Report: Dominick Pointer to St. Johns

Dylan Burkhardt

Dominick Pointer has verbally committed to St. Johns according to ESPN’s Paul Biancardi. Pointer is the fourth top 100 shooting guard or wing forward to commit to St. Johns in the last two months. Here’s Pointer on his commitment:

“I liked the small classroom size and felt comfortable with the coaching staff and players,” said Pointer. “I also like the fact that coach Lavin has been so successful in the past (at UCLA).”

That leaves Detroit Country Day big man Amir Williams as Michigan’s main recruiting target left in the class of 2011. Williams is expected to visit Michigan on November 5th along with Purdue and Ohio State in the coming weeks. He has previously visited DePaul and Florida. If Michigan doesn’t land Williams, it is likely they will bank the scholarship for the class of 2012.

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  • Beast1530


    this is what’s wrong with the society. It’s entitlement. Just because you paid to go to the game, doesn’t mean that you have the right to boo them. That’s stupidity of the fans and their sense of entitlement. These are grown men who work and play football for a living(yes I know that they’re student-athletes but the title has been gone a long time ago to be honest). How would you feel if I come to your workplace and boo you just because you suck at work?

  • Brick

    @detroitbry I can’t believe I’m responding to this but you are completely missing every point. I was making point about the makeup of our roster when the 2012 class hits campus. Since the 2010, 2011, and 2012 classes haven’t played a minute of college ball yet, what does averaging double digits have to do with anything? What does Novak’s average have to do with anything after he graduates? How do you know what the 2012 team is lacking right now?

    In 2012 we already have:


    That is two players at every position. Who the hell knows how good any of those kids are? The point is that the roster is balanced and we have recruited a good mix of players for what our coaches want to run. If we had 8 big men and no point guards, a point guard would be a must get recruit. If we didn’t have anyone over 6’5″, a big man would be a must get recruit. We need to go after the best talent available but we are in a good position roster wise so that if we miss on someone, it isn’t the end of the world.

    Also, some of the skills you claim we are lacking were already addressed by the coaches in the latest recruiting classes. Christian was brought in to be an athletic defender/rebounder and I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the videos of Brundidge but he’s pretty good at attacking the basket.

    Let some of these kids play a little before you pass judgment. You are right that they are a mystery so you should probably wait until we know what we have before you decide what we need.

  • ummapinnna

    I’m with BRICK… You guys are quick to throwplayers. Under the bus . Yeh you saw Pointer’s video of him dunking . Does that automatically makes him better than any of the kids we have now ? Damn , y’all are quick to determine if a player is skilled or not without seeing the kid play a single college minuet.

    Fact is , yes coach wanted the kid and yes we lost him but geez STFU complaining . Are CB or Trey Burke not good recruits ? You guys are so quick to trash when things go bad, but we have something GOOD happen it’s never good enough. .
    Stop complaining about every recruit welose cause other schools have lost out to . I see why noone wants to come here . Look at a poster above who said Dion Harris was a BUST.

    Bry is yelling that we have no chance at Williams but if we DON’T recruit him and goes elsewhere people complain . It’s a freaking catch 22 . UM fans complain complain and complain about no getting blue chip recruits but when we do they asses don’t show up to games or support the team .

    Pointer can very be the next jason Richardson or he could be the next Jevon Sheppard . We don’t know so why freaking weep and fret like broads ?

    Ps .. if you don’t know his family or father shut up disrespecting this young man’s personal loved ones . You did it with Legion and got away with it but to trash this kid or his family cause he didn’t choose UM..

    Some of you guys are outragous . SMH.

  • matt d


    I think you were referring to me when you said look at the poster above who said “Dion Harris was a BUST”. Let me ask you – did I say he was a “Bust”, or did I say he was a letdown?

    Considering he was a high 4 star recruit and a top 30 player overall, I’d say that shooting 37% for your career at Michigan is a letdown. The point was that he had a decent skillset, but simply lacked the athleticism to be a good college player.

