Tuesday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Kenny

    It is also good to know that Kelvin Grady is graduating in December and will start graduate school. He is a true student athlete and a Michigan man.

  • Kenny


    Two MSU basketball players accused of sexual assault. I wonder whether Izzo is going to do anything.

  • Section13Row15

    Did anyone else notice that Manny looks like he’s put on quite a bit of muscle since the end of last season? I’m all for moving on with the new regime of Beilein, but too bad he’s not back this year. 19pts / gm is hard to replace.

  • As ugly as the story is… Please do not use any names when referring to story.

  • JB

    I hope bigger sources such as the freep and detnews pick up this story. it’s pathetic that it hasn’t been pursued any further. please throw this link up on umhoops if you’re willing so that it’s not just on a day old message board.

  • I’ll throw it in the next links post at some point.

  • JB


  • Beast1530

    The Cavs couldn’t evaluate Manny in summer league because of his hammy problems. Most team would cut him after not seeing him but they liked him enough from scouting Manny at Michigan to invite him for preseason camp. The Cavs need a slasher and Manny fits the bill. Manny is one of those player who will end up becoming a better pro player than college player.

  • Alex

    Still, he was a pretty good college player. He’ll probably be sick in the pros if that’s the case.

  • I know it’s been slow these last couple weeks. We’ve had some things that we are trying to get done and it’s just a mighty slow time. I promise things will start picking up in a big way soon.

  • Beast1530


    Manny was able to get to the basket despite the fact that the defender knows his tendencies and he was often doubled up as soon as he drives. It makes it all the more impressive on the fact that he was able to average close to 20 points a game.

  • WTHef?

    Why does every site request that you don’t speculate on the names of the players? Is it a legal issue? Cause isn’t that the first thing everyone is wondering?

    Turns out, it is easy to figure out since the MSU student directory will tell you which freshmen live together and a quick internet search turns up their names connected to this alleged incident days ago.

    In the end – I guess the biggest question is what Michigan targets would this effect if MSU suddenly had a couple ships open up?

  • ZRL

    Well I guess now we know why Izzo was continuing to recruit Gary Harris and others. Looks like he knew a couple roster spots may be opening up pretty soon.

  • I was thinking the same thing, ZRL.

  • aMaized
  • AG2

    Do you think its a red flag for Manny that his hamstring is *still* an issue since all the way back at the beginning of last season?

    Will it be an issue for Colton Christian this year, too?

  • Manny missed time this summer because of a severely sprained ankle — not the hamstring injury that bothered him during the season.

  • Beast1530

    Whoops, Dylan is right. It’s sprained ankle, not hammy. I was going off from my memory, for some reason I keep thinking it’s hammy, not sprained ankle.

  • Mass

    To ZRL and TKwolverine
    According to this thread posted on Aug 13 http://www.theonlycolors.com/2010/8/13/1621687/just-when-you-thought-it-was-safe, Izzo was reported to continue recruiting Gary Harris before the alleged sexual assault, which happened on Aug 29 to 30th. So there is no link between Harris recruiting and sexual assault.