Social Media Happenings

Dylan Burkhardt

In an effort to bolster our social media presence we have a pair of quick announcements.

Social Media Mailbag

Mimicking our good friends at Inside the Hall, we are going to begin hosting social media mailbags. You can submit questions to us on twitter or on our Facebook Fan Page and we will answer them with regular posts on the blog. Submit your questions now and we’ll start answering them this week.

Facebook Contest

We are also making an effort to increase our presence on Facebook, so we’re going to bribe you to like our page. Anyone that Likes our Fan Page within the next week within the next week will be entered in a drawing to win a pair of Michigan Basketball Holiday Packs — which include tickets to the Bryant, Purdue, and Penn State games as well as a free Maize Rage t-shirt.

As a bonus, if we reach an admittedly lofty goal of 1,000 fans, we’ll double the prize and give away a second set of tickets.

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  • GregGoBlue

    Haha, what about us loyal readers who are already fans on Facebook? Un- then re-like?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      You guys are fine. It will include everyone that is already a fan.

      • MaizeNBlueJ

        LOL. I was just going to say the same thing.

  • TheYooper

    Wasn’t even aware that UMHoops had a facebook. Well that changes things.

  • AG2

    Maybe there is something to this “the rims at Williams Arena are softer” thing. UVa shooting 90% from 3pt range.

  • Giddings

    Thanks for taking care of business, Minny… or not. Virginia played well but Minny seemed to underestimate them big time, playing lazy D.

  • TheYooper

    Harris on Virginia had himself a game, that’s for sure.

  • AG2

    I have a hard time believing this is the same team that lost to Washington by 40+ and to Stanford by 21.

  • gpsimms

    man. can we shoot like that sometime? actually, i guess we usually do against minnesota.