  • detroitbry

    Glad you chimed in mattd because I didnt know what in the world ummapinnna was talking about.

    As seeing Brundidges videos, I havent seen too many of those because I’ve seen Carlton play in PERSON. I know what type of player he is and I also know how Pointer’s game fits with Brundidge because they played together on The Family.

    Bottom line is that UM needs to upgrade it’s talent.

    I’m done arguing that a talented player that the UM coaches wanted very badly and didnt get was not a loss…thank you for playing.

  • matt d

    Listen guys, Bry is correct on this. We’re not ragging on Michigan’s current roster or the coaching staff, the fact of the matter is that we need WAY MORE ATHLETICISM & TALENT in order to reach the level that all of us so badly want. To say that losing out on Pointer was not a loss is simply counterintuitive. I can remember being at the game against MSU last year, and just thinking to myself………man our players are busting their ass out there making hustle plays, but they simply lacked the speed, agility, jumping ability, and lateral quickness to keep up with MSU’s players. The only 2 players that were on par were Peedi & Manny, and that’s just the truth.

    Now, we have taken steps in the right direction, I believe THJr is definitely taking a step in the right direction, Colton may be a nice surprise, and I think Smot will definitely be a good college player. But we need guys in packs(rather than 1-2 per year) that can flat out compete with guys both in terms of talent and physical/athletic ability. Pointer would’ve been on par with any 1 player in the B10 in terms of atleticism, the guy had the potential to be the best defensive player in the B10 with some coaching. It was a loss, and that’s the truth. If we would’ve land Pointer, I can honestly say that heading into the 2012-2013 we could’ve very well had the most talent/athleticism with CB, Burke, and Pointer. Now, not so much.

    Moving forward, we need Amir, or an IMPACT player. Don’t use the scholly on a “sleeper”, WE NEED TALENT, LEGITIMATE TALENT. I certainly like the direction the new assistants are taking us, and I do believe they can get the job done. But we NEED an athletic wing. You can win with skilled bigs(that aren’t super athletic) as long as they rebound well(we’re certainly much bigger this year), it will give us another dimension on both sides of the court.

  • Kenny

    Beast, I am totally with you on that there are too much entitlement in the society. But college football is more like business, at least at certain level, the coaches are paid top dollars, the players got special treatments, luxury boxes are put into the stadiums, when the fans do not like what they saw not just in one game, but into the 3rd conference games of the third season, they have right to voice their dissatisfactions. I am all for giving RR at least another year, but I totally understand those who are more frustrated and want to see more immediate change.

  • People who boo are delusional. Does anyone really believe the coaches are going to try harder because they are hear booing? Is there any chance the boos improve the atmosphere and up grade the experience? The least classy people are the ones who are booing and they hurt their own cause.

  • I’m disappointed. Pointer would have put the capper on a nice run by Beilein. I’d forgotten it was Lavin we were up against–not hard to see why a kid who wants to get away from Dad likes the look and lure of Madison Square Garden.

    I’m getting out of the recruiting business, myself :). Too many variables. Too time-consuming. Too many disappointments. Hanging around waiting for teenagers to act is something of a mug’s game. But I’m with the people who say that we spend a lot of time here feeling hopeful that pretty marginal players are going to surprise and excel for us.

  • Kenny

    I am not endorsing the booing but would not condemn it either. People just want to express their fully justified frustration. You can say that they are not classy, but classy is not the norm.

  • mike

    Y’all are embarrassing. Seriously. Our program has taken a few tough recruiting hits and y’all are squabblin’ like a bunch of girls. It actually looks really, really bad. If I was a recruit and looked at this message board I would have no idea what a cool place U-M is…in my humble opinion best college in the country when you combined social life, the city, academics, and athletics. But listening to you guys we sound like a bunch of whinny losers. Let me just say to any recruits out there, these guys don’t represent..