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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • AG2

    I thought he was no longer considering Michigan, has something changed?

  • Seems like Michigan is still working him and the fact that they got an in-home means they are at least still trying.

  • Adam

    I don’t see how he would completely drop Michigan when one of his AAU teammates and good friends is committed to Michigan, and another one of his friends/teammates has Michigan as his leader. I would think that would be very enticing to a young kid to go to school with a couple friends you are used to playing with. So I think initially he may have been intrigued by all the attention he was getting from everywhere, but I think Michigan is a more realistic option now than he has ever let out.

  • georgeesq.

    I think that what may happen to Amir is that the elite programs he was hoping for have moved in other directions or just cooled on him. He recently visited Depaul, which could be a red flag in itself, IMO.

  • mike

    Is it just me, or is Amir looking like another Dashonte Riley? Guy who was a top tier recruit from Sophomore year and then just kept falling down the top 100 list, but still rode his reputation. Ended up spurning U-M in the end, going to Syracuse, and looks like he hasn’t done much:

  • Kenny

    It is hard for kids like Riley to come back once they fall short of high expectations.

  • Kids like Riley meaning, they’re tall but don’t love the game? Then it really is hard.

  • fresh

    just heard via chris balas that michigan may be lagging behind in the dom pointer race and word is that west virginia is the team to beat but nothing is for sure

  • For the record, the junior Canadian via Detroit Consortium big man that U-M has seen in open gyms in indeed Matt Willms, don’t believe the ignorant and ill-informed vowel-less joke by “Blue By You” on the more irrelevant every day Rivals board, there is no Matt “Williams.”

  • jBdub

    SBell: Have you seen Willms play, and if so, how would you compare his game and Sheldon’s? Thanks.

  • aMaized
  • aMaized

    Bank Hoops front page:

    U-M looking for 2012 big man
    Bank Hoops – High School
    With the commitment of Indiana junior Glenn Robinson III to Michigan, the conventional wisdom is that Michigan will give a 2012 scholarship to a big man. That makes the most relevant visitors to the campus on Saturday, Sept. 25 in-state juniors 6-9 Sean Sheldon of Traverse City St. Francis and 6-9 Khaliq Spicer from Dearborn Heights Robichaud. Michigan has also been in to see another intriguing 2012 post player, 6-10 Matt Willms of Detroit Consortium. Other in-state juniors reportedly visiting U-M this weekend are 6-4 Jovantae Hawkins of Flint Powers, 6-7 Kellen McCormick of Pontiac Notre Dame, 6-5 Anton Wilson of Flint Carman-Ainsworth, 6-4 Marques Mondy of Forest Hills Central, 6-4 Sherron Dorsey-Walker of Detroit Pershing and 6-6 Chris Jenkins of Detroit U-D Jesuit.

  • aMaized

    Rivals on Pointer – Michigan is behind?

  • GrandChamp

    I like our recruiting class more than MSU’s if we can land either Pointer or Williams.

  • MSU has a very good 2011 class. Branden Dawson is going to be a beast — kid is a monster on the offensive glass.

    If you line it up…
    Trice – Burke
    Brundidge – Anderson
    Dawson – Pointer (hypothetically)
    Kearney – [?]

    Would be interesting.

  • Anthony

    Marques Mondy rivals says their is interest in michigan with the coaches and him can anyone confirm that ?

  • Mondy can do some nice things, we scouted him (briefly) way back in May

    We’ll try to catch up with him.

  • GrandChamp

    How bad did Markus Crider play this summer?? He appears to have fallen off the map.

  • GregGoBlue

    Doesn’t Dom Pointer take his final official to Michigan in a few weeks? I would take a West Virginia lead immediately after his visit there with a grain of salt…

  • fresh

    it was said they were in the lead now several days before his visit so this visit might have just solidified his commitment, it was also rumored that he may not take his visit to michigan …….that wasnt confirmed but definitely something to keep an eye on in the next week or so…………..if he still comes on his visit then michigan has to still have a good chance but its wait and see now