Checking in with Sherron Dorsey-Walker


2012 Pershing guard recruit Sherron Dorsey-Walker was at Michigan’s 66-35 win against South Carolina Upstate this weekend, and I was able to catch up with him this afternoon for a quick recap and a brief update on his recruitment.

The visit was pretty basic. Dorsey-Walker watched the game and met with the coaches afterward, where they introduced him to the newest member of staff, CJ Lee. Dorsey-Walker had this to say about Lee:

He’s a great person. He was just telling me about how coach Beilein is and all the other coaches. He said they’re great people and that it would be a great place to play if I was there.

Dorsey-Walker was impressed with the game, and afterward he said the coaches talked to him about where he would fit into the offensive system.

They said I could either play the wing or play point guard, and it would just depend on what kind of team we were playing.

Dorsey-Walker has offers from Michigan, Baylor, Indiana, Dayton, Western Michigan, Central Michigan, Oakland and Fairview. Like when I talked to him last, he said he has no list and he has no timeframe for commitment. As for future visits, he won’t be visiting other schools any time soon but said he’ll probably be at a few more Michigan home games.

Pershing kicks off its basketball season on December 11th, and Dorsey-Walker said he’s been working on taking a leadership role on the team and working on his defense to prepare.

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  • Fan vs fan


    Do you know how much averaged last year ?? IDo know that hecan play and reminds me of Louis Bullock. Wow with all the talent going into Baylor , I wouldn’t be surprised if the landed one of their Michigan offers soon .

    Personally, I would perfer the kid from Flint Powers or Dorsey. We need to start. Landing Some Of these Michigan kids ..

    Anton Wilson is also a very long wing that can really play . Assuming we get a big man with the 2111 .

    Either Dorsey,or Hawkins would get us in a perfectdirection

  • AG2

    You know, I’m really starting to wonder whether Thad Matta knows how to coach defense…

  • chitownblue


    I’ve been under the impression that Matta is a great recruiter, a pretty good teacher of skills, and a miserable in-game coach.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Anyone could coach OSU this year… Just get the ball down low to Sullinger. Kid is a horse.

  • sullycu

    has pointer officially signed with st. johns?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Yup. His roommate at Quality Education Academy just signed to St Johns as well.

  • Alex

    They whipped Florida in Gainesville. Just another sign of the depth in the Big Ten. Still, every game is different and maybe Florida got a little lax on defense. No matter what this year I hope the team plays really good defense and hangs its head high even if things get tough.

  • AG2

    Aaron Craft was really impressive. Florida tried to press him all game long and all it did was make it that much easier for Sullinger and Lighty to tear it up inside. Their excellent jump shooting didn’t hurt, either.

    Can’t wait to see Illinois handle Texas Thursday night.

  • Grandchamp

    Kinda surprised at how much Ray Mac has been struggling so far this season. I know it’s early but was expecting him to be a lot better out of the gate.

  • Brian W

    Jalen Rose, Ray Jackson & Jimmy King will be honored at halftime of the game on Sunday. (Will be nice to see Ray again; haven’t seen him since he played in Grand Rapids several years ago)…–Jimmy-King–Ray-Jackson-on-Sunday with an update on Petway and some other things…

    Beilein and Coach Jordan are participating in free-throw contest to raise awareness for heart disease…

    If you hadn’t seen who the Lady Wolverines signed for their recruiting class, the link’s below. The team is pretty good this year. They came close to upsetting Xavier the other night.

  • georgeesq.

    Watched the women’s team on BTN against Xavier, projected to be a final four team, ranked #5 nationally. I was impressed even though we lost. Xavier just had too much size – two 6’5″ girls who were good.

  • Bluebufoon

    I agree with AG2 Aaron Craft is a good looking PG for OSU. The Buckeye offense flows with Craft on the floor. Obviously Sullinger is the star of that team but Craft will be an excellent four year player for them. If Trey Burke is in the same league as Craft— we will be very happy.
    Go Blue !!!

    Question for those that have seen Dorsey-Walker play ? How well does Sherron handle the basketball ? Our videos just show him shooting but this article talks of Dorsey-Walker playing the PG position and I’ve seen comparison’s between Dorsey-Walker and Brandan Kearney, who is a multi dimensional player– are those fair comparisons and expectations
    for the Pershing Jr. ?

    Brian , thanks for the link to Borseth’s signees for U-M women’s team. His recruiting classes don’t get much hype, even less publicity than Coach Beilein’s classes.