Thursday Recruiting Tidbits

Dylan Burkhardt

Nick Stauskas

After receiving a Michigan offer, it appeared that Canadian wing guard Nick Stauskas was on the verge of making a commitment this week. Most recently, it appears the junior is going to take his time and wait it out. Stauskas has a big year ahead of him at St. Marks and wants to see how his recruitment progresses over the next year or so.

Stauskas holds offers from Michigan, Stanford, Wake Forest, and Butler. Michigan’s outstanding offers in the class of 2012 include JaVontae Hawkins, Nick Stauskas, Sherron Dorsey-Walker, and Gary Harris.

Amir Williams

Amir Williams’ recruitment has begun to take shape this fall. The 6-11 senior now plans to make his college decision before the November signing day, rather than waiting until the spring.

To begin narrowing his once lengthy list of schools, Williams hosted a number of schools for in-home visits. Florida, DePaul, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Purdue and Michigan all made in-home visits over the last several weeks, according to Detroit Country Day coach Kurt Keener.

Next up, Williams will begin using his official visits. Williams made his first of five official visits last weekend, making the trip down to DePaul. According to Keener, his next official visit will be this weekend when he travels to Florida. The final three visits are expected to be Purdue, Ohio State, and Michigan but they have not been set in stone.

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  • Mark

    I’m glad to hear both of those stories. I’m sure it’s doubtful that we get Amir, but it’s great that we are apparently in his Top 5. Amir and Dorsey-Walker would round out recruiting very nicely.

  • Adam

    glad to hear both?? Why would you be glad to hear that Stauskas wants to drag out his recruitment now? I HATED the Trey Zeigler situation last year and don’t want to deal with that again. I was excited that we could potentially have our recruiting closed out by the end of next week but now that doesn’t seem likely.

  • I’m bummed because I was primed for the following trifecta this week:

    1. Dee Hart commitment in FB

    2. Nick Stauskas commitment in BB

    3. Big win over Sparty

    I guess I’ll just have to settle for two out of three. -)

  • Tom_McC

    Some thoughts…it would have been nice to lock up Stauskas but I think it is important to keep in mind, the ’12 kids haven’t even started playing their Junior seasons yet. Some ’12 kids know where they want to school…some don’t.

    It seems Beilein made Nick aware of the scholarship/offer situation but he also told Nick to not rush into a decision. Quite honestly, if I were an advisor to Nick, I’d probably tell him to decide only when he feel comfortable doing so. Don’t make a decision because you feel pressured to do so. Do it on your own terms, but just understand that the longer you wait to decide, the less options that will come available. Based on the tea leaves, it sounds like Nick is gonna feel this process out and not rush into anything, per Beilein’s advice.

    So now, it appears UM is in a holding pattern. I don’t think SDW is in a particular hurry to decide nor is Hawkins. Stauskas is still considering UM and I still believe he is a viable option. Things could also change depending on what Pointer ends up deciding.

    The only thing that has really changed is the timetable…I don’t foresee anything imminent happening wrt to the ’12 kids. That could change at anytime though as there is at least one scholarship open for 3 guys and if any of them have an epiphany re: going to UM, they will have a place at UM.

    In other words, I don’t expect a commitment soon, but at the same time, it could happen at the drop of a hat.

  • georgeesq.

    Pointer could be an X factor. Stauskas mentioned that he wanted to know who else we would be recruiting if he committed. Could be that Pointer signing with us would have a negative impact on Stauskas in that Pointer would be a year ahead of him. Like all kids, Stauskas wants to play early.

    I don’t like our chances with him going forward. I believe that he’s going have a good year at St. Marks and attract a lot of offers.

  • AG2

    It definitely sounds like Stauskas wants to hold out for something better.

    As for Amir Williams, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE DON’T CHOOSE OHIO STATE! What would it say about our school, not just Beilein, not just basketball, but OUR ENTIRE UNIVERSITY if we’re losing the best in-state recruits not only to MSU but Ohio State as well!?

    We’ve already lost recruits to MSU, mid-majors (I know family was involved but if family was everything Harrison Barnes would be at Iowa State and Austin Rivers would be at Indiana), and we’re persona-non-grata in Flint and Saginaw. What would it say if Ohio State started eating our lunch as well?

  • Giddings

    I think too many people assumed Stauskas is another “unheralded white guy who probably isn’t very athletic” and balked at his offer this week. Maybe not so much on this site but definitely on others. In reality he’s got some of the most impressive film you’ll find (and yes, he’s plenty athletic) and has a very good chance of making the “Smotrycz leap” this year as he starts getting more exposure.

