t won away from home.
    Brennan: Clemson — Michigan might not be as bad as we thought, but it is not good enough to beat a capable Clemson team, whose only loss was a one-point neutral-court defeat to ODU.
    Fraschilla: Clemson — Early returns about new coach Brad Brownell are positive.
    Gottlieb: Michigan — Searching for an upset here, the 1-3-1 proves tough to tame. The Wolverines appear a bit better than expected, though they will suffer in conference.
    Katz: Clemson — The Tigers, regardless of coach, are too tough at home against similar-level teams.
    Leung: Clemson — Tigers coach Brad Brownell is fitting right in and has enough weapons to win this one.
    Lunardi: Clemson — The Wolverines are a long way from being able to win at Littlejohn.
    O’Neil: Clemson — The Wolverines have done little to prove they’re over what ailed them last season.
    Williams: Clemson — After losses to both Syracuse and UTEP, I don’t see the Wolverines bouncing back at Littlejohn Coliseum.

  • Kenny

    I am the first one to call a win in the previous thread of this board.

    • Tweeter

      not to be that guy, but I will be him anyway, I said Mich would win even though I was not very confident in the pick (in the first reponse to the preview thread some three hours before your call).

  • Ryan

    Morri is 1000X better, Morgan is coming along better than expected, and Evan is a machine.

  • Joel

    Awesome win tonight. Loved seein’ my man Novak drain two 3’s in a row to put the game out of reach!

  • Jessie

    Great win.

    I do hope Morris learns not to use his arm to push off. In the big ten you know the other coaches will be on the refs to call it. I’m sure B will straighten him out.

    • Gary

      Agree – once you start looking for it, you see it a lot, and I think he is going to get in trouble for it.

      But I am also really impressed with his improvement since last season.

  • Rb

    I’d love to see Kelvin Grady rejoin the team. He could play a small but important role on this team.

    • Gary

      I don’t get the on-going love for Kelvin Grady. He was a defensive liability before and I can’t imagine that he has gotten any better as a basketball player the last two seasons playing football. The current team has a developing point guard with a lot of potential in Morris and seems to have good chemistry. Why would you want to add a player who previously left the team?

      • Jessie

        Yeah and he would be more trouble than he’s worth. imo.

      • Dave

        He would add depth at the point. Like his brother, he has a motor and can break the press. I would like to see him on the team since he would be one more weapon for Beilein to develop and use when necessary.

  • gpsimms

    Am I crazy for really wanting to see what this win does to our Pomeroy projection? Should carry a little weight with so few games played so far. Clemson is Pomeroy’s 17th best defensive team, and we just had our best offensive game of the year just about.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I’m also a bit curious… His preseason predictions are gradually weighted less and less as the season progresses as well, which should help Michigan.

  • Tom

    I was pleasantly surprised by this YOUNG team’s ability to fight back when Clemson made a run. After last weekend I thought they’d just cave.

    Something I haven’t seen anyone really talk about that I feel needs to be said it how well Jordan Morgan is playing D. I love how he seems to put his hands up and hold his ground. He may not be blocking many shots but he isn’t giving ground either. Very impressed, especially for a RS Frosh.

    Overall amazing bounce back win, made my day. GO BLUE!

  • Kainkitizen

    I was impressed with how the boys came out and made shots and built an impressive lead against Clemson in the first half. They weathered the Clemson storm (Pressure) and made just enough shots to keep at least an 8 point lead in the second half. It’s going to be fun and i just think the boys are going to surprise a lot of folks out there this season and tonight they looked like a NIT Team for sure. Win Some games against the upper portion of better teams and hopefully the NCAA comes callin our Michigan Wolverines on Selection Sunday.