Cavs Make Final Cut, Manny Harris Still Safe

Dylan Burkhardt


Manny Harris didn’t play much in the Cavs blowout preseason win over the Sixers this evening but he received some good news after the game. The Cavaliers announced that they had waived former 2nd round draft pick Danny Green.

The cut brings the Cavs roster, which still includes Manny Harris, to the NBA limit of 15 players. The Cavs still have the option to sign a player that was released by another team but, for now, Manny Harris is safe.

When Manny Harris announced he was entering the draft I figured that he had a chance to land somewhere in the second round. When he injured his ankle before the draft, didn’t get drafted, and couldn’t play in the Summer League, I figured his odds were slim to none. 2nd round draft picks don’t always end up on NBA rosters, let alone undrafted rookies. He certainly proved me, and just about everyone else, dead wrong.

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  • skitchbeatz

    Congratulations for him. Hate seeing him in a Cavs jersey though

  • Beast1530

    Actually, UDFA has a better chance of making the roster than 2nd round picked player. If I was a player who is in the draft and I don’t get drafted in the 1st round, I’d be praying that I’d get undrafted so I can pick the team that I have the best chance of making the roster. Manny will be a better pro than a college player because of his style.

  • detroitbry

    Dylan, not everybody was wrong…;^)

    If he holds on, I see a solid NBA career because he still has holes in his game that can be improved. He can get stronger, his jumpshot can continue to get better and he has the length to play decent NBA defense.

    Willie Green has been the NBA for how long? Harris needs to keep working on his body similar to how Green has stayed in tiptop shape.

  • bry: At the end of his sophomore year I thought he could be at this point. But this summer? Chances looked grim.

  • 16

    Let’s hope he sees the floor this season and we don’t go to the box score to see a bunch of DNP – Coach’s Decisions.

  • 16: I’m sure there will be some, given that he’s one of the last guys to make the squad. Only so much playing time to go around, especially for a young guy.

  • James Earl

    I think one of the keys to making a team stronger is to have players on the lower end of the roster play semi-regularly. This should improve their play and push the regulars to be even better. No team/individual will go without injuries and/or a slump. The coach I would hope would play to win now and at the same time plan for down the road. It is a long season.

  • Beast1530

    I actually hear that the Cavs fans wants Manny to have time on the floor because of his athleticism and ability to provide instant offense coming off the bench. Let’s hope that Byron Scott can see the same and let Manny play a few minutes.

  • Tom_McC

    The key for Manny is to just stay on board until the 2nd week of January. At that point, his contract will be guaranteed through the year and that will solidify him. Being #15 will be tenuous though, as until January Manny pretty much has to take things day by day.

    Chances are, he won’t even dress to start the season. Keep in mind, NBA teams can only dress 12 players per game. I’m pulling for the kid like no other, but he still has a ways to go before he’s actually ‘made’ it.

  • Is it just me or does his left bicep look woefully undeveloped compared to the right one? Great photo, though. Even if he only ends up with a cup of coffee, the grandkids will marvel at that one.

  • Thanks, btw, Tom_McC; I asked about how all that worked in an earlier post, but don’t think anyone answered.

  • Jim

    Bry, you may be too young to remember this name, but Randy Smith is the name any marginal aspiring NBA player such as Manny should model his career and work ethic after. Randy was a stellar collegiate athlete at a Division 3 school who eventually became an NBA iron man and all-star. Randy could not hit the broad side of a barn when he entered the NBA. He worked on his game relentlessly and became a tremendous shooter after 3 years or so and was always a lock down defender.

  • Brick

    Since the team will only carry 12 active players, Manny will most likely be sent to the NBDL if he isn’t in the top 12. Teams will keep around a vet in street clothes (with a tie now) but they want the young guys to play if they have any intention of keeping them long term. The good news is that he would sign a pro contract and not an NBDL contract.

  • AG2

    If Manny signs with the Cavs and gets sent to the D-League will he still have his NBA salary?

  • Brick


  • AG2

    Oh wait, that was kindof a silly question, why would they sign him just to send him to the D-League.

  • ryan

    Hey, maybe Manny can be this year’s Wes Matthews?

    Not impossible, especially since the Cavs will be putrid and putrid teams tend to give everybody on the roster a good shot to play.

  • detroitbry

    Randy Smith of the Buffalo Braves, very familiar with him. When I think of Harris I think of Stacey Augmon with more offensive game. I think that Manny needs to rely on his defense to keep him in the league and fill out his offensive game.