  • fresh

    brundidge and burke are great players i have never heard or seen anything bad about their games……..beilein and the staff are slowly getting things done…….id plan on williams not coming here (hes been to campus multiple times and knows what he will get at michigan) but obviously as we have just seen, anything can happen in recruiting……that being said, for 2012 kids its pretty early and understandable if they want to hold out and experience some stuff still……… looking at what is happening at michigan there is a lot to like and this year might suprise some people but by next year they could be a pretty good team with a good amount of talent……..

    michigan is on the rise big time……..great staff, new facilities soon, amazing university, tons of tv coverage, if certain people dont come here then there will be others just as talented that will

  • FLWolve

    Stauskas doesn’t look very athletic on film and the scouting reports seem to agree.

  • fresh

    i know michigan hasnt been dominant like they should be the last several years, but the argument that kids are holding out for something better is crazy……..other than the traditional powers that dont ever sway (so it seems) there is nothing better out there……..michigan has or will have everything that a kid trying to improve his game and have fun needs. its just a matter of who is chirping in kids ears and telling them what to do

  • Mark

    I’m glad to hear both because I prefer SDW over Stauskas. In my opinion both are good players and are pretty even. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. The tiebreaker IMO is to get a DSL recruit on this team again. I think starting a pipeline back to Detroit is a big deal for UM.

  • Adam

    It is not good news if these guys want to drag out their recruitment. It means that they are probably going to hold out for bigger offers. Knowing Michigan only has one spot available, if they reallllly wanted Michigan and it was their dream school then they would jump at the offer. Clearly Michigan is still not to that point. MSU gets commitments from guys like Valentine and Costello basically within a week of getting offered. It’s just a shame that we have to go through this all over again with Stauskas and SDW.

  • Adam

    I’m with Georgeesq. I think Stauskas is going to have a big year for St. Mark’s and is just going to blow up. I was hoping we could snag him much like Smotrycz before all the big schools come calling. He has some pretty darn good offers and exposure already and that is without even playing a year of ball in the U.S. Now that he is here I just get the feeling he is going to blow up.

  • Kenny

    It would be nice to have one of these ’12 guys on board, but on the other hand, it is not a bad thing to have is open in case someone else emerges. It is still very early for 2012 class.

  • Pipeline to PSL was vital in the 80s and 90s, certainly not now as the city disappears. Saginaw, Kalamazoo and the 94 corridor West of Detroit to AA are where the best basketball is being played.

  • ummapinnna

    This is once again why I hate following with recruiting.

    I swear Um fans make recruits want to go elsewhere . Complaining about a kid wanting to evaluate options ? SmH .

    What’s worst is all you guys do is whine. That kid is entitled to take his darn time because this is big decision. I really want to put my hair out when I read some post .

    Why not let the kid make sure sure of where he wants to go , instead of him decommiting later and deepin process when another school recruits him ?

    Are we that Low in confiedence that you would actually type that the kid is looking for better options ? Is UM not a good enough option right now for ANY recruit ?

    I don’t what’s what worst now in days . The constant worship of MSU or comments like this . UM fans have become bigots , hyprocrits and overly Arrogant .

    I take that back . UM have lost their swagger . Point blank period . Instead of the confidence that MSU fans have … wereosrtto bowing down and say other school are better options .

    ” He’s holding out for BETTER options and that scares me .”

    Some of you walmart wolverines just needs to stop . Why be a fan only when the good occur ? Come on! My mouth is fuming right now !

    We are not a good option now ???

    The kid wants to wait because he now has some very good options . Only way point blank . Put yourself in the same situation if you were being recruiting by great schools , wouldn’t you want to evaluate your options as well ?


    It’s either the kids who come here ant good enough or we ain’t good enough for the kid according to some fans.

    It kills me when someone post ” Yippy !!!”… when a highly ranked kid commits like we are not worthy . GTFOH

    Like we are not worthy or something !

  • SBell I agree about the pipeline to the PSL, it is just not what it used to be. The PSL use to put 15 to 20 players in Div I schools, now they get 3 – 5.

    The state still has great BBall players, but they come from other schools and cities beside the PSL.

  • Benjamin

    @ummapinnna You feel better now? ;)

  • ummapinnna

    Lmao @ benjamin

  • Bluebufoon

    Can’t blame Stauskas for waiting. Michigan is heavily involved with Pointer, has already taken a a 2012 commitment from Glen III and Tim Hardaway Jr is just a freshman– plus U-M has to find playing time for all of the guards from Brundidge, Burke’s, Vogrich and Darius Morris.
    If I’m another combo player considering U-M you have to wonder how much playing time is available ?

  • Mark

    Steve is that why the last 2 Mr.BB have come from Detroit. If you look at the PSL, charters, private and surronding schools the best players are from Detroit. It estimated that over 120,000 Detroit kids attend charter burb school.

  • Kenny

    I don’t think playing time should be a big problem for Stauskas. Maybe he won’t get a lot of minutes as a freshman but I can see him backing up both 1 and 2 in his second year. Most people project Glen III as a 3/4. Pointer will likely back-up Hardaway at 3 and slide to 4 some time.

  • stauent

    Anyone that thinks that he’ll be playing backup for anyone in year 2 has no clue how good he is. That will never happen. It will definitely be the other way around.

