Season Preview Mailbag

Dylan Burkhardt

With the first exhibition game just 10 days away, it seems like a perfect time to answer some e-mails for a mailbag feature. Fire away your questions about the upcoming season to and we’ll do our best to post answers sometime next week.

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  • Columnist Gary Parrish from CBSsports says Coach Beilein is on the hot seat. Not sure what other posters think, but I don’t think he is on the hot seat. He has the program moving in the right direction. Maybe Mr. Parrish was mixed up with the other sport at UM that plays 11 players at a time.

    I don’t think this columnist knows what’s going on here in Ann Arbor. He probably is just looking at his past record and making a statement based on limited knowledge.

  • michigan fan

    I don’t think Beilein is on the hotseat. He’s a good coach with limited talent. Hard to believe he was given such a long contract extension. I wish he was more successful recruiting.

  • Kenny

    A lot of columnist has no clue what they are talking about, can’t even get simple fact straight.

  • FLWolve

    JB is definitely on the warm seat. He’s had 2 disappointing seasons out of 3 and this upcoming season could make it 3 out of 4. If this season plays out like expected, then JB’s seat could be extremely warm, bordering on hot.

  • Brick

    Fortunately, internet posters cannot make his seat warm. The administration has more patience than the average fan and they are happy with the direction the program is headed.

  • He will need to make a strong move next year and the year after, unless our team can surprise big time this year. That is not a hot seat.

  • big man 9117656

    wolverines are on the rise but they need to produce. those state fans are pissin me off. beilien needs to land amir williams. in 2012 i can see the basketball and football teams as big ten contenders

  • AG2

    The thing that Beilein has going for him that Amaker did not is that Beilein actually made the tournament and won a game. On the other hand, that only buys you so much good will. We need to at the bare minimum compete for a tournament bid next season.

    As far as the article, there will be more than 5 coaches let go this season so focusing on only 5 is a bit short-sighted. Frankly, nobody’s seat is hotter than Bruce Pearl. Winning is the only thing that will keep him employed this season (assuming the NCAA doesn’t force Tennessee to fire him, which they might have to), and he knows that if he loses that job, his career is over.

  • MichBall2010

    Why is your blog so, so, so, so, so much better than mgoblog? That’s my question for the mailbag. The sites aern’t even comparable anymore. This site actually has intelligent discussion mostly from you Dylan but also from the posters who frequent the site. The quality of your posts are incredible. Mgoblog is full of bloggers/moderators who have the lamest writing style, inside jokes, and unintelligent posts and readers who seriously have no lives.

  • aMaized
  • aMaized
  • ryan

    Can not wait for Baby Big Shot to put on the maize and blue!

  • maxwell’s demon

    He’ll be on the hot seat next year if we aren’t climbing out of the B10 cellar.


    “But in men’s basketball, 12 of the teams in the final Top 25 poll produced grad rates of 50 percent or worse under NCAA calculations. Four schools scored in the 30s — California (30), Connecticut (31), Michigan and Georgia Tech (36).”

    This is for students who entered school in 2003, so one could assume graduated by 2008 at the latest, which would put this on the Amaker era. But it also states teams that finisihed in the top 25 poll, and we certainly didn’t do that.

  • Champswest

    Beilein is not even close to being on the hot seat (losing his job). After losing his top two players and having no seniors on the team, the expectations are not that great for him this year. He would have to finish with less than 10 wins and have dissention among the players to be in any kind of trouble. I think that they have great chemistry, attitude and the ability to play at .500 or better (and that is better than last year’s team).