Thursday Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Phil

    We need Amir to join the maize and blue. This would be an awesome class if he were to join the roster that we already have for next season.

  • bird

    The Lincoln Park Trixie Hoosierette in my office just squealed with joy. I’m guessing IU got Zeller. They’re starting to scare me. The Hoosiers, I mean. I’ve always been scared of Trixies.

  • AG2

    Now that Zeller committed to IU, we really need to pick up the recruiting. Amir Williams would be a *perfect* fit at Michigan. We’re barely getting any attention from Flint/Saginaw guys, we can’t afford to lose out on Detroit guys too, not least of which to Ohio State!

  • Mark

    Amir would be a fantastic exclamation point to this recruiting class, no doubt. However, Beilein has been the bridesmaid and not the bride far too often in past years. Thus, I’m assuming we’ll be Amir’s 2nd choice.

  • I wouldn’t even put us that high on Amir’s list. They are making an effort but have been way behind for a long time. Amir has been penciled in out of state for quite a while. They’ll play it out but it would be a pretty big shock if he chose Michigan.

  • MAS

    I expect Amir to end up at Florida. I have a hard time buying Webb’s spin. According to him everyone he interviews is a Mich lean.

  • Dirtgrain

    Webb did not claim that Michigan was the favorite.

  • Paul F.

    Trey Burke is signed per freepwolverines on twitter. Now Carlton needs to sign and bam! we got a backcourt.

  • wayman britt

    MAS I agree Webb always says players are leaning toward UM then they go else where. We aren’t going to get Amir, but the next recruit Beilein gets must be a top 50 player in the nation if we want to be in the top 3 of the Big Ten.

    The traditional Big Ten powers are really loading up and I beleive it won’t be long for IU to join MSU, OSU, UW and PU.

  • Beast1530

    Don’t get any hopes on Amir Williams. He isn’t coming to Michigan.

  • AG2

    ESPN is reporting the NCAA has declared Enes Kanter a professional and thus permanently ineligible.

  • Matt

    Really wondering who is advising Deshawn because that just seems like a terrible decision.