    You’ll find out if he plays against you.

  • JBlair52

    stauent – you could say that for Hardaway, Robinson, Pointer, and whoever else we get that could ALSO play right away.

    Someone is going to have to sit and not start…

  • matt d

    Looks like Amir is taking an official to Florida this weekend. I’m hoping he can make to AA next weekend with Pointer, Brundidge, and Burke all in the mix together.

  • stauent

    JBlair52, you have no clue. There is literally nobody that can defend him. Check out Lebryan Nash (ranked #4 in the nation for 2011)

    Nik played against him this summer while playing up one year(Nik is 2012). Nik held Nash to 8 points while scoring 18 against him. I’m not sure which YouTube video its on, but Nik breaks his ankles with a wicked cross.

    Some of the recuits you’ve mentioned can jump higher and run faster. Who cares. Athletes are a dime a dozen. Guys that can “play” the game are few and far between. Nik can flat out play and score – no matter who you put in front of him.

    Nik is not the best athelete – just the best player. Do you want to win a 100 yard dash, a high jump competion or win a national BB championship?

  • fresh

    id like to win a national bb chamipionship

  • 2013 wing Basil Smotherman is expected to take an unofficial visit this weekend for the MSU Game.

  • Kenny

    Stauent, what you said about Stauskas could be totally true and I love to see him wearing Maize and Blue. But I usually set my expectation modest even when McCormick made his prediction on LLP.

  • stauent

    You’ll see him playing 2 years from now. It might be for or against you. You’ll be able to make your mind up then.

  • Adam

    I love Stauskas as a prospect and am really hoping he commits. I don’t want to make this a race issue, but I think people just see him and immediately think he is Stu Douglass, Zack Novak, Matt Vogrich Part II. He is a totally different player than all of them, and IMO MUCH better than those guys.

  • fresh

    vogrich is much more than just a shooter i dont understand why people hate on this kid and lump him in with novak and stu (who unfortunately are shooters)…………this kid can beat people off the dribble, shoot at a tremendouse clip and is a thosand times more athletic than novak………..this kid will have better numbers overall this year than both stu and novak, im calling it right now …….idk how anybody can make the assumptions that he is anything like novak or stu after seeing him for a total of 15 mins last year……….read articles about this kid

    it obviously was a tough adjustment for him on the college scene but he is going to be much much better than what most people on this site think……….you arent a top 150 or 100 player in the country and only have the ability to shoot the ball, vogrich has plenty of skill sometimes it just takes a season or 2 to make the proper adjustments

    and hopefully novak and stu will suprise people this year also

  • matt d


    I have to respectfully disagree with you on Vogrich being a thousand times more athletic than Novak. To be honest, I actually think that Novak is the more athletic of the two. When I watch Vogrich play defense, it looks like his feet are made of concrete when he attempts to move laterally. I can also guarantee that Novak jumps much better than Vogrich as well.

    I simply don’t see Vogrich as anyting other than a shooter, from what I’ve seen of him in practice clips, as well as the games, he doesn’t handle the ball very well either. Has trouble making a shot if he doesn’t have his feet set as well.

    Just my opinion though

  • Dirtgrain

    Remember the clip of Novak’s sweet between-the-legs windmill dunk. He has hops–I don’t know about his quickness, though. I’m looking forward to seeing him more at small forward and maybe shooting guard to see how he moves guarding quick guys.

  • MHoops1

    Matt d–I personally watched Vogrich posterize Wisconsin recruit Ben Brust in an AAU Tournament with a windmill dunk that had the college coaches sitting courtside high fiving one another. His team leading rebounding total on the European trip speaks to his athletic ability as well. His lateral quickness does need work, and his ball handling in traffic has to improve, but he made a lot of shots in high school against high quality competition like Illinois’ Brandon Paul and OSU’s Lenzelle Smith without his feet set. He scored a lot of points mid-range and taking it to the basket.

    I don’t know how he’ll do going forward, but I saw him five times in high school against good players, and ability wise, he’s not just a shooter.

  • fresh

    everybody is entitled to their opinion but within about the 1st 2 games of the season im guessing that vogrich will easily being proving every doubter wrong…….defensively he still may need to put in work but after watching novak get blown by numerous times because he is too slow to defend the 3 and watching him shoot 32% from 3s and offer nothing else (hustle can only take you so far) i think im going to stick with my opinion……

    hopefully novak and stu suprise us all, only time will tell but i watched every game novak has played and other than his shot his “athletic” ability doesnt provide much else, and its going to be especially apparent this season now that he is playing the 3……..really really hope im wrong

  • georgeesq.

    Vogrich started out last year backing up Stu and LLP at 2, then was moved to back up Manny about a third of the way through the season. That’s why he didn’t get many minutes. It’s very hard to look good and get in the flow of the game when you only play a few minutes here and there. So last season was in no way indicative of what he can do.

    He certainly got off to a good start in Belgium. That trip was more indicative of his potential than last season.

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