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Dylan Burkhardt


Glenn Robinson III committed to Michigan earlier today and I didn’t have time to put together a full post. Here are some of the relevant bits of information – scouting, offers, rankings, scholarship breakdown, etc. — that I typically post with each commitment story.

First, some quick thoughts on the commitment. Michigan got in with Robinson early and sealed the deal. I tend to give Beilein the benefit of the doubt on kids that he’s coached at Elite Camp because it seems like camp is his favorite evaluation tool – you can see how a kid reacts to coaching, put him through your own drills, etc.

Robinson is a kid that’s coming into his own and probably hasn’t come close to maxing out his potential. He’s long (6-foot-6 and by most accounts still growing), athletic, and continuing to round out his offense game. He’s only about to start his junior year of high school so he has plenty of time left on the development spectrum. Michigan needs wings and the pace at which they pushed for Robinson’s commitment tells you everything you need to know about where he ranks on their recruiting board.

Finally, there is no denying that Beilein has a thing for basketball pedigree with Hardaway, Horford, Dumars, and now Robinson on board.

Offers, Rankings & Stats

  • Offers: Colorado, Valparaiso, Missouri State and Indiana State.
  • Interest: Xavier, Wisconsin, Purdue, and Butler
  • ESPN: Not Evaluated. — "He’s a long, skilled wing who can score off the catch or the dribble. He’s a nice athlete who will fit UM’s style of play with his skill and upside."
  • Rivals: 3-star, 118th
  • Scout: 3-star, NR
  • ITH: #10 player in Indiana Class of 2012
  • Sophomore Stats: 16 points, six rebounds and 2.5 assists

Scouting Report

Robinson excelled at Michigan’s Elite Camp and continued his solid play throughout the summer. The key for Robinson is being assertive on a consistent basis.

Here’s what Joe thought of Robinson at Elite Camp:

Glenn Robinson III played a little out of position, staying mostly inside.  He hit a few jumpers, but we didn’t get to see much in the way of his handle.  He rebounded very well and he knows how to use his length.  He’s much slimmer than his dad, a completely different player, really.  He has a smooth jump shot but he’s also tough inside. 

Joe Eberhardt at IBCA Top 100 Underclassmen Showcase:

This was my second time watching Robinson, and it was an impressive outing. The first thing that sticks out about Robinson is his explosive athleticism. Add in nice length and a great motor, and he throws down dunks that other players would normally lay in. He’s a good but not great ball handler, allowing him to get by most opponents and draw contact or score an easy two points. He’s got a nice stroke from the foul line, so if defenders are really hassling him he can score points one at a time. His length, athleticism, and motor also make him a good rebounder out of the backcourt. At 6’5 I see him as more of a small forward with the ability to slide over to the “2″ as his game becomes more skilled. He had my favorite play of the day when he grabbed an offensive rebound and came back up with a clean one handed slam over a defender.


Rivals’ Brian Snow at NY2LA Summer Jam:

The son of the long time NBA standout by the same name, Robinson showed his potential with some solid flashes. A pretty good athlete with long arms and a good frame, Robinson can score off the dribble or from deep at 6-foot-5. He needs to be more aggressive, though playing up he isn’t a primary option with SYF. Still there is a lot to like about his game, and the potential is very high with him.

Rivals’ Eric Bossi at Nike Hoop Jam:

Slowly but surely, the 188 pound rising junior is coming into his own. His jumper has become something to be respected out to the three point line, he’s blossoming as an athlete and starting to fill out. Now, he just needs to play with the confidence of a high major prospect.

Going Forward


Michigan has one scholarship remaining in the class of 2011 and one in the class of 2012.

The first priority is 2011 wing Dominique Pointer, a 6-foot-5 wing and athlete out of Quality Education Academy (formely Roseville, MI). Pointer is down to Michigan, West Virginia, and St. Johns and plans to make his decision after visiting all three schools. Michigan will get the final visit on the weekend of October 16th – which happens to be shaping up as Michigan’s biggest visit weekend of the year.

Pointer plans to decide shortly after his visits and sign in November but one Michigan prospect who won’t sign early is Amir Williams. Williams plans to trim his list soon and if Michigan makes the cut, I expect the Wolverines to continue pursuing the Country Day big man
throughout the winter regardless of Pointer’s decision.

The chances of landing Williams are much slimmer than the chances of landing Pointer. So if Williams heads out of state, Michigan has to land a big man in the class of 2012 — or target a late emerging 2011 post player. Jordan Hare, Malik London, and Khaliq Spicer are a couple names that have surfaced as 2012 big man prospects but none appear close to deciding anytime soon. The watch is on for new post prospects though as Michigan needs to land one in the next two classes.

In terms of 2012 wing prospects JaVontae Hawkins holds a Michigan offer and the Wolverines are very interested in Sherron Dorsey-Walker while Nick Stauskas appears to have cooled on Michigan a bit. If Michigan lands Pointer it would be tough to fit an additional 2012 wing without some sort of attrition.

More on Robinson: IndyStar Profile Article from May

  • Sam

    Just to back up matt d a little bit I guess, Novak has personally told me and friends of mine that he is 6’2.5 FWIW. If I had to guess based just by standing next to him though, I would say closer to 6’4, but I’m just repeating what he said.

