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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • matt d


    I’m really hoping we can get Pointer, he(along with Brundidge) could significantly help our offense transition from an attack that is based primarily perimeter shooting to an offensive scheme that is based on penetration and transition buckets not from deep range. From the limited amount of film I’ve been able to watch on Pointer, he actually looks more athletic than Dawson(MSU), and is probably one of the top 10 athletes/defenders in the 11 class. In the interview Pointer stated that the roster will play a role, but I took that as competition for playing time, rather than familiarity with the roster. How much influence do you think Brundidge will have on Pointer’s decision in light of the fact that they’re on the same AAU team.

  • fresh

    i think those factors play very little in most recruits decisions……..teams have to win thats number 1……they need to get national attention and they need to be able to develop guys into professional hopefully nba talent………thats what kids want to see…..they are just like fans, they want to be part of a winning team with the chance to become great

  • iritated

    I would Pointer on this team as well … He is the closes thing to Benard Robinson J. R . J B needs to land Pointer, just so he can shut up naysayer …

    I get tired of people keep talking about JB’s ” System “. UM might not even realize that they are the source of the negative recruiting . I noticed that recruiting is starting to pick up .

    CB and Trey Burks , two so called ” none Bielien ” recruits . I love the fact that we are recruiting slashers , defenders and agressive players . The things about CB and Burkes that gets over looks is they are good defenders .

    I’m happy about the direction that we are heading . JB has done a great job of recruiting the midwest . I like Smot and Hardawy J. R …

    But Do anyone rememeber when they committed ????

    Posters went ballistic !!!! They were so upset about Hardaway possiblly messing up Trey ‘s recruitment and they totally trashed Smot until he performed well . Smh .

    Just like the same posters who say Morgan and Hordford is not good enough.. WILL change tune as soon as they prove them wrong .

    We need players like Dom Pointer , to put a end to all this system mumble jumble … It will also show that we can recruit with the very school UM fans are praising (MSU).

    WEST Virginia does worry me a bit because they swept Tommy Mccune right from under our feet . The fact that OSU did not make the top 5 … makes me think UM has a very good chance .

    I do wonder if noone had seen videos of Pointer and found out that we offered him … without seeing him play ..would we still want him ?

    BTW kill me with grammer talk . This ain’t English 101.

    Dom Pointer is a baller , hard worker and a good kid . We can certainly use them types of players period . Not to mention, his above average defense , Athlethism and character…

    Adding Dom Pointer to this class would bring us 3 good defenders , slashers , passers , team players , and students..

    It’s starting to look up for UM !!!!

  • matt d


    While I agree with you to a certain extent, I think the factors you mention above are becoming less influential. Case(s) in point – Trey Z to CMU, Ray McCallum to UD, Dawson not going to MSU until Trice was offered. Now I realize that Trey/McCallum had unique circumstances with family links and all, but if winning, exposure, and going to the NBA were THAT IMPORTANT, that would’eve went elsewhere.

  • GrandChamp

    Amir has to be option #1 at this point imo.

  • Brad

    Not M basketball related, but still interesting….

    Korie Lucious caught drunk driving…


    kudos to MGOBLOG for the find..

  • Mark

    I hope Pointer listens to his dad and plays his college hoops close to home.

  • Beast1530

    From what I hear, Pointer has Michigan as one of his leader, if not the leader, for his service.

    JB’s recruiting reputation will be enhanced if he can land Pointer and Hawkins.

  • JB

    i think amir is option #1 and pointer is also option #1. they’re both good enough that we’d be fortunate to add either.

  • billiam

    I think that Amir is option 1a and Pointer 1b. While we would of course like ANY top 100 athletes, Amir is both rated higher and in one of our needs positions. We have plenty of guards (D-Mo, Stu, CB, Trey Burke) which will make the 2 and 3 fill up with the overload of talent (Burke, Vog, THJ, Novak, Smot might play 3) which means that while we would love another gifted wing we don’t need it as much.

    I might be the guy most worried about the post, but as I said, we’ve got a good core of guards in place, and two more top 100 kids coming in. The main deficiency on this team next year will be experience and talented big men. Yes we’ll have McLimans, Smot, Morgan, Horford, and Christian. However, Morgan and Horford are the only center bodies, and they are not that athletic (barring any unusual skill from Horford). If we got Amir we’d then be maybe only a year away from competing for the big ten title. While we might be so with Pointer, we’d be in a better position with Amir. Reference to the depth chart (assumed) for 2011:
    1- D-Mo, CB. (both top 100 recruits, great depth also with Stu Moonlighting at the one). We’ll have plenty of experience with Stu and D-Mo, and CB should be a great scorer. We’re set at the point in ’11.
    2- Dougless, Vogrich, Burke. Again, two top 100 recruits, and Vog and Dougless should be hitting 35% of threes at least by next year. We’ll be in great shape there as well.
    3- THJ, Novak. THJ is going to be a good scorer, if the eurotrip is anything to gauge by. Novak is a great hustle player and leader. Again, we’ll be fine there in ’11.
    4- Smot, Christian, McLimans
    Smot is the only scoring threat, unless McLimans can shoot the three and also play defense. Lets hope Christian is a good defender and can come in. However, a weak spot on the team unless Smot does well.
    5- Morgan, Horford. I’ll assume that Horford doesn’t red-shirt, but neither he nor Morgan are that good. This would be the weakest link on the team next year. If we got Amir, he would immediately rectify this problem. In closing, Amir Williams would be a more needed recruit than Pointer, while we would love either of them. It’s just that we don’t have a good 5, we do have good wings.

