Visit Weekend: UConn Football Game

Dylan Burkhardt

It’s officially football season. There are obviously other places you can debate Michigan’s chances of beating UConn, but football season means visit season and a number of prospects are expected on campus. We’re working to dig up more visitors but here are three that are expected on campus this weekend.

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Glenn Robinson III, Gary Harris, and Zak Irvin are all expected on campus this weekend.

Joe first reported on Twitter that Glenn Robinson III plans to make an unofficial visit for the UConn game. Robinson visited a couple weeks ago and picked up a Michigan offer along the way. Last we spoke to him a decision was a ways away but two visits in a months time is certainly a sign of strong mutual interest.

According to The Recruit Scoop, Hamilton Southeastern guard Gary Harris is also planning to make the trip up to Ann Arbor for the UConn game. Harris took an unofficial to Notre Dame over the weekend and also recently stopped by Indiana.

Harris’ high school teammate, 2013 star Zak Irvin, is also expected to make an unofficial visit to Ann Arbor. Irvin recently picked up an offer from Xavier to go along with Illinois, Indiana, and Purdue. Michigan doesn’t offer sophomores until June 15th of their sophomore year but Michigan is in hot pursuit of Irvin, who’s been to campus multiple times.

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  • AG2

    From what I’ve read at TheOnlyColors, MSU Fan is convinced they still have a shot at Gary Harris but they’re not sure how.

  • JBlair52

    It’s a good thing to see these guys just get on campus.

  • Ben

    Glenn Robinson III is a top 100 player for 2012. We are recruiting the best of the best if you look at the rankings. We are recruiting 6 or 7 guys in the top 50 of 2012 and a 2 or 3 in the 50- 100 range. So are coaches are working on top talent.

  • Brick

    MSU fans have trouble counting to 13.

  • Brian W

    Good to hear about Glenn visiting. Hopefully the football team puts on a good show and wins on Saturday.

    If you hadn’t seen Novak’s journal entry on the European trip, it’s pretty humorous…

    It’s been pretty slow on U-M basketball related news. Marcus Paige got offered by Kansas, but I didn’t think it was worth posting the link since U-M picked up Trey Burke.

    ESPN posted their best-case/worst-case scenarios for Big Ten basketball teams…

    OSU is changing their student section for bball games…

  • I would say MSU has as good a chance as anyone for Gary Harris. Have to see how it all plays out.

  • JB

    they also have a hard time counting to 13 for the record.

  • Maidan

    It’s been reported Izzo has assured Gary Harris Sr that there’s a spot at MSU if Harris wants to commit.

    No, the casual/obsessed fan can’t figure it out. But that’s why Tom Izzo is the HC and we are left to debate the ability of Spartans to count to 13.

  • Adam

    I wonder what Izzo will do if Adriene Payne or one of the other guys doesn’t go pro early. Will he pull a Nick Saban/Les Miles and kindly ask someone to leave so that he has room for Gary Harris? I didn’t think Izzo was shady like that.

  • AG2

    Honestly, I’m still not convinced that Izzo didn’t push out Chris Allen because Brandon Dawson and Travis Trice were a package deal and he needed the scholarship. He might have said he didn’t like recruiting but that doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to do whatever it takes.

  • I still have a hard time figuring out why all these guys feel they will get decent playing time at MSU. They do not have a scholarship player who is weak. Yet with 13 solid schollies and a couple of pretty good walk ons who get minutes, where do all these guys think Izzo will find time for them??? I know the egos are involved and they all feel they are great players but at some point in time, some of these players are going to get antsy about a lack of time and want to move on. I guess I wish Michigan had these kind of problems with having to turn away players that are high school all americans.

  • Bluebufoon

    Aren’t Gary Harris and Zak Irvin related ? Cousin’s maybe ? It would seem to me, it wouldn’t be unusual for these two to want to play together in college. This staff has an energy that U-M basketball recruiting has lacked for several years now, Harris and Irvin would really get the ball rolling for Michigan basketball.

  • aMaized

    Zak Irving top 10 of 2013 Indiana per inside the hall:

  • How could Allen’s scholarship, which would’ve just been for one more year, have anyting to do with Dawson’s or Trice’s?

