The Latest on Dominique Pointer


I had the chance to chat with high flying 2011 wing Dominique Pointer tonight. Pointer is an extremely athletic combo guard  from Quality Education Academy in North Carolina (formerly of Roseville, MI) — according to Pointer, he is a “slasher” and “an above-the-rim kind of player.” Pointer is a four-star according to Rivals and played his summer ball with The Family.  He has narrowed his list of schools to three: West Virginia, Michigan and St. John’s.  All of those schools, Pointer says, are “pretty even right now.” He visited West Virginia last weekend and St. Johns a couple weeks back.

Pointer does not have a specific timetable as far as committing, but he will be taking a visit to Michigan on October 15th for the Iowa game. That will be his last visit and a decision is expected afterwards, presumably before the November signing day. Of course, as Dominique says, he “might make it [his decision] early and might make it late”

AAU ball went well for Dominique, and it was during the AAU season that he really exploded onto the national radar. He likes John Beilein and the rest of the staff, saying they were very “straightforward” with him. Dominique said he liked Michigan because it’s “close to home,” though he’s unfamiliar with Michigan’s style of play since he hasn’t seen too many of their games. However, he likes what he’s heard, saying he likes an “up and down” style and feels at home on the fast break.

Pointer said he’s a better passer than people think and he’s working specifically on improving his outside shot.

As far as what ultimately goes into his decision, Pointer said style of play and how his parents feel about the school are the two main factors. Regarding the other two schools on his list, he said he liked both coaching staffs and said he was “cool” with West Virginia’s players.

We will have more updates as they come and will be touching base with Dominique after his official visit.

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  • It may not affect the rankings, but one thing to note about Pointer is you’d be hard-pressed to find someone with a bad word for the kid.

  • AG2

    If his parents are as big of a factor as it sounds Michigan is in good shape then. With Burke, Brundidge, and Pointer this could be a Top 15 class.

  • Kenny

    SBell, in the light of everything going on in E Lansing, we should appreciate Beilein more for the kind of kids he tries to bring in.

  • Fred

    This kid is awesome. Needs to be blue. Man, this class is really shaping up!

  • Colby

    Great to hear SBell, has anyone seen the kid play or video of him that is not just dunks? Curious what type of dribble drive game he would bring to us.

  • detroitbry

    Kenny, Steve Bell badmouths Beilein and UM more than any sparty you can name. I am very surprised that he posts here, that is credit to Dylan. Bell also posts on the Scout site but doesnt use his real name for some odd reason.

    As for the stuff going on in EL, this latest episode is unfortunate but all schools have their moments.

  • georgeesq.

    Nice to have parents in our corner, BUT, his coach is not. And I think that coach has a strong favorite.

  • Rivals article from the WVU site ($) on Pointer…

    Parents are in Michigan’s corner. Will be interesting how it plays out. I assume the red carpet will be rolled out on October 15th with Burke and Brundidge also scheduled for officials. Should be a huge weekend and if Michigan can keep winning on the football field the atmosphere in Ann Arbor will be electric.

  • Nice try. Have never bad-mouthed Beilein. My only hopes are that Michigan basketball becomes relevant.

  • FLWolve

    Come on sbell. Maybe you have never bad-mouthed Beilein directly, but you certainly have bad mouthed the UM bball program which Beilein directs. I’m a little surprised you would even post that.

  • Beilein needs a win with a Pointer and his committment. If we don’t get him it would not be the end of the world, but the can’t recruit tag would be brighter and growing.

    Prather, Ziegler, Costello the list of top recruits gone elsewhere would just grow. Getting Pointer would do wonders for diminishing his stereotype.

  • Drowning Man

    Wayman: It’s odd that every time Beilein misses on a guy the “can’t recruit” tag comes out, but what about all the guys he has? No one recruit will change a perception that only exists for people who have been unwilling to change it.

    He gets Morris…let’s see him get another guy.
    He gets Smot…let’s see him get a non-white guy from Detroit.
    He gets Brundidge…let’s seem him convince a non Michigan fan to come here.
    He gets Burke…what’s the reason we think he can’t recruit?