  • Paul F

    I rather they get Williams than Pointer.

  • JB

    Billiam- I totally hear you and I too would rather have amir. But I don’t think we prioritize him to any extent over pointer (not that you or GrandChamp were suggesting so) who is expected to commit sooner. I think Amir’s is a long enough shot that we don’t hold out for him, again not that you were saying we should. I picture the lineup more as
    1-Morris, Burke
    2-CB, Douglass, Vogrich (Pointer?)
    3-THJ, Novak, (Pointer?)
    4-Smotrycz, Christian, Novak Horford?,
    5-Morgan, McClimans, Horford? (Amir?)

    Douglass and Novak have experience and come 2011 Vogrich will too. But, Pointer adds a lot to the 2/3 his athleticism, slashing ability, and defense. I like all of these guys games, but Pointer brings athleticism to the table that they and CB weren’t blessed with. I agree the 5 is our weakest link though.

    And now for my personal biases. I know this is borderline blasphemy on a michigan hoops site, but I am more skeptical of Amir than others. He doesn’t have great hands and seems to have a pretty bad touch around the hoop. I think recruiting gurus are too quick to put any DCD star in their top 100 (alex legion, donavon kirk, DaShonte Riley). Amir does have beastly size. Will Amir have a big immediate impact?

    Amir 1a and Pointer 1b, can’t say I disagree. I am thinking we go full throttle on both of them and we’re fortunate to get one of them.

  • JB

    ignore my grammar, i should really proofread my posts.

  • GrandChamp

    I agree that they cannot wait on Amir either, if Pointer commits I’ll be more than happy.

  • aMaized

    Uconn visitors – burke as well as those already known:

  • Brian W

    It’ll be interesting to see if Amir visits again this fall. Both he and Trey McDonald visited DePaul within the last couple of weeks. Amir doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to decide… If Pointer committed, I’d be very happy, though.

  • Slacks

    Northwestern won their first game in Italy against a third division team 67-61. The team played in the second division last year but after finishing last they were demoted down.


  • Brian W

    Oops, that would be Trey MacDonald.

    Gary Harris caught four touchdown passes in his team’s 40-17 win. Yeah, that’s the same Gary Harris that’s visiting this Saturday.

  • GrandChamp

    Yeah those guys on the MSU website want to give Gary Harris a football scholarship and let him play basketball primarily lol. If Amir really wants to come to Michigan then he will speed up his recruitment knowing that we only have 1 scholarship left for 2011. We shouldn’t have to keep waiting for the last minute on these guys.

  • aMaized
  • AG2

    Amir is going to wait as long as humanly possible. He wants to see who goes pro from Kentucky.

  • Slacks

    The rivals 2012 top 150 is interesting…

    No Javontae Hawkins? I wonder what their reasoning is. Schools seem to be impressed with him.

    Alex Murphy and Kaleb Tarczewski are at 11 and 13. The whole nation seems to be recruiting these kids. That pretty much kills our chances.

    Mitch McGary has been reclassified to 2012. I am not sure if we were still recruiting him (showed up on umhoops 2011 prospects) and is ranked 92.

    Nik Stauskas ranks in at 106.

    MI prospects in the top 150:
    Matt Costello (57)
    Sherron Dorsey-Walker (74)
    Jordan Hare (88)
    Denzel Valentine (95)
    Marquis Mondy (149)

  • GrandChamp

    Yogi is a 5 star as well checking in at #17.

  • Beast1530

    JB was on Yogi early before he blew up this summer. Hopefully, that would pay dividend down the road. Even with the commitment of Burke, you have to make room for Yogi. You can’t teach quickness and speed. That kid can ball.

  • aMaized

    Sam Webb mentioned that Jordan Hare had been to campus– don’t recall when that would’ve been. Anyhow, good to see JB continue going after ‘his’ guys — highly ranked playaz!

  • BlueInVA


    Have any thoughts on how the proposed divisional realignment affects bball? This has primarily been a football-driven story, but according to ESPN there may now