  • BlimpyBlue


    Chris Allen would have been a senior this year, so his scholarship spot was already available for class of 2011 players. His dismissal had no impact on the Dawson and Trice commitments.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    Like Maiden said, we have a problem counting to 13 but apparently Gary Harris, Sr. and Izzo do too.
    Seriously, guys, it’s crazy speculation on how MSU would fit Harris and whether Izzo has some plan to create a spot now or would risk an oversign. If there’s a plan, it’s not public yet. Who knows.

    And AG2, that makes ZERO sense re: Allen. Dawson and Trice will both be freshmen next year (2011) and Allen was to be a senior at MSU this season. There is absolutely no conflict between those roster spots and your speculation doesn’t reflect the reality at all. Allen’s scholarship was coming open next season regardless. I know we can debate things as rivals but it frustrates me when people try to smear Izzo’s image with stuff that is straight factually inaccurate like he pushed out Allen for Dawson and Trice. It’d be like saying JB pushed Manny out for a 2011 guy.

  • AG2

    Oh man, you’re right. I guess I’m just wondering what the heck went down with Allen that *nobody* knows and *nobody* is talking about.

  • BlimpyBlue

    Well… considering that it was too late for Allen’s scholly to go to a fresh recruit, there was no benefit to MSU for kicking him off the team. It’s safe to assume that there was just cause for doing so, and these things are supposed to stay confidential for the athlete’s sake. I think you’re imagining there being more to the story than there really is.

  • Msu Fan

    Lest we forget to mention, Chris Allen is the first guy Izzo has ever kicked off the team. Izzo is the Anti-Calipari.

    As for players leaving due to transfer it wouldn’t surprise me. See Maurice Joseph, now at Vermont. When Lucas, Allen, Summers came in he realized PT would be hard to come by. He couldve stayed like Dahlman, but decided to

    AG2 – since Allen arrived at Iowa State he’s opened up more, saying it was maturity issues and academic (I assume skipping classes or something)

  • re. MSU’s scholarship opening:

    If I were Brandon Kearney, I’d sleep with one eye open :-)


    TKWolverine stop hating.At 6’6 and as versatile as Kearney is all he has to do is keep working hard and he will have no worries.

  • I’m not hating. I’m just referring to a rumor out there that MSU might be rethinking their offer to Kearney.

  • matt d,

    To be honest, Kearney may be a decent player, but he’s overrated(until recently anyway since he’s dropped out of most top 100/150 lists). He lacks atleticism in terms of lateral quickness, jumping ability, and strength compared to most Izzo recruits(Summers/Dawson) that aren’t pure shooters. His shot is good, but not great. I really don’t know what position he will play at MSU, he doesn’t have a pure enough stroke to be strictly a shooter coming off screens, he doesn’t have the athletic ability to be a 3, he may be able to play 1, but doesn’t have great quickness/speed.

  • iritated

    Why don’t ya get off MSU’s sack and worry about. The recruits are coming to Michigan ..

    Not one weak scholarship player but you gonna trash UM players who actually came here in the same sentence …

    Yep , it’s true that UM has the worst fans… If you guys show up at games and support the team .. we would get more players….. just the fact that these kids visit and show intrest should be good enough..

    Yet y’all wanna praise MSU , like they god … You guys suck !

  • matt d


    Have no idea where you’re coming from, or who you are placing your critisim toward, but if you are referring to me……I wasn’t “on MSU’s sack”. I essentially told he’s an MSU fan) that Kearney is overrated, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see his scholly pulled. I certainly didn’t criticize any player/recruit from UM

  • cc

    Um needs to offer Gary Harris in football


    tkwolverine, all the top rankings as far as scout and rivals dont mean anything.The reason i say that is because they dont determine who Michigan or MSU give their offers/ships to. The state of Michigan is way underated in these rankings anyway. As for Kearney being overated i disagree with most of what you said.He had a good summer especially in vegas and LA. I saw him win a mvp at the Great Lakes classic.I dont care that it was here in Michigan,its still basketball.I heard in Vegas he made the fab 48 all tourny team.That’s national right? I also got got many reports from out in LA that he balled out.Didnt he make the tough usa team last year with all those players from Beal to Mcadoo? Also didnt he just compete in the Singapore Olympics.I saw fottage on youtube of him and he looked pretty good to me.As far as being athletic he makes that up with length and smarts.Go look at the dunk he had on youtube vs Africa last week in singapore.Go look IZZO up and ask him what he thinks and get back with

  • I think that you meant to direct your post to matt d, not me. I never referred to any rankings.


