Friday Bullets


  • Giddings

    K Price??? Seriously? Has he even played competitive basketball in the last 5 years? I guess he must have, but I was under the impression that he stayed at Michigan and just gave up basketball.

  • AG2

    I really, really, really, really, really hope Amir doesn’t pick Ohio State. That would just be too much insult to injury.

  • Phil

    Yea we need Amir! not sounding too promising though

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Joe just sent me a text that he saw Amir on campus, so he is indeed in town for his official visit.

  • Ryan

    Just payed the 7.95 for the monthly Michigan pass. The quality better be better than it has been in the past when i bought games.

    Does Purdue have any scholarship left with Hummel coming back? If not would it just be mainly us or Ohio state now?

  • Brian W

    The last time that Amir saw U-M play in person at Crisler was for the Illinois game, when both teams played their worst games of the season. Hopefully the official visit, game, and interaction with the players goes well and will help erase the memory of that bad game. U-M still could use more size on the team, so adding Amir would be nice.

    Will be great to see U-M play tonight, even if it is just an exhibition.

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