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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • grandchamp21

    Michigan is a great opportunity for Amir to do all 3 of those things. Hopefully when I wake up Dom will have committed!!

  • Merlin

    Look at the size of hardaway in these pics-I am guessing 6’6″-going to be a great player

  • Merlin, good call on the heights… I thought it was interesting that Smotrycz appears taller than Morgan and Horford. Also, that Hardaway is almost as tall as Christian.

  • detroitbry

    Hardaway is a big kid, looking at the footage from last year’s Elite Camp Baby Hardaway played like a young colt jsut getting used to his body. If Hardaway brought his high school jumper and midrange shot to UM and he can handle the ball decently, he is going to be tough to stop. I’m not the coach but if Hardaway is starting for UM somebody needs to go, he has got to start, period.

  • Kenny

    Here is my guess. Smotz is legitimate 6’9. Horford is about 1/2 inch shorter, morgan is another inch shorter. Christian, at most, 6’6 and 1/2. Hardaway seems still growing, and going to have a body of NBA 3.

  • detroitbry

    And my reason for stating that Hardaway needs to start is because he is the only kid who has a diverse game. He can shoot a bit, handle a bit and is big enough to go to the hole and convert, he needs to be developed quickly.

  • I wouldn’t see anything wrong with bringing Hardaway off the bench early. Regardless of how good he is. He will still play major minutes and likely be in the game down the stretch. It just takes a little bit of pressure off of him.

  • detroitbry

    So you looking at Morris, Stu, Novak, Smot and who Dylan?

  • Kenny

    If I hear correctly, Beilein clearly indicates that Hardaway will start at 3, Novak at 2, and Vogrich will back-up both positions.

  • GregGoBlue

    Kenny, yes that’s basically what he said in his interview with Sam Webb.

  • detroitbry

    Kenny, so an open competition between Stu and Morris at the 1? No way Darius doesnt start, Stu isnt a point guard. He brings the ball across the time line and then gives it up, sure would be nice if Vogrich comes to play this year.

  • It sounds like Novak is going to play a lot of two which means that, yes, an open competition at the one — especially if Morris can’t find his jumpshot.

  • detroitbry

    Stu cant find his jumpshot either, at least Morris goes to the hole and put pressure on the defense. Ok, I love Novak. Start Novak and have Stu come off the bench…Hardaway has got to start.

  • I think you could see Stu as a sort of super-sub that plays the one and two.

    Novak at the two.

    Hardaway and Vogrich splitting time at the three.

    That seems likely, at least to start things off. Most guys can play two or more positions though, so if someone is struggling you could change things up easily.

  • BigTex

    Any word on how Pointer’s visit went?

  • Anyone else think the uniform collar is kind of goofy looking? I think Nike gave us a better look than Adidas. And can they please the big “M” back on the side of the shorts. So much better than the little one.

  • ummapinnna

    I understand all that BRY is saying but if Matt Vogrich eventually takes someone spot . I will not complain. Because he can actually play and bring some things to the table , like shooting. , rebounding and the ability to drive as well . Thekid is also more athletic than people give credit for.

    I also like our BIGS SITUATION this year . So many more options and all bring a different style to the table . We have the making of a good team but everyone is worried about our youth. Believe it or not we do have some talented players imo.

    Depth is something or lack of is something that costed us a lot of game and also. A lack of height as well.

  • Tweeter

    I dont think it really matters who starts to begin the year. Beilein has shown over the last two years that he is going to tinker with the lineup until he figures out what works best. Down the road it would not surprise me at all if we end up with a similar lineup to the last couple years. Morris, Douglass, Hardaway/Vogrich, Novak, Smotrycz/McLimans/Morgan/Horford/Christian. But hopefully a couple of the young bigs are good enough to force Novak to the 2 or 3.

  • Beast1530

    If Manny makes the roster, congrats to Manny on making the right decision because he will have make the NBA team. It’s easier to make the team as a UDFA rather than as a 2nd round drafted player. It’s good that Manny has shown that he can play in this level.

  • Also, RE: Pointer. I wouldn’t fret that he didn’t commit during his visit or anything like that. I can’t think of a kid that *has* committed on his visit. Typically Beilein tells a kid to think about it and make sure he is confident in his choice. We’ll see how it plays out.

  • Manny also would have made the team despite dealing with a severe ankle injury all summer long that kept him out of summer league action. Big week for him, have to finish strong.

  • maxwell’s demon

    Vogrich still looks like he’s 12.

  • Giddings

    mattm touched on this, but it’s interesting to see the new uniforms – hadn’t heard anything before seeing the pictures. It looks like adidas’ response to Nike’s new generation of tight-fitting tops with baggy shorts. I agree the collar looks a little weird but overall I like the changes, give the team a new feel.

  • Section13Row15

    Starting lineup for game 1 against Saginaw Valley will be Morris (1), Douglass (2), Vogrich (3), Novak (4), and McLimans (5). After that, it will evolve and I wouldn’t be surprised if Novak starts a lot of games at the 2 and then move either Stu or Darius to the bench which opens up the 4 spot for Smot, Morgan, or Horford. Hardaway will probably start some games at the 3 as well depending on Vogrich’s shot and matchup on defense. I like the new uni’s but the maize uniforms are the best in the nation!

  • Trey McDonald committed to Ohio State. Interesting in regards to Amir Williams recruitment.

  • CraigP

    ESPN reporting Dom Pointer to St. Johns

  • Bluebufoon

    OSU even with McDonald will have a shortage of big men especially if
    Jared Sullinger goes pro, which is a possibility with that young man’s credentials and Dallas Lauderdale runs out of eligibility following this season. There is still plenty of room for Amir Williams at Ohio State.

  • AG2

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see Deshaun Thomas go pro after one season, either.

  • GregGoBlue

    What I’m most excited for this year is Novak finally playing his true position: the 2. He has been successful so far playing out of position for two seasons, I can only imagine his potential playing where he’s actually supposed to play.

    From the facebook pictures, one thing that struck me is how skinny our true freshmen look. Get some meat on those kids! They are going to get banged around bigtime come Big Ten schedule.

    Lastly, I’m very, very excited by THJr’s potential. I think he’s going to be a big player for Meech this season and throughout his tenure at U of M.