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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Sombrero

    That’s not really at the expense of Manny, its actually due to Manny.

  • Good call. Thanks.

  • georgeesq.

    Big emphasis on weight training this season, less emphasis on running. In fact, cardio workouts are dome mostly in a controlled setting on machines. Vogrich, McLimans, Morris, Stu, pretty much the whole team has added weight. Except Morgan, who trimmed down to 240.

    After the MSU loss at Breslin, JB commented on players getting bumped on cuts and bodied and how we were just not physical enough to handle it.

  • JBlair52

    Ladorable? I didnt know that’s Manny’s middle name…


  • Bill

    Good to hear about Vogrich bulking up and the rest of the guys very good news. Hopefully Burke can do the same makes a big difference. Brundidge looks pretty solid.

  • Wow! that article on sports agents was very interesting. I knew that stuff went on, but I never guessed it was that prevalent.

    With all the technology and surveilance knowledge available, I am sure the NCAA could crack down on the cheating and catch more colleges if it really wanted to. But, I guess there is just too much money for all parties involved including the NCAA to really change.

  • Kevin

    Yeah, that sports agents story was mind blowing. Great story about Luchs growing up. All of the other stuff is just sleezy. Glad to not hear anything about (Bo and Lloyd’s) Michigan in there. A couple shots at MSU and OSU.