Labor Day Weekend Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

DeShawn Sims after his first game in Greece

  • 2012 Flint Powers guard JaVontae Hawkins made the trip to Ann Arbor this weekend to watch Michigan beat UConn.
  • MaxPreps posted video of The Family from this AAU/EYBL season that mostly features Carlton Brundidge. A decent chunk is also versus Trey Burke’s All Ohio Red squad as well.
  • DeShawn Sims had 14 points, 7 rebounds, five assists, and three steals in his first game in Greece per his twitter account. The game appears to have a been a friendly but I posted a video of Sims being interviewed (with a translator) after the first match.
  • 2011 big man Pat Ackerman verbally committed to Penn State over the weekend. Ackerman was thought to be on the verge of a Michigan offer if he visited Michigan.
  • Matt Vogrich is enrolled in the Ross School of Business and is the second player on Michigan’s roster (Novak is the other) to be enrolling in the business school.
  • Basketball scheduling for the new Big Ten will likely be decided in May, naturally (it would put Minnesota in the easier division) Tubby Smith wants to mimic the SEC scheduling. I still think it would be a terrible decision to revert to a 16 game schedule.
  • Prep Hoops Assist put together a consensus recruiting rankings list for the class of 2011. Brundidge checks in at #70, Dom Pointer at #80, and Amir Williams at #40.
  • ESPN (which is included in the above rankings) also put out their 2011 rankings: Brundidge #52, Pointer #53, Williams #54, Burke #92. ESPN also has fancy new recruit profile pages.
  • MSU guard Korie Lucious pleaded guilty to reckless driving despite being originally charged with OWI after registering a BAC of .09 (and being under 21).
  • Bacari Alexander still needs 147 followers before October 15th if he’s going to keep his twitter.
  • Indiana received a verbal commitment from a freshman, meaning he can’t sign a letter of intent for over 3 years..

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  • Mark

    It must be great to be an athlete in Lansing. You get to break 2 laws and you end up with a moving violation. So much for all those commercials I see 10 times a day about Michigan cracking down on drunk driving.

  • James

    I doubt Lucious received any special treatment. I think most prosecutors will offer plea bargain on a first offense.

  • msufan

    I think that’s a pretty standard reduction of charges for any first time offender.

    Unfortunately I think it means we won’t see Lucious go to Hawaii for the Maui Invitational.

  • Mark


    Can you do a recap on how you believe 2011 and 2012 recruiting will play out at this point?

    2011 – I think we have one scholarship left. Do we think that spot is reserved for Pointer?

    2012 – With Costello gone and Burke in 2011, does that essentially end any Pangos & Yogi recruitment? Who does UM really want at this point. Hawkins?


  • Mark

    He was driving drunk and he was under age which means the legal limit is .02. He blew a .09 and ended up with a reckless driving in a state that is suppose to have a 0 tolerence for drunk driving. You keep believing their was no special treatment.

  • JB

    i think it happened in wisconsin so it’s under their laws, not sure they are cracking down to the extent that michigan is.

  • JB: Charles+Linden is an intersection in East Lansing I believe.

  • JimC

    Michigan beat UConn?

  • AG2

    It usually depends on what district you’re prosecuted in. If you go to GVSU, you’d know that the judge in Hudsonville is notoriously strict on MIPs.

  • msufan

    No, I don’t believe its preferential treatment. I graduated from MSU in 04 (believe laws regarding still the same) and had 2 friends get pulled over. Both initially charged with OWI, both had it reduced. Agreed to attend compulsory alcohol classes, community service, probation, fines, etc. They were both under age at the time (19). One guy did it again at 21 and the judge dropped the hammer on him for a second offense.

    I’m guessing that’s similar to what Lucious got.

  • fresh

    any word on the bball recruits at the football game?……..article on scout is a teaser about GR III……wonder whats going on here

  • JB

    oh okay, i had it wrong… i thought it happened on a weekend when he was back home in wisconsin.

  • Javontae Hawkins made it in in addition to Glenn Robinson III and Zak Irvin. Robinson has been a frequent visitor and Hawkins is an extremely high priority. Both are offerees for the class of 2012 so it’s obviously a good thing they are on campus.

    Gary Harris didn’t make it — I believe he was at Notre Dame.

  • AG2

    The GM of the pro team Enes Kanter played for in Turkey claims he received over 100k in cash and benefits over 3 seasons. He can’t possibly be eligible now can he?

  • Kevin

    Legal limit below 21 is .00, no matter what.

  • Pleading down happens all the time. Reckless driving still isn’t a fun charge — obviously doesn’t look as bad as DUI/OWI but I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  • Sam Webb had a VERY positive vibe re. UM’s recruitment of Robinson III on WTKA this (Wed) morning. Check the podcast on by going to Michigan Insider and clicking on Recruiting Roundup.

  • Parkite

    Did you see the news on Rumeal? Sad. Just a creditor-dodging thug.