Lunch with John Beilein


In a very nice gesture, Tom Wywrot, Michigan basketball’s sports information director, and John Beilein had a bunch of Michigan media over to Weidenbach Hall for lunch and to talk to coach Beilein about the Europe trip.  Beilein touched on a variety of subjects, including when the team will start working out, the kinds of rotations he figured out in Europe, individual player performances, scheduling and how expansion will affect basketball.

The rules governing the limits on offseason, in-school workouts say the team can work out four at a time until September 15 for two hours a week, then after the 15th all the players can work out buts still for only two hours per week.  Also, the first day teams can work out is the first day of classes, which comes late for Michigan.  Those extra 20 or so practices Michigan just had are looking more and more valuable.

Beilein said he was able to get a feel for some possible lineups in Europe but didn’t say what they were.

It did give us a better Idea of what we have.

Beilein singled out Matt Vogrich as one of the guys who played really well during the trip, focusing on his rebounding.  Tim Hardaway Jr. and Evan Smotrycz seemed very “at ease” during the games.

I liked the swagger of both Tim and Evan immediately.  You’d rather have a guy with swagger who you’ve got to tone down a bit than a guy who you have to give permission to go dunk on somebody.

Another interesting tidbit about Tim Hardaway Jr. in Europe.  Asked if Tim backed up his standout practice performances in the games, Beilein said this:

Yeah, we did a lot of the things we did with Manny, with him.  A lot of similar action.  He handled it very well.  What was really good was his rebounding in the last game … He weighs 190 right now.  I think Manny’s highest weight was 188.

  • Colton Christian didn’t play because of the hamstring.
  • While Darius didn’t shoot well in Europe, Beilein was happy about the way he took care of the ball against almost constant man-to-man pressure and a 25-second shot clock.
  • Regarding Big Ten expansion, Beilein said there haven’t been talks about how it affects the basketball season.

[More: Beilein podcast on WTKA]

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  • New ESPN 2011 Rankings: BIG TEN RECRUITS

    16 Branden Dawson 97 Michigan State SF 6’6″ 220 Lew Wallace H.S. (IN)
    39 LaQuinton Ross 96 Ohio State SF 6’8″ 200 Life Center Academy (NJ)
    52 Carlton Brundidge 96 Michigan SG 6’1″ 205 Southfield H.S. (MI)
    53 Dom Pointer 96 None SF 6’6″ 195 Quality Education Academy (NC)
    54 Amir Williams 96 None C 6’10” 220 Detroit Country Day School (MI)
    63 Shannon Scott 95 Ohio State PG 6’2″ 170 Milton H.S. (GA)
    64 Mycheal Henry 95 Illinois SF 6’6″ 220 Orr Academy H.S. (IL)
    92 Trey Burke 95 Michigan PG 6’1″ 170 Northland H.S. (OH)
    96 Brandan Kearney 95 Michigan State SG 6’5″ 180 Southeastern H.S. (MI)

  • TheYooper

    Dom and Carlton in front of Amir? Also I find it pretty funny that they are right in a row as well.

  • georgeesq.

    Amir has not been impressive on the court except in flashes.

  • TheYooper

    I know but on Rivals and Scout he’s rated much higher.

  • Irritated mutated sinister apple jackers

    I would really like to get Dom Pointer, point blank period . The kid has off the charts athleticism and is a very good defender ….

    I also like the fact that CB got some love too. He competes and scores with ANYONE. All he has done is either outplay or compete against the top competition … better than Kearny imo…

    Duwan Anderson didn’t make the cut ??

    Trey Burke is a complete baller.. I’m glad to have him on board …. Hopefully throwing oops to CC and Pointer in the near future …

    Amir Williams is a good rebounder and a decent defender , but he is no where near Elite right now . I hate when players get ranked because of upside .

    While I would be happy to get him , I would perfer Pointer at this point .

  • The Mustangs were not good, which didn’t help Dwaun Anderson’s cause. But I don’t know any college coach who has seen him, Brundidge and BK that think they’re better.

  • billiam

    good to see that (as of right now) only us, MSU, and OSU have two top 100 recruits. That’s pretty good company if you ask me. As per and only us, WVU, and Tennessee are in on him (well, DePaul and St. John’s too, but they’re mid-majors) so we’ve got a good shot with him. At least we jumped on the bus before other big 10 teams did. Correct me if I’m wrong, but CB, Pointer, and Williams all play on the same AAU team right? I like the instate talent!

  • billiam

    hate to use pronouns; “him” is Dom Pointer.

  • GrandChamp

    Curious as to why more big programs aren’t on Dom??

  • Kevin

    those two schools are in the big east. and it is good to see cb with a good ranking like that. as far as pointer or williams, i’d take either definitely.

  • georgeesq.

    SBell, if college coaches were universally high on Anderson, why was his only high major offer from MSU? I’m not saying whether he’s better or worse than CB, BK or anyone else, just wondering how his offer list squares with your comment that every college coach who’s seen him thinks he’s at least as good as CB and BK.

  • matt d


    To be honest, Amir Williams was simply overrated based on potential during when the initial 2011 rankings were released. He’s not rated much higher on Rivals, in fact he’s dropped all the way to #77, and I believe Scout has him in the mid 30s. From what I’ve seen, he has the potential to be a good shot blocker/rebounder, but his offensive game leaves a lot to be desired, and he’s not the most physical/high energy guy out there. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to close out the class with a ranked big that can defend, but he’s not the mega talent that the ranking initially reflected. If Pointer wants to commit, then you give him that spot ASAP, we DO NOT wait on Williams, he’s not that type of player.

  • AG2

    Its officially MICHIGAN season. 7 months of Michigan football and basketball. Enjoy!

  • Kenny

    Did I hear it right that peedi was measured at 6’6 and 3/4.

  • Bill

    40 days till first practice.

  • Steve Bell; Why are you spreading your bias opinion. Dwaun Anderson played on your Parallel 45 program at one time so of course you are going to say he is as good as Brundidge or Kearney. Ask Izzo what he thinks of Brundidge. In fact, before MSU exhausted their scholarships, and thought Brundidge might Decommit, MSU said that still wanted him. This is no rumor; I know this for a fact. Did you also know that Brundidge was the Leading Scorer of the New Nike Elite Youth Basketball league. The league pits all the Nike Teams against each other at 3 Venues around the country. The league has almost all the top 100 players. Against these teams the kid was scoring 53, 41, 38, 35 points. NO TEAM HAD AN ANSWER FOR HIM. Against the #1 Player (Austing Rivers) Brundidge had 22 and Rivers 26. However, with the score tied 71-71, Brundidge blew past him, dished off to Amir who missed but Dominique was there for the put back. This was in front of Roy Williams (UNC), Jim Calhoun (UCONN), Coach K (Duke), etc. Dwaun Anderson is a very good talent, but lets not go overboard. If Michigan can pick up either Amir or Dom, we will be moving in the right direction.

  • GrandChamp

    How did the recruits visits go??

  • Brian W

    Center Pat Ackerman, who UM Hoops interviewed last month, committed to Penn State over the weekend…

    Gary Harris’ team will be playing in the Flyin’ to the Hoop Tournament in Dayton, Ohio in January…

  • sullycu