    TKWolverine, i like a lot of your comments on here but if this kid(Kearney) was going to Mich you would be maybe having a different tune.I understand where you are coming from.He does need some areas fixed but they should come.Heck,lets look at what you have in some of your prospects.Some of them have question marks and in my opinion some of your prospects have stuff to work on also.Dont get it twisted as we will see in november for signing day if these coaches have second thoughts on these prospects.I say prospects so much because they all are still working on their craft,even your Michigan prospects.

  • I want to make this very clear: I am NOT knocking Kearney. (Go back to my posts and reread what they actually say, not what you think they say)

    My original post was in response to questions re. how MSU could possibly have a scholarship for Harris when they are already full through the 2012 recruiting class. The only logical answer is for someone to leave, and I simply brought up the rumor that has been floating around that MSU might drop Kearney.

    I want to go on record that I DO NOT think that would be a good idea because:

    1. Izzo would be breaking his word.
    2. Kearney is a very good prospect worthy of the scholarship.

    I am now done beating this dead horse.

  • matt d,

    I think some of your responses were aimed at me rather than TK. Let me respond by saying that while you may not value rankings, and they may not be the end all be all,they do have SOME correlation to how good a player is. The reality is that if Kearney’s summer would’ve been as good as you and your sources say he would’ve maintained his rankings at a minimum, rather than dropping on nearly every site.

    Secondly, I don’t care what Izzo thinks to be honest. I make my evaluations on players based on what I see with my 2 eyes rather than 2nd hand info, and independent of an offer from either Izzo or Beilient. That being said, you’re probably correct in basing your judgement on an offer from Izzo because his track record speaks volumes.

    The one game I had a chance to see Kearney in an entire game with my own eyes was against Detroit Southeastern(a good team by most accounts with 2 D1 players in Appling/Gibson), and let’s just say Mr. Kearney was a majician, because he was invisible on the court. Kearney is a decent/good player, but I can’t vision him being a game changer at the D1 level.

    The reality is that Michigan isn’t underrated, the talent has simply taken a hit to be blunt about it. From 1980-1990, 4 Michigan Mr. Basketball winners(Vincent, Rice, Mills, Macon) went on to have decent NBA careers while 6 were drafted. The 1991-2000 period once again saw 4 Mr. Basketball winners have decent NBA careers(Webber, Battier,Traylor, Richardson), while 5 were drafted. However, the 2001-current period has only seen 1 Mr. Basketball have a decent NBA career(Wilson Chandler), and I don’t see Manny Harris, Brad Redford, or Derrick Nix being integral roles on an NBA roster. To make it worse, only 2 Mr. Basketball winners were even drafted(Davis and Chandler). To say that Michigan is underrated is garbage, we simply don’t have the talent that we previously had.

  • matt d

    Error on the previous post – meant to say Kearney played against Pershing(Appling/Howard Jr./Dorsey Walker)


    matt d, maybe i should have been talking to you directly but im talking to both of you now. This is how things go with rankings. When they come see you it is best you play well because if you have a bad game there is no telling when they will see you play again.There are lots of examples but id rather not go into them.Let’s take prospect Jalen Reynolds who also is not in the top rankings. He had the best summer of all the 2011 players and look where it got him.Brundige is still ranked but he dropped in rankings as well as Amir W. So i understand what these rankings do at times but at the end of the day they do not tell a D1 coach what to do with his offers/ships. Kearney’s rankings dropped after a bad outing in April where Team Detroit played horrible in front of all the ranking people. So you got to understand that if you dont play well at the right time thats what they will go by. As far as MSU our team of evaluaters are not worried at all about Kearney’s development.He’s 6’6,long and skilled and Izzo tells us and others that he cant wait to get this kid.I personally wanted to see Kearney,Brundidge and Williams all play together.We can agree to disagree but i still pull for all the Michigan prospects.Lets see how this all plays out.

  • Evan

    definetly a good showing for michigan at this game with record attendance. should help us in the race for these guys. I ran into hardaway jr horford and dumars at the game