Game 5: Michigan vs. UTEP Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Tim Hardaway Sr., a UTEP legend, and Tim Hardaway Jr., a Michigan freshman.

Michigan looks to leave Atlantic City with a split, facing UTEP in the consolation final of the Legends Classic. Join the conversation, try to forget that football game, and share your thoughts on the game.

Tip off: 5:30 PM ET

Pregame content: Preview / Hardaway & Rice Video / Legends Classic preview

TV: Here’s the HDNet channel finder that we’ve been linking. Despite not being listed the game is on channel 382 for Ann Arbor residents with Comcast.

Stream: There should have another stream posted in the comments just before game time.

  • JRose

    Let’s be realistic, we had 5 days to rest and prep for Cuse. skinzkid, I bet you were loving Novack last year against Duke and Stu against UConn. They are what they are, they are not gonna become superstars, just good role players. They will have games like this, they will improve throughout the season.
    GO BLUE!!

  • JayP

    Only got to see the 2nd half today..once again that outside shot is not falling enough to rely on it all game. The bad side of that is we dont have a guy to just get buckets by any means necessary. Until CB gets here next year, this season will be a long one unless Darius Morris becomes Rajon Rondo’esque. Also Lil Tim and Morgan are two nice pieces for the furture.

  • Giddings

    Gotta just forget about this game going into Clemson on Tuesday. Let’s hope that future opponents don’t watch tape of UTEP’s defense in this game… it’s clear that their relentless pressure on the perimeter (especially with their length and quickness) really threw us off our rhythm and frustrated the young guys. Add to that the fact that you have the most experienced team in the country playing against the 4th-least experienced team with less than 24 hours rest and you get what happened tonight.

  • Tweeter

    The team just looked dead today. Have to remember that this game was on less than 24 hours rest after a game that they spent a ton of energy on. Based on that the shooting does not really frustrate me that much, but the mental errors were tough to stomach. Way to many open baskets on OBU plays for UTEP and a ton of lazy or poor passes on offense.

    I thought UTEP had a great defensive game plan coming in to this one and it worked wonders. At some point our bigs are going to have to learn to do other things besides just be screen and reversal guys at the top of the key. UTEP was able to play no help defense on all the other players and just rely on their one big guy sitting under the basket to help when needed. I really though Beilein would have a better halftime adjustment to that but we saw nothing.

  • georgeesq.

    Did not see the game today, but I’m not surprised. Cohesive units that can handle pressure are not built in a couple of months with mostly first year players.

  • ballernation

    That was about the poorest exhibition of shooting I’ve ever seen. If Michigan wants to be a 3 point shooting team in the future, they better get one of those new recruits Sherron Dorsey-Walker, Javontae Hawkins, or Nick Stauskas. Otherwise, stop shooting threes.

    There doesn’t appear to be anybody that can take it to the rack on a consistent basis. UTEP is not exactly a powerhouse and Michagan didn’t score a fieldgoal in the second half for the first 13 minutes. This is very very sad.

  • HHW

    I don’t understand how we can be so bad shooting, and not just from 3, from everywhere. We suck at putting the ball in the hole from anywhere. Our coach is a shooting guru, he has a ball named after him that helps develop shooters….how can we possibly be this bad putting the ball in the hoop?

  • Alex

    I didn’t get to see the game last night but I saw this one. It’s a shame we didn’t win. I’m hoping they grow from experiences like this just as other fans have said in the off season and early season.

    Go Blue! Beat Clemson!

  • Don

    Why is it that, in Year 4, Beilein still hasn’t gotten the shooters he needs?