    He’s not Roy Williams or even Mark Few, but he’s a solid recruiter who has significantly upgraded the depth of talent on the UM basketball roster. I think that’s pretty obvious at this point. Dominique Pointer won’t change that.

  • Kenny

    Wayman, every coach, even Caparili, cannot cherry pick recruits.

  • Deuce
  • Grey

    if we can land pointer and amir williams…will the 2011 class be the best class michigan has had since the fab five? thoughts? if we secure both those guys, that has to be a top ten recruiting team

  • JBlair52

    Grey – the classes of ’94, ’95, and ’99 were pretty loaded. But yeah, add Pointer and Williams and it’s one of the best in the last 15 years.

  • AG2

    Well, let’s hope that Arizona’s loss is our gain with Williams.

  • This is crazy because we simply do NOT have enough scholarships to land both Pointer and Williams (see the Scholarship Breakdown above).

    So, until someone can explain how this could work, I’m going to assume that JB is recruiting both players with the hope of landing one or the other.

  • Sam

    My only thought is that perhaps one of the freshmen has been told that he has one year of a scholarship guaranteed and then asked if a situation arises if he would be willing to redshirt. I am in no way implying that Beilein is pulling schollies or anything, I just look at our three empty scholarships this year and think that perhaps we may have taken one freshman just to get another scholarship guy on the team. All speculation though.

  • KRN

    If we got both Amir and Pointer, presumably one of three things would need to happen:

    1. Someone would have to leave the team (something you don’t count on happening).
    2. One player would have to volunteer to give up their scholarship for that year.
    3. One of the freshmen would have to redshirt while giving up their scholarship for the redshirt year. They would then go back on scholarship the next year which would cause the final 2012 scholarship to be used up.

    I don’t think Beilein would consider flat-out not offering a scholarship to a player currently on the team for next year, so I did not include that in the list. I believe that if one of the above does not happen, we can’t take both players. I could always be forgetting something, though, so let me know if there are other possibilities.

  • FLWolve

    Redshirting a kid does not remove him from scholarship so that’s not an option.

  • georgeesq.

    The easy answer on the scholarship situation is that, if Pointer commits, Amir is out of luck. We’re still recruiting Amir because Pointer has not committed. If Amir elects to wait until the late period, there is a possibility that something opens up. Bottom line is that you keep recruiting until the final bell.

    BYW, he’s visiting Depaul, which is almost a red flag to me, and it’s also clear that his options in terms of elite programs are gone. I think a lot of coaches have cooled on him.

  • Don’t know that Amir would be out of luck… One of those things where you have to see how things work out.

  • detroitbry

    If UM grabs Pointer and Amir Williams wants to come, UM would take him. How would it work out, lets cross that road if it happens.

  • But there just aren’t any obvious ways to cross that road, bry.

  • georgeesq.

    So, Bry, you think that Beilein would oversign in November? There won’t be any attrition in the next month.

  • Bluebufoon

    The attrition would come in the spring or over the summer and I could see it happening if Amir Williams decides to come. There’s only so much playing time available for Big Men in Beilein’s system, so it will probaly be in the best interests of one of our current Wolverines to move on to a place where he could play more– that is if Williams and Pointer both commit to U-M.

    Ideally I want Williams in 2011 and Sheron Dorsey-Walker in 2012 for the two remaining scholarships.

  • Drew

    Pointer needs to be Blue. We would love to have this guy. Athleticism is off the charts! Love him.

  • Brick

    Beilein will NOT oversign in November. He may continue to recruit in case a spot opens up but he will not accept more commitments than he has open spots.

  • I agree with Brick.

  • Kenny

    Agree with brick too. Beilein will cool on Amir the moment pointer commits

  • This time, like some posters on previous diaries about Pointer, I too found myself wondering what the rest of his game is like. Still (probably a little irrational) I am thrilled at the prospect that we get this guy.

    Is it just me, or does he really look quick, too? I am all about the special players that draw the crowd into the game.

