Tuesday Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Mark

    Not sure if it is true but I heard that Morgan started the scrimmage. This doesn’t surprise me because I figured he would start if Smotrycz started at the 4.

  • AG2

    If that evaluation of the scrimmage is true than Morgan probably started because we need all the frontcourt help we can get. We can’t possibly shoot as bad from 2pt range as we did in Europe, can we?

  • Tom_McC

    Remember…as a general rule scrimmages tend to be considerably different than real games. Certainly, there are tons of opportunities in scrimmages that mimic real game situations but the mindset of the coaching staff in a scrimmage will never be the same as a game.

    The focus in a scrimmage is to gauge progress and determine what is working vs what isn’t and based on those results coaches begin to establish the foundation of what fans will see going forward.

    What we will see in the exhibition game Friday will likely be a function of what occurred in the scrimmage. And still, even in the exhibition game, the focus won’t be solely on winning.

  • Bill

    As a SVSU alumn I guarantee Victory over MSU. Impossible? Yep, but it feels good to say it. Go Cardinals!!!!!!!!!!

  • amherstal

    If you go to the Cavaliers website you see a lot of Manny. There’s the diary and then a rotating picture of him on the homepage. I’ve got to think this bodes well for him. They’re promoting him and I don’t think they’d do that if they didn’t plan on keeping him around.

  • AG2

    Is Peedi really missing!? What happened?

  • That’s a pretty lonely life to take on–does he have someone over there with him? Could be tough for a guy who’s been through so much. Really hope he’s okay.

  • Alex

    I hope he’s OK too.