Tuesday Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • * The B10 recruit rankings show what pressure’s on Beilein and his staff; strong recruitment may only get you to average in a league this tough.

    *Great guard play coming our way, and some guys who can score. Dunno if the guard position is quite as important in Beilein’s D, comparatively; we will see.

    *I guess we play several of the worst B10 teams twice, but those Pomeroy win projections? What do people think? This team’s going to have to be resilient.

    Related note: saw MSU beat Sag. Valley St. by several truckloads of points. Beilein must be wondering where the points are coming from.
    We need two guys to emerge as potential 15-20 point a night players.

  • MSU beat SVSU by a boat load but Ferris State took IU to overtime. At the end of the day exhibition results just don’t matter that much.

  • AG2

    By the looks of it Michigan could have beaten SVSU big if they wanted but every time they got up by 20 Beilein cleared the benches.

    Dylan, do you think there’s anything Beilein can do to improve the frontcourt before GRIII arrives?

  • On the wing? GRIII is more of a wing player at this time — possibly a four in Beilein’s offense.

  • Kenny

    I won’t read too much from scores of exhibition games.

    Watched first half of SVSU game on DVR this morning. I saw many new looks from this team,

    1. Vogrich’s pull-up jump shots. With this he can easily pull down 20 points if he took more shot.

    2. the ability of Stu and Novak to drive and penetrate.

    3. McLimans’s baby hook, he can become a serious post threat in years coming if he perfect this move.

    4. Smot attacks the basket and gets onto the FT line.

    5. Aggressiveness on the offensive glass.

    Other observations:

    1. Horford is too thin and should red-shirt.

    2. Vogrich and all freshmen looked very jittering on defense, Morgan being a exception.

  • Suavdaddy

    So, any new news on Amir? Still just praying? On a related note, how many schollies do the buckeyes have if they just pulled in 4 in this class?

  • Evan

    Replay of usc upstate at 8 on sunday