  • fresh

    cant you just see this kid throwing down a nasty dunk in a close game at home where the crowd goes nuts which puts all the momentum in michigans favor where they eventually win

    people with exceptional athleticism are game changers, and he is the type of kid that will draw fans and create a buzz

  • detroitbry

    I am not thinking about Beilein needing to oversign or clear schollies. At this point I am expecting him to grab Pointer, if that happens I will think about the rest of it but given our history we need to concentrate on Pointer right now.

    As far as his game, who cares, UM needs talented bodies. Fresh is right, a gamechanger would be nice.

  • georgeesq.

    Well, Bry, you said that, if we get Pointer and Amir wants to come, we would take him. As I said above, the only way that can happen is if he’s willing to wait until April to see if we lose anybody prematurely.

  • detroitbry

    Looks like Pointer will decide soon after his UM visit so we should know soon. I could see Beilein running somebody off but at this point I am just hoping that UM closes the deal with Pointer.

  • georgeesq.

    Problem with running someone off is that everyone on the roster now was recruited by Beilein. And I don’t see a likely candidate who might jump ship. Plus, I’m not convinced that Williams is worth pushing someone out the door.

  • You never know what will happen and at this point it’s not like Amir is begging to come to Michigan. Just have to see how it plays out.

    Also, a year ago, who would have thought LLP would be gone right now?

  • AG2

    Dylan’s right. Up until a little while ago, Williams seemed to have his pick of elite programs to consider, and he was overt about his desire to leave the state. I don’t see how the latter has changed just because he probably won’t get a chance to play for UNC, Duke, or Kentucky.

  • detroitbry

    Amir Williams is fine, dont listen to folks that have seen him play a couple of times and think they know what they are talking about. Williams is very talented, he needs to be pushed like most high school big men, UM would be lucky to get him.

    George/Brick, to show you that Um is not messing around and would indeed take talented players who want to come, Nick Stauskas was offered today. Stauskas, must be classified as a 2012 recruit. Somebody is going to be left out, UM is finally in a position where they can force the hands of kids they want.

  • georgeesq.

    Stauskas is 2012. I agree, they’re not messing around. Stauskas is a Canadian who has had little exposure. The assessment, I’m sure, is that he will be getting more offers once he starts playing against top prep school competition. I’ve only seen video on the kid, but he has a great handle and cross-over and is pretty athletic. Don’t be fooled by the head shot photo.

    We don’t need a wing in the 2011 class, but Pointer is too good to pass up. So we’re on him. Depending on how that transpires (and Williams), we have one or two in 2012. Maybe more if someone leaves. So Beilein is aggressively recruiting several prospects: Stauskas, Hawkins, Dorsey-Walker and a couple of bigs. I think that, re: bigs, there is the possibility that GR III grows into a 4. He’s 6’6″ now. He could be 6’8″ a year from now, like his dad. That would allow Beilein to take a couple wings/guards in 2011/12.

  • jmoney

    Hey whose this steve bell character hes killing me ! Obviously he biased towards His MSU player dwan anderson (whom he coaches at AAU ball)and branden kearney also going to MSU… These guys cant hold a candle to Brundidge and Burke who played in the Nike AAU Circuit and held their own nightly…. The Nike Circuit has way more real top 100 players in it … people like Rivers,Teague,Williams,wroten etc…..Steve Bell talks a lot of stuff for the talents that in the Suttons Bay League he always has been a hater on UM and Coach B ….
    Get it Real talent is something we don’t need to debate ……….

  • detroitbry

    Let me tell you about Esteban Steve Bell. He used to have a magazine, Banks Hoop I think. I give it to him he goes to games, mainly instate, he was based in Petosky. Rivals let him be the editor of, Bell rewarded Rivals by getting mad at Michigan fans and posting their real names and information on his website message board.

    Think about that for a minute.

    The guy had access to people’s credit card info and real identity, threw a tantrum and posted information on a public message board. Bell feel free to correct me if I posted some incorrect information.