Game 2: Bowling Green Post Game Chat

Dylan Burkhardt

David Merritt stopped by to discuss Michigan’s win over Bowling Green. Check out the chat transcript after the jump.

  • Bill

    Nice floor game by Morris and Morgan played real smart. Good all around performance. Everyone played well.

  • Very cool new feature, Dylan.

  • wayman britt

    One game make a season doesn’t, but UM did show some good things.

    1. Morris has improved tremondously, seems very comfortable
    2. Morgan is a beast, like his strength. I think he can score around 10 points a game by just hanging around the basket.
    3. We are definitely going to struggle offensively. I believe that Stu will end up playing more minutes. Liked his drives to the hoop.
    4. I know a lot of posters think Vogrich has improved and got stronger, but I still see cement feet, slow and bad on D and one dimensional – he can only score if he is wide open.

    Look forward to watching this team develop thru the season.

  • the_white_tiger

    A huge thank you to David Merritt, this was a great feature and I really hope that it continues.

  • Tweeter

    Echoed. Thanks David! And a great start to the year for the boys. Way too early to know anything about this team for sure, but I swear we have seen this team play more aggressive offensively than last years team ever did. Maybe that all changes when the competition gets stepped up, but I really thought we would see more struggles on the offensive end. This team has been able to get a lot of easy shots and how often did we say that when Manny and Sims were not on the court last year.

  • Jared List

    Anybody else want to see a little bit more of Horford instead of McLimans? I think Horford will be able to give us a presence on defense to block some shots and help our offensive rebounding which is non-existant except for a few by Christian or Morgan

  • Xerxes

    Smotrycz can shoot!

  • Mike

    Dylan, this is a great feature. Really good effort from the team tonight, and I think it’s all the more impressive considering that Hardaway was effectively a nonfactor for the entire first half. Although this team will probably be maddeningly inconsistent given its youth, I think it will be competitive in some games that at first glance might seem prime candidates for blowouts.

    On a related note, does anyone know if the Legends Classic tourney games next week will be broadcast on anything other than HDNet? It would be nice if a wider audience could see them.