Video: Trey Burke Junior Year Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Thanks to CapCityPreps for passing along the highlight video. For more video on Burke, check out our commitment post which features several embeds and links.

  • wayman britt

    One thing I like about Trey is he gets pretty good elevation on this 3 point attempts. Many times in High School a player will hit set shot three’s and score a lot triples, but have difficultly in college.

  • kevin

    I think he will improve his ranking this year being the top guy on his team.

  • I agree that he’ll likely have a big year… I just don’t know how much it’ll effect his ranking. Tough to move your ranking much in your senior year, especially if you are already committed. That’s just how recruiting rankings work.

  • sullycu

    Just as long as his ranking is moving up…

  • Should we care about his ranking? He’s committed and he can clearly play. Michigan’s going to have real skill at the guard position the next few years. Seems to be effective from many places on the court.

  • TheYooper

    A higher ranking would obviously be a nice thing to have, but it’s not that important. At most, it will give Michigan a little more respect and HS players would notice the talent going to Michigan.

  • I think kids, especially on the Nike EYBL circuit, know that he can play. He scored the ball all summer including at the Peach Jam (the championship event of EYBL) where he avged 18+ per game, 11th best at the tournament.

  • fresh

    i was a beilein trasher when it came to recruiting but with burke and brundidge in the mix i cant say any more, those are 2 great pulls and if he gets pointer not only will that be the best class he has ever recruited (rank wise) but it will be ranked as a top 15 maybe even top 10 class which is beyond fantastic……..

  • JBlair52

    Wouldnt the premise of Burke moving up in the rankings indicate that he not just can “clearly play” but lets you know how he falls in comparison to other players.

    I could take the #1 player and say “what do rankings matter, he can clearly play”
    Likewise I could do that with the #175 player.
    Rankings give something a little more objective to put with the statement.

  • Giddings

    I love the NCAA’s new focus on policing the scum of college athletics (about time). Bruce Pearl is a prime target. It’s great knowing that we have the cleanest in the business.

  • JBlair: Moving up in the rankings over a HS season is so difficult because the guys ranking people are mostly going to just see a couple of national tournaments. It’s just not feasible to see this many kids play during the high school season. Committed prospects also tend to hold or fall rather than rise — you can thank the business model for that.

    Some people doing rankings do a great job — it’s just an extremely tough task.

  • Sullycu

    A ton of people have already committed for 2011 so he won’t fall anymore than anyone else I wouldn’t think. I bet he’s a top 100 player all next year


    Dylan you are so correct on this. The rankings are garbage when it comes to players already committed. Look what it has done to Brundidge and Kearney who both committed early. Both are nationally known players but both have dropped where Brundidge is like #103 on rivals and Kearney is @ #153. The inconsistancy with these rankers are for example Brundidge is #53 and Kearney is #96 on espn. I dont take the rankers as people who know what they are doing.I look at them as overated opinionaters when it comes to this. There is no way both of them should have dropped after the solid summer they both had and the fact they are going to high major programs.

  • JBlair52

    Didnt Smotrycz and Hardaway climb in rankings during their senior year? I know they got recognized during the summer and stuff but I thought I remember seeing both of them make some considerable moves in the rankings during their senior year.

    Anyone remember?

  • Smotrycz dropped during his senior year. Not sure about Hardaway, he might have jumped to 99 in ESPN rankings? I think that was the site that had him ranked.

  • Brian W

    The contact period started on Thursday. Michigan mentioned as being one of the schools visiting Hamilton Southeastern, where Gary Harris, Zak Irvin and Jacobby Bledsoe go to school.

    More on the punishment and investigation on Bruce Pearl…

    Trey McDonald visited Wake Forest…

  • Bill

    I love watching him drive with his left hand he looks like it’s natural. For his size it’s a real plus, he should keep developing it. Hopefully he bulks up. If his weight is accurate he will need to beef up since the bug ten is a physical as it is. If he can also show leadership from the point he will be a nice addition.

  • georgeesq.

    Bill, I saw the same thing. He also finishes with the left hand, a lost art these days, but very useful for smaller players in particular.

  • Paul

    He looks like a ballhog. Aren’t PG’s suppose to pass more than this?

  • Considering his teammate, OSU commit Jared Sullinger won not just Mr Basketball two years in a row but also the National HS player of the year award his senior year… I don’t think sharing the ball is his problem.

    Sullinger averaged 23 per game, fellow OSU commit Weatherspoon averaged 13.5 and Burke averaged 14.5 points and 7.5 assists per game.

    Tough to make the ballhog argument really… Yes he can score the ball but I don’t think ballhog is a fair assessment at all.

  • kevin

    it’s also a “trey burke” highlight video. anyways, he’s got a smooth J and can he throw down?

  • aMaized

    WTKA at the 5:00 mark, Sam talks BBall recruiting (Jordan Hare, Amir Williams – definitely worth listening):

  • BlimpyBlue

    He looks like a ballhog. Aren’t PGs suppose to pass more than this

    You expect to see highlights of a high school player making a bunch of passes? If a high school PG is a “pass-first” player, what that really means is that he’s not skilled enough offensively to be a high-level prospect.

  • Paul

    Yes – I expect good HS PG’s to have more highlight passes, especially playing with the likes of Sullinger and Weatherspoon

  • mike

    Denard Robinson looks like a ball hog too.

  • JBlair52

    Paul – Burke had around 8 assists PER GAME. He obviously knows how to dish the ball.

    He didnt put together this highlight video either. And are you really going to look at a 4 min video and make those kind of judgments? Who says he doesnt have highlight passes? Maybe they just werent included.


  • billiam

    it is a highlight tape, so it won’t have many assists on it, more personal finishes. If you don’t trust your fellow bloggers, then to make sure for yourself, check out other highlight tapes.

  • Brian W

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    Also the Big Ten Network named Glen Rice as its 27th Big Ten Icon…

  • Brian W

    Oops. Looks like I copied the ‘Advertisement’ text and pasted that too.

  • I’ll say this I put the video together and attended 20 Northland games last year and Trey Burke can pass with the best of them, I’ll say he is for sure a scoring point guard and I focused on that ability but for the sake of not having a 10 minute video I left a lot out . Go to and watch some of the Northland Game Highlights from 2009 if you want to see more of his all around game.