Sherron Dorsey-Walker Talks Michigan Offer


SDWAs previously reported, Michigan offered two of their top 2012 targets today– Nick Stauskas and Sherron Dorsey-Walker, a 6-4 wing out of Detroit Pershing.  Dorsey-Walker played for R.E.A.C.H. Legends over the summer during AAU ball and had a very strong AAU season.  We have video and an interview with Dorsey-Walker from early September here.

It was tough for Sherron to put his reaction to Michigan’s offer into words.

“I was real happy.  It was an honor to hear from U of M.  I can’t really express how I feel right now (laughs), I’m just real happy,” Dorsey-Walker said.

Sherron has no set list at this point and he hasn’t ranked the schools who have shown interest in him.  However, he seems to really like Michigan.

“They got great coaches, I love their style of play and they’ve got great surroundings.  It’s a great environment out there.”

Sherron was in Ann Arbor for the football team’s game against Bowling Green and was supposed to come to town for the Michigan State game on Saturday but won’t be able to make it (instead attending the Styles 3 Elite Showcase).  He plans on taking at least one more visit during football season.  At this point, he has no timeframe for when he would like to commit.  Sherron also has offers from Baylor, Indiana, Dayton, Drake, Western Michigan, Central Michigan, Oakland and Fairfield.

  • GregGoBlue

    Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock… commit plz

  • With Stauskas and SDW both picking up offers in the last 48 hours… It’ll be interesting to see if someone bites because… there probably isn’t room for both of them.

  • grandchamp
  • Yup… Writing was on the wall for Pangos to Gonzaga with Burke’s commit.

  • detroitbry

    Walker had better jump quick or he may be left out in the cold. This is a nice test of Coach Canada and if he has real love for UM because he has got to know that UM is not going to wait on SDW. Would love to know how the UM coaches feel about each player, SDW looks to have a nice jump shot, real easy with it. Stauskas handles the ball very well, dont know which I would prefer the Detroit kid which would do wonders for us or the Canadian who looks like he craves contact at the tin…I FREAKING LOVE players that go to the rack instead of settling for threes.

  • georgeesq.

    Overall, I like Stauskas. He’s been REALLY impressive in open gym at his prep school. He’ll be a very hot commodity before long. He’ll be top 75 by his senior year. Dorsey-Walker certainly fits the bill as a spot up shooter, but I’d like to see what else he can do.

  • Mark

    I can’t wait to watch SDW this season. I was really surprised how hyped he has become. After watching him the last two season he was strictly a jump shooter and was never that impressed with his game.

  • Bluebufoon

    I like them both and think they are both good fits for Beilein’s system. They both can shoot the basketball, play multiple positions and
    above average students. Again, boths ound like four-year players and good kids. If I had to choose one I would take Stauskas but it wouldn’t disappoint me if things didn’t work out with Pointer and Michigan was able to take both of the Juniors. Offensively Stauskas and Dorsey-Walker sound more versatile than Pointer.

  • aMaized
  • Bluebufoon has a point re. Pointer. I keep reading about his great athleticism, but I’ve seen some great athletes come to UM and never develop into great players (e.g., Shepherd & Petway).

    Obviously, I’ll trust the coaching staff’s judgment, but part of me would rather see us land guys like Stauskas and Dorsey-Walker, who may not be as athletic as Pointer, but offer more BB skills and versatility.

  • detroitbry

    You gotta get Pointer, UM needs some athletes to counter msu. UM also needs Pointer because he comes in a year earlier, it is time to start winning some games right now. Also it has been stated that Um getting Pointer could help with Amir Williams.

  • My wishes are a moot point, bry, because I believe that we WILL land Pointer this fall. (And I’m fine with that because I DO trust the BB staff)

    Re. Williams, I have to ask you: Who do you want to see leave the program to make room for him? Don’t be shy, bry…. -)

  • Feels like an up-tick happening here. With the recent commits and the new offers things are getting exciting.

  • Stauskas realizes that there’s one spot in the class of 2012… If he wants to be at Michigan he needs to jump on it. Definitely stay tuned.

  • Dylan, do have a preference between Stauskas & Dorsey-Walker?

  • I think they both ave positives and negatives. Haven’t seen much of either one live but on film they are both smooth and good shooters.

  • GregGoBlue

    The anticipation is killing me!

  • Kenny

    I can only find one video of Dorsey-Walker on youtube, in which all he does is shoot 3’s.

    The latest highlight video of stauskas on youtube,, however, is very impressive, showing him taking the ball strong to the basket, making back door cuts, displaying good ball handling and passing skills, besides knocking down 3s. I think that he can easily play 1, 2, and 3, and a big upgrade over Stu. (I thought that he was more Novak like, but I was deadly wrong.)

  • detroitbry

    I dont know TK, that is why Beilein gets paid the big bucks. Talk of UM continuing to pursue Amir if they get Pointer is just fan talk at this point.

  • 16

    I’m really torn between all four of these guys. Obviously, I want to see Amir Williams because he will add some size, and I want Pointer because of his athleticism. But then I also want both guys from 2012 because they are both moving up the boards and seem to fit well in the system… gahhh!

  • JBlair52

    Wow – what happened to Hawkins?

    We’ve got 2 scholarships left in ’11/’12 and we’re looking at Dorsey-Walker, Stauskas, Pointer, Hawkins…seems like we’ve actually got multiple options here. Just gotta close on 2 of them.

  • Hawkins is beholden to a handler who doesn’t necessarily have the greatest reputation. Michigan looooooved this kid, but looks like he’s playing collect the scholarships (Colorado? But why? etc.) instead of returning that love. Would’ve been a greast fit.

  • I would like to see UM get Pointer and Stauskas. We need their althleticism and slashing ability. I trust in Beilein teaching basketball skills and developing players, unlike our previous coach. But, if you don’t have the baseline speed, agility and hops it’s near impossible to develop those talents.

  • aMaized

    Balas expects Staukas to commit by end of week (somewhere after 11th minute):

  • aMaized

    Sam on Staukas, Hawkins and Walker (right off the bat; believes what everyone posted — that its a race to commit first):

  • Mark

    I really hope Pointer commits. I really believe based on his athleticism and strength he could actually play some 4 and it wouldn’t hurt the team as much as when Novak plays the 4.