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Dylan Burkhardt

DeShawn Sims Missing in Action

DeShawn Sims has reportedly disappeared from Greece, according to this report from The Hoop.

Up to this minute, Deshawn Sims(2.03-PF) is gone from his house in Thessaloniki, Greece. The player didn’t go to the practice session this morning and when the team’s manager visited the house that the team rented for him he wasn’t there. All of his stuff was missing. The only things that were there were his sport uniforms and his shoes.

The latest update comes from, and the team’s manager says that PAOK will play against Aris next weekend without Sims and it’s next to impossible to find a replacement within the next 3 days. Even Sims’ agent doesn’t seem to know where he is. Sims played 2 games for PAOK in the Greek league averaging 13 points and 4.5 rebounds.

My first thought is that hopefully Peedi is ‘ok’ and lands on his feet. It’s generally a very tough transition to for new college graduates to start playing basketball overseas. That transition could certainly play a part, but Sims’ league is also in the midst of a labor dispute and it’s also the anniversary of his brother’s murder, which took place four years ago today. Sims tweeted “”Going back to where I belong!” around 8 am today.

Michigan’s New Two Guard


Novak was profiled by about the upcoming season:

“I remember my freshman year someone kept complaining to the refs about what I was doing,” Novak said, shaking his head. “I said: ‘Bro, I’m like 6-2. What are you complaining about? You should score on me every time. What’s going on?'”

Between the hyperbole about bruises, toughness, and the Big Ten, Novak also discusses the shift to the two position, his replacements at the four, and how to exploit opposing defenses when someone rolls their ankle at the other end of the floor — fast break baby!

The Michigan Daily also posted a number of features for their season preview. First, Chantel Jennings proides more Indiana love with a profile of Stu Douglass and Zack Novak. Next up, Luke Pasch put together a piece on Blake McLimans.

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  • georgeesq.

    Some young guys eat up the experience of playing in Europe. I know that I would if I had been so lucky at age 22. But others can’t adjust to the lifestyle, to being away from home, to the food, to the way they train. Also, I think that DeShawn has a son in the U.S.,too, based on one of his tweets.

    My impression is that DeShawn has a fragile psyche anyway, so having no support system over there and having a difficult adjustment added up to his coming back home. Greece was probably not the best place for him. Not many people speak English. Somewhere like Belgium or France would have been better. For his sake, I wish he had given his team some notice because he may have burned his bridges over there, and the opportunities over here are very limited for him.

  • AG2

    From the profile of Novak I feel like he seemed to have the skill to play the 4, just not the size. I’m hoping that translates into him being a tough, physical 2 guard who locks guys down.

  • 9Leon

    His disappearance may be related to the fact that his brother, Marcus, died on this day in 2006. Thoughts and prayers with Simms as he continues to cope with this loss… It must be very difficult to face an anniversary such as that alone in a foreign country.

  • Sam

    I agree with georgeesq on this. Peedi has been tweeting fairly frequently today, mostly about the anniversary of his brother’s death, but from the facts, it would seem like he is coming back to the US after gathering all of his belongings and leaving Greece. The culture shock is something he may have underestimated. I wish him nothing but the best in his future.

  • Bluebufoon

    Isn’t Greece in the middle of “National” strikes and economic turmoil that effect all aspects of life in that country ? I believe even the majority of Sim’s teammates have refused to play in games lately, because they didn’t want to cross various picket lines ? It will be interesting to see if all the unrest in that country prompted Sims to leave ?