Tuesday Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

John Beilein takes in Michigan’s win over Notre Dame

  • Joe spoke with Glenn Robinson III last night and he reported that Michigan is still his leader and he had a great time at the UConn game on his unofficial visit.  Beilein was also expected in to watch Robinson play in open gym. Robinson has been up to Michigan three times this summer (Elite Camp, August, and the UConn game) and the mutual interest is obvious. Robinson most recently picked up a Colorado offer while Xavier, Wisconsin, Purdue, and Butler are all interested.
  • Schedule updates: Michigan will play Saginaw Valley State in their exhibition game on Friday, Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. (BTN.com). The Dec. 23rd game versus Bryant has also been moved til 6pm (BTN).
  • A pair of former Wolverines were named Big Ten Icons in the BTN’s latest rankings: Glen Rice at 27 and Cazzie Russell at 29.
  • Michigan is not in Gary Harris’ top five ($).
  • Avon, IN big man Austin Burgett verbally committed to Notre Dame.
  • This is old news by now but Tennessee self imposed sanctions on their basketball program after Bruce Pearl was found placing impermissible phone calls. Anyone that follows basketball recruiting shouldn’t be surprised by this.
  • 2013 Indiana guard Zavier Turner is planning to visit Michigan on September 25th.

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  • Rocky

    Thanks for the great site and all the good info. Just a grammatical point of info that is a pet peeve of mine – the ‘III’ of Glenn Robinson’s name refers to his first name, not his last. So he is Glenn III, not Robinson III, just as Tim Hardaway, Jr. is Tim, Jr., not Hardaway Jr.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again.

  • JB

    Is msu in gary’s top five?

  • Kenny

    I bet that MSU is in gary Harris’s top five, although they have to wait for a scholarship to be freed up.

    Since Glen Robinson, III is not going to decide in another year, the quality of our “lead” will be tested once other big ten schools offer him. Does anyone know how Purdue’s 2011 and 2012 classes are shaping up? Also, several include Dylan mentioned that Glen III is expected to grow a couple of inches more. I am wondering why there is such expectation on him but not on other kids in his age, say Harris, Hawkins, Yogi.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    I think it’s gone pretty public who the top five for Harris are but I don’t know Dylan’s policy. I think we can say that, yes, MSU is in the five.

  • fresh

    that boggles my mind that harris would even consider that going to michigan state……….i know this has been discussed before but how many players do they have going there already that would play the 2 or 3 like him lets see shall we……

    -russel byrd
    -denzel valentine
    – branden dawson
    -kenny kaminski (he may be a 4)
    -brandon kearney
    – dwaun anderson

    thats a lot of talent for a 5 star kid to want to go there and try to play not that he wouldnt play but then other great players are riding the bench for this kid, it goes back to what we have already discussed go players would rather sit the bench at state then actually play somewhere else, or thats what it seems ……..its mind boggling

  • fresh

    thats 2 many “mind bogglings” in that last statement….i apologize

  • Nate the Newt

    I’d say that it is ‘mind-bottling’.

  • Mith

    Actually I find fresh’s last paragraph pretty “mind boggling”.

  • Dirtgrain

    Michigan, too, seems to have enough guards.

    I really liked what I saw of Harris in video clips. Oh well.

  • JBlair52

    Kenny – something tells me Glenn Robinson III will decide much much earlier than in another year…just a hunch…


  • Kevin

    I was in that section at the Notre Dame game and it was AWESOME of Beilein to come up and visit with all of the students. He’s very impressive in every aspect.