Monday Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • JimC

    Pomeroy’s histogram is clever, but I just don’t see us going 11-18 the rest of the way.
    Yeah, I know it’s too early, and we’ll know more after Friday.

  • Strokin It

    Do you think that we will be better or worse??

    • JimC

      Better by a lot.

      But I’m trying to contain my enthusiasm, or this will be like football season redux.

  • cc

    Um football can’t recruit any star players

  • DB

    The Pomeroy ratings are still mostly based on pre-season projections, so the win estimate doesn’t really mean much now. Michigan has exceeded the projections by a bit so far, but it’s still way too small a sample.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Agree. But at this point, rankings that use preseason projections are more accurate than ones that don’t.

  • Colby

    Hey Dylan, you caught any wind lately on who the coaches have watched on the road recruiting? Curious if any new names are popping up. Link posted below from ESPN that has Mitch McGary listing us.

  • Kenny

    I always have HDNet ever since I got a HDTV 6 years ago and thought it was included in every basic cable package. Feel bad for those who do not have it and those who still don’t have a HDTV.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      No HDNet on Comcast in many locations or Time Warner. There are a lot of people with HDTVs that don’t get HDNet.

    • Mith

      No need to feel bad for me Kenny. I’ve managed without a HDTV so far and somehow my life still seems pretty great.

  • The KenPom projections probably aren’t too far off what many of us would have predicted, given the youth of this team. So I’m gonna look at anything beyond that projected 14 wins, 4-5 in conference, as gravy. Good as they look early, they’re going to have some ups and downs. (Let’s see, particularly, if Darius is feeling as confident two-three games from now; THEN I’ll revise my own expectations upward.)

    I predicted the football team would get six wins, so I seem to be a little less cranky than some of the people over at mgoblog.

  • UMQuasi

    Quick note on TV coverage for those of you who have AT&T UVerse in Ann Arbor–The U450 package (the highest level) will be doing a free preview all weekend, including HDNet.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Nice find, thanks for sharing.

  • dwb

    anyone got a good lead on which bars in A2 likely have the package?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Anyone with DirecTV or Dish should I think.

    • dwb

      refering of course to the the HDnet package…

  • According to the HDNet finding site (which I appreciate being included on this site) my Directv doesn’t get it in my outstate area. Could someone tell me the Directv channell just in case that info is wrong. Thank in advance.

  • Merlin

    ToBlav: Directv 306 but you need an HD receiver to see it.

  • steve

    will there possibly be a stream of the game live?

  • drae

    Man has anyone looked @ the profile of that kid Colby mentioned that has some interest in Michigan? 6’10” 255, now that’s a big man… wonder if there is any video of him… Be great to have another big body down on the block to clean up the glass and get the easy dump offs like J-Mo has been doing so far…

  • NVE

    Mitch McGary is from the same hometown (Chesterton, IN) as Zack Novak.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I know Michigan was recruiting McGary before he decided to prep but I haven’t heard much. Will try to investigate.