Dom Pointer Trims List, Will Visit Ann Arbor this Weekend

Dylan Burkhardt

Dom Pointer continues to edge along in his recruitment as the November signing day nears. Most recently, according to a feature story from Sam Webb, Pointer has trimmed his list to just Michigan and St. Johns.

"West Virginia was out when we got back (from the official visit)," Nolan [Pointer’s father] reported. "It is down to St. John’s and Michigan, but we think Michigan is on their game. They are going all out for this kid.”

Pointer still plans to visit Ann Arbor this weekend before making his decision sometime before the November signing day.

"I made sure Michigan was last," Nolan said proudly. "After our last visit we’ll come back and it will be over (soon). What makes (the Michigan visit) so good for that day is (Beilein) is planning on all the recruits being there. It is the homecoming day where all the teams get together and it is the first day of practice. That was (Pointer’s) whole concern — getting to know the players. After that visit is when we’ll take 24 to 48 hours and make a decision."

The feature story in the Detroit News is definitely worth a full read. It’s not a done deal by any means, but most consider Michigan to be in a strong position for Pointer’s services. This weekend’s visit will obviously be important as Pointer plans to decide shortly after. There will be plenty to keep Pointer entertained this weekend, including the first weekend of practice and the Iowa football game. Michigan commitments Trey Burke and Pointer’s AAU teammate Carlton Brundidge also both plan to take their official visits this weekend.amir[1]

In other news, it appears that Amir Williams has scheduled his final three official visits. Williams will take officials on Oct 29-30, Nov 5-6, and Nov 12-13, according to a report by Bob Baptist. The schedule is not confirmed but most expect Purdue on the 29th, Michigan on 5th, and Ohio State on the 12th.

The early signing period for the class of 2011 begins on November 10th.

  • aMaized
  • Kenny

    definitely feel good about our chance.

  • Topher

    If we land Pointer that means we are out of scholarships for 2011. Would that mean the Amir Williams visit would be cancelled, or would there still be a way to get him in a Michigan uniform?

  • Trey Burke family

    We know how important it is to have this kid and his family join the Wolverine family. He is a high motor athlete that belongs home. Joining Brundridge and Burke would be huge for the Michigan staff. We will do our part to make this happen. GO BLUE

  • Phil

    So I am assuming that if Pointer commits this weekend or sometime soon, that Amir would be left out? I wish there was a way to get both in a UM uniform.

  • AG2

    It would be awesome to beat Iowa this weekend and follow that up with signing Pointer. I just hope that it wouldn’t mean Williams would have no choice but to sign with OSU.

  • Beast1530


    If Pointer commits to Michigan and Amir wants to go to Michigan, you bet your butt that JB is going to figure out a way to fit Amir into the team.

  • BL11

    According to various tweets michigan will play in 2011 Maui Invitational?? Some scary teams in it with us.

  • MHoops1

    Beast, re your comment on Amir–not if Amir wants to sign early. If he waits until spring, there might be attrition, but I don’t see Beilein oversigning (something he has refused to do in the past) in the fall and saying to the guys currently on the team (all of whom he recruited) that it’s a season long tryout guys, and the one of you who plays the worst will automatically have his scholarship yanked. Not his style…nor mine. Unless there’s a kid who could go off scholarship and pay his own way, it’s not happening.

  • Kenny

    is yanking a scholarship an acceptable behavior now? I mean Ba had a 5 year ride.

  • MHoops1

    Kenny, it’s not acceptable to me unless a player does something to warrant being kicked off other than being a lesser player than originally thought, or a player comes in with the specific understanding that he’s on a year to year deal. FWIW, ba was around for 4 years, not 5, and there was no time where having him on scholarship stoped us from recruiting another player because of a numbers issue.

  • matt d

    We’re looking good here for Pointer, SJ already has 2 top 100 recruits at the SF position. Hopefully he’s blue early next week.

  • eddie

    Seems to me that some of the NBA-alum dads might be able to pick up the tuition tab for their kid if Amir is leaning Blue. But approaching them for that kind of thing is pretty shady IMO.

  • GregGoBlue

    If Dom Pointer goes blue, he represents the final component of the SIGNIFICANT upgrade in athleticism that this team will bring in in 2011. I applaud the coaching staff for addressing this deficiency by landing not 1, not 2, but 3 top 100 recruits. I believe the impact will be most strongly felt on D and rebounding, two areas where our lack of athleticism hurt us the most last year.

    I think this should finally satisfy those fans complaining about Beilein’s apparent inability to recruit high-level talent (as well as recruit the state of Michigan). Not only are these three young men high caliber athletes, but also high character athletes befitting of the University of Michigan and a Beilein-coached team. The future looks bright for Meech hoops.

  • matt d

    Pointer is pretty much a Michigan lock at this point. D’Angelo Harrison(SG/ #44 in ESPN top 100)just committed to SJ. Looking for Pointer to go blue early next week!

