2012 Intro: Wing Marques Mondy


Denzel Valentine might have stole the headlines on the Michigan Mustangs 16U squad this summer but Marques Mondy had a very productive summer as well, earning the 149th slot in Rivals’ top 150. Dylan had the chance to watch the Forest Hills Central wing forward play this summer at the King James Classic and came away impressed. Mondy isn’t the same level of complete player as Valentine but he is very good in his own right — an excellent shooter, finisher, and rebounder. Here’s what Mondy had to say when I caught up with him earlier this week.

Describe your game. I’d say that I’m physical, athletic and I attack the rim and draw a lot of fouls. I’m more of a slasher.

What schools have been showing interest in you? Drake, Xavier, Illinois, Georgia, Stanford, Michigan, Butler and University of Detroit and that’s about it.

Any offers? No, not yet.

Have you ranked these schools? Right now, I would say Michigan would be my first choice.

How did AAU go this summer? It went well, real well. It got me a lot of exposure and stuff like that.

When did you visit Michigan? I went up there for the Michigan game against the University of Massachusetts and I went to one of the open gyms.

What did you think? I liked the players, they seemed cool.

What did you think of the new staff? I like them. I like them a lot. Coach Meyer’s been recruiting me a lot.

What do you like about Michigan? Everything. The program, the tradition they’ve got, I don’t know just everything.

How do you think you would fit into the offense? I think I would fit into the offense well. Right now, it seems like the perfect fit.

Anything you’re focused on improving about your game right now? Dribbling.

Any timeframe for commitment? Probably during the summer before my senior year.

What ultimately goes into your decision? The program, academics, my relationship with the coaches.

Do you plan on visiting Michigan any time soon? I’m probably going to try to go around during basketball season.

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  • AG2

    75 and sunny for tomorrow’s game. Awesome.

  • Good Mondy post, AG2. -)

  • aMaized
  • Nice video on Stu. I hope he has a great season. I would like to see him average about 13 points a game.

  • I just saw Mondy score on an 80-yard reception on Friday night FB highlights; kid has some wheels!!

  • Speaking of touchdown receptions…. Joe had the game winning touchdown in the Michigan Daily/State News flag football game tonight.

  • Kenny

    Speaking of football, Dee Hart is blue! Biggest recruit RR ever had?

  • Tweeter

    Atta boy Joe! This has the makings of a great Wolverine weekend! Hopefully, the good news carries over into the basketball recruiting and we get another commit soon. Ok gotta get some sleep for tailgating tomorrow. Go Blue!

  • Brick

    Kenny, I think right now I’d have to say that Denard Robinson was RR’s biggest recruit.

  • grandchamp21

    William Campbell and Devin Gardner were 5 star recruits, Dee Hart isn’t close to a 5 star. Denard wasn’t either though so no really telling how good this kid will be.

  • ummapinnna

    Thank God Kevin Newsome Jump Ship Lmao Cause Denard Probably Be Running Over The SEC .

    Actually RR has had some pretty darn good reecruits. Martin , Roh , Campbell , Tate Foricer , Gardner , Not to mention a few that university didn’t accept . He also got the Cass Tech kids that’s a damn good CB .

    His wide recievers are very up to par and don’t underestimate his running backs, as well .

    Well as far as BB recruiting . I couldn’t be much happier with our new revamped coaching staff . They are giving Belien the cool factor that previous staff lacked . All you hear from recruits now is the coaching staff is real COOL , and that means a lot to recruits .

    We were a little bit to old fashion previously . Now Coach B got up and cool website . Bacardi Twits . This how you get the program fresh and IN .

    I also like how UM is being advertised as a family and not a program . Hate to say it but Manny and Peedi was rather distant from the team , imo .

    This years squad are more of a family and more determined toto help each other get better than get STATS and that will prove vital in the sucess of this program. .

    Not only getting talent players but good students and team maates as well .

    I love our direction . CB , TB ,GLENIII and hopefully Dom Pointer and or Stackulas or The Louis Bullock Clone from Pershing Dorsey .

    We are getting athletic and finally killing that talk of a SYSTEM or Belien only recruit white shooters . I’m glad he’s killing that bullchit and making naysayers look stupid .

    BTW, I like Mondy’s game . He Antionio Gateish on BB court . I like all Prospect that we are recruiting .

    BTW , DROB will run over the SPARTIES… see y’all at the game GO BLUE!!!!!

    And Welcome D Hart

  • ummapinnna

    @ grandchamp

    #37 not close to 5 star status ?

  • grandchamp21

    Well if you want to base everything on rivals rankings then sure he is close. I usually like to compare all of the sites rankings since I obviously haven’t seen the kid play. Hes #118 on espn and the #9 running back on scout. He is a great pickup regardless, I’m just surprised how everybody is so excited like we signed the top RB in the nation or something.

  • grandchamp21

    Hopefully he can play defense too.

  • ummapinnna

    Grand Champ

    Cosign … Man nomore wide receiver convert !

  • The basketball program is heading in the right direction and I think the football program is too, but I sure wish they would accelerate.

    I’m getting sick and tired of losing to MSU and OSU in both sports.

  • AG2

    At least Beilein has 2 (shoulda been 3) wins vs. OSU.

    In other news, Manny Harris went 4-8 FG, 0-2 3pt, 6-6 FT in 24 mins for Cleveland tonight.

  • fresh

    to elaborate a little more on manny he finished with 14 points a few assists, a few steals, and a few rebounds …….14 was the 3rd highest total for the cavs………….hope he makes the squad