  • JBlair52

    So if Novak is 6’2.5″ then what’s Morris? 6’2? Stu is about 6’1? Burke 5’8? Cronin 6’7?

    I can never tell anymore…I just remember looking at this past seasons’ NBA draft camp data where they officially measure guys and seeing a lot of surprises. Guys like Harangody that was always listed at 6’8″ only measured at 6’6″

    You can’t even compare one player to the next to get an accurate height cause they’re all wrong.

  • Sheryl

    Maybe his hair adds 2″. lol
    I think pretty much all college players, if you subtract between 1.5 and 2″ you will be much closer to their actual height.

  • Beast1530


    I’ve stood next to Novak and there’s no way that he’s over 6’4″. He’s closer to 6’2″ than 6’4″. They made it 6’5″ to make him look taller and no fan would want to hear a 6’2″ playing the 4 though he does a admirable job of doing it for the past two years.

  • JBlair52

    Maybe. I’d like to really know how tall ALL players are.

    If Novak is 6’2″ then
    Akunne must be 6’0″ or 6’1″ – seen a picture where Novak looks taller
    Anthony Wright at 6″3 or 6’4″ – seen a picture where Novak is very close

    What confuses me is that Stu is a legit 6’2.5″ or 6’3″ – I’ve stood very close a number of times and have seen him a lot of times – and Novak looks like he’s taller than Stu..making him about 6’4″+

    Anyway – just cracks me up how some guys/teams are honest and others exaggerate. I was seriously cracking up at how short some guys were when they went to the NBA Draft camps and got officially measured. Guys are lying by 2-3″. Crazy.

  • Kenny

    speaking of height, I heard Beilein on radio saying Peedi was measured as 6’6 and 3/4 before NBA draft. Go figure.

  • JBlair52

    Queston – on the height thing…

    Can anyone verify how tall Robinson is? Listed anywhere from 6’4 – 6’6. Is he really 6’3 or is he a legit 6’6?

    I think someone on here goes to his school…can you verify?

    I guess, too, that Novak was playing alongside Sims who wasnt really a “5” so if we get a true “5” I could see a 6’6 or 6’7 robinson playing the 4 spot or something.

  • Kenny

    For what it worth, I read it somewhere that Robinson stayed with his Daddy this past summer and the Big Dog tried to teach his puppy some inside moves. I hope that when Glenn III arrives AA, he will be taller, stronger, and has a few tricks from the Big Dog.

  • Section13Row15

    Big Dog was an amazing player in college. He had a good (not great) pro career too. Can you imagine the father-son scrimmage on Midnight Madness a couple years from now? :)

  • Kenny

    Something just posted on yahoo about this weekend’s visitor

    Over in Ann Arbor, the Wolverines are playing host to a bunch of talent as well. The talent is all from the class of 2012 and it’s all local. Expected to be on hand are Rivals150 members Sherron Dorsey-Walker and Marquis Mondy. Also in from the class of 2012 are Michigan-bred wings Anton Wilson, Chris Jenkins and JaVontae Hawkins, and 2012 big men Khaliq Spicer and Sean Sheldon.

  • Beast1530


    seeing it in person and looking at picture is completely different. I would go by in person rather than picture since they don’t tell us anything especially if the heights are close. You’re basing it by pictures? lol, there are a few posters including me who have seen Novak in person and he’s not 6’4″.

  • JBlair52


    I never said I based it on pictures?!?

    I have stood by Stu many many times and I said, he’s a legit 6’2.5″ – 6’3″ and Novak looks to be 1″ taller than him.


  • Beast1530


    “If Novak is 6’2″ then
    Akunne must be 6’0″ or 6’1″ – seen a picture where Novak looks taller
    Anthony Wright at 6″3 or 6’4″ – seen a picture where Novak is very close”

    Looks like you’re basing it on pictures.

  • Dirtgrain

    Why all the bickering over Novak’s height here? Most of his opponents’ listed heights are similarly off, and it’s a wash. Just watch him play and decide if he can handle the four. What else is there to think about?

  • JBlair52


    In that quote I’ve clearly accepted your “seen in person” height of 6’2″ and am assuming the other heights are probably off their listed marking. I didnt say Novak is 6’4″ because of a picture.

  • fresh

    pretty sure i saw sean sheldon, definitely kellen mccormikc and maybe 3 other recruits at the game yesterday…….those guys and the whole staff were a few rows in front of me just putting in some work………it was amusing watching the basketball staff during the game it seemed like they all were just bouncing back and forth from one player to the next

  • Sheldon was there. Michigan’s going up to see him work out this week and he’s going to Dayton this coming weekend.

  • aMaized
  • aMaized

    August article on Sheldon and 2012 top point guards in MI:

  • aMaized
  • Apparently it’s U-M, USC, Dayton, Toledo going to Sheldon’s workout.

    U-M fans may not be fond of the author, but here’s a good breakdown of Sheldon outplaying AJ Hammons and Austin Burgett head-to-head:

    The other name of note in these stories is Dontel Highsmith from Dowagiac, who may be the best in-state guard in 2013. He wanted to go to Michigan’s camp in June but something got lost in the translation. In July he was with our 17s again and made final of Hoop City Classic in KC, and Dontel was wearing an “M” cap between games, in hopes the coaches would see himi.