  • Kenny

    Levin is having a heck of class too. Was Harrison also recruited by Baylor? speaking of the timing.

  • matt d

    Pointer may actually pull the trigger during the weekend according to his father. It seems that if this plays out longer than Monday or Tuesday, it won’t be in Michigan’s favor.

  • Mith

    Wow, how awesome would it be to somehow get Pointer and Williams?

  • Brian W

    Sweet. I hope Dom has a great visit and joins Carlton and Trey in this recruiting class. Novak defending his dunk title next year against Pointer at (the return of) Michigan Madness would be awesome.

  • kevin

    pointer seems like a lock…who knows though. sucks though because if they land pointer, williams, seems like he’d be a lock as well…

  • wayman britt

    Would love to get Mr. Dom Pointer. With his talent and Beilien’s great player development skill, Pointer could become a great player for UM and maybe the next level.

  • Sam

    I have heard from a number of anonymous sources that we have absolutely no shot with Amir, so I’m not really concerned about having a scholarship squeeze if we get Pointer. Let’s just hope we can secure Pointer (or Stauskas if not) and be happy.

  • Trey Burke Family. Very cool that you are already active in the Michigan Family.

  • grandchamp21

    New coaching staff is doing an amazing job.

  • Blazerine

    I’m with Sam. The Amir visit is the “proper” thing to do considering he is an instate kid. I’d be thrilled to have Dom join the Michigan family. The kid has PLENTY of athleticism and THAT you cannot teach. He crashes the boards, finishes STRONG at the rim, and looks to have plenty of much needed swag! Which this team also has a shortage in. We are LOADING up with talented scorers for the future. This is going to be a fun ride. Might be a few growing pains this year and the next but with no seniors and only 2 juniors that’s to be expected.


  • fresh

    williams isnt going to come on a visit if there is no interest on his part, he has been to michigan several times already and there would be no point in coming again if he has zero interest, this situation has nothing to do with anything being proper…………beilein already sat down w/ amir and straight up asked him if they were wasting their time recruiting him and he said no, therefore these sources are just wrong………….that being said however, i also feel that he doesnt end up at michigan, but there is definitely a little bit of interest floating around still

    michigan is on the rise with or without amir williams

  • JBlair52

    Williams has already taken a couple of visits to Michigan. He’s seen the campus, enjoyed the sights, etc.

    I can’t imagine he’d just come back for another visit if he’s not interested. Michigan is close to home, he’s got two AAU players, and he can have a great chance at immediate playing time.

    No one else recruiting him can say that.

  • Section13Row15

    Can someone get the Dominique Pointer CHANT going at the big-house on Saturday? I think JB would find a way to fit Amir and Dom if both wanted to come here. It would definitely affect our ability to recruit additonal 2012 prospects, but then again, we really wouldn’t need anyone besides GRIII if both Amir and Dom committed.

  • AG2

    I’ve noticed that people seem to have more faith that once we get some talent and athleticism we’ll be much more successful. I think that speaks to the faith people have in Beilein’s coaching ability. After all, when we had Amaker, there was no guarantee that talent equaled success.

  • jmoney

    sam Re: amir williams these anonymous sources are what they are (anonymous for some reason or u want to keep your sources id concealed) Amir Williams would not be playing games with UM if there wasnt some interest….so stand by and watch after this weekend and see what moves Coach B might have to make………… Lets get this dom pointer thing done first and we can debate all day for the next few weeks……as Williams makes up his mind what he wants !! the fans want players who want to come to Mich becuz they like the school not just as an option in a list of many!!! So if Williams wants to come Coach B needs to make something happen and get him on the roster… I can think of a few players that hes better than right now so lets keep this recruiting debate going !!!!

  • fresh

    thats a reasonable assumption ag2 because i think thats part of it, but at the same time getting kids that are talented/athletic or ranked means that people from across the country including coaches, scouts, and recruiting gurus have heard of and seen these kids play which translates to us as fans having faith that because these kids are heard of and are talented and athletic then they must be good players…..or have a certain amount of potential that kids who are “under the radar” players might not have

    no disrespect to kids like stu or novak who obviously would be considered “under the radar” kids because they have been fairly solid, but getting somebody that is ranked or considered highly athletic is without a doubt more exciting than getting a kid that nobody has ever heard of

    we have seen that rankings and skill under amaker didnt mean much, but its always going to be better to have that talent

  • KJ

    It’s almost certain D. Pointer will commit to michigan. That will end the recruiting of A. Williams. I’m wondering who Sam and Fresh are and if I spoken to either of you before. Go Blue!

  • KJ

    I have a question. Does A. Williams fit in a JB ( style of play ) program? re:Sam, anonymous sources ? How many people speak for his family and has never spoken to his family ? I’m the best source and I don’t think we have ever met. I believe D. Pointer will commit a few days after his visit.