Quick Hitters: First Scrimmage & Manny Harris

Dylan Burkhardt

John Beilein posted a number of notes from last weekend’s scrimmage on his website, which continues to be a useful source for information. Here’s an excerpt from his report:

People that I thought individually played very well in that game, would be Zack Novak, who really shot the ball well and spearheaded his team defensively. Tim Hardaway had 11 points and four assists and just one turnover. Jordan Morgan had a good day, he scored eight points and had six rebounds. Darius Morris had six points and three assists and really took care of the ball. Colton Christian and Evan Smotrycz each had four rebounds. It was really good for them to have referees and their first game-like experience since Europe. I was encouraged by a lot of things that we saw, but we still have a lot of work to do.

The athletic department also posted a Q&A with Manny Harris about his experience thus far in the NBA.

“The whole process, I knew it was going to be a grind. I knew that in my circumstances, I’d have to open some eyes. My whole mindset was to work hard regardless of what happened. You have to work hard until you get there. That means spending extra time in the gym, extra time running, doing whatever you can until you make it. I still don’t feel like I’ve made it yet. I am one step closer to my dream, though. I’m doing pretty well.”

Mike Rothstein also chatted with Manny for an article on AnnArbor.com. Harris is not expected to be a part of the Cavs 9 or 10 man rotation and could spend some time in Erie with the Cavs’ d-league team. Here’s Cavs coach Byron Scott:

”This will be a learning period for him and a learning time pretty much all year,” Scott said. ”Manny will be pretty good in the next year or so, but with Boobie, Sess, Mo and AP, there aren’t a whole lot of minutes there.”

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  • bilbo

    great to hear about darius taking care of the ball and love that hardaway is keeping up the good play

  • AG2

    Beilein mentioned that Big Ten Media Day is this Wednesday and Thursday, that’s a lot later than the rest of the conferences hold theirs, isn’t it?

  • Roger

    i can smell a big ten title this year with horford, who is with me?

  • Aah, Roger the Dodger. I love it when Oliver Twist characters come to life. (note to well informed readers, I know, but artful has to be earned.)

  • Roger

    well everyone else is with me

  • Well then, let’s hope it is an election.

  • Brick

    Roger, I think you are smelling something else and it is going to give you the munchies.

  • RW

    Big 10 title seems like a long shot.But i can see a trip to the tourny with a record of something like (21-12)

  • Some of this Adidas gear is a majoring in fugliness. And I say that as someone who celebrated our break with Nike.

  • gene

    This will be a long interesting season ,but without question no Big Ten Title ,as much as I love the Blue. Glad the other school I attended and cheer for in basketball is Syracuse. The Wolverines should start to do progress nicely starting in 2011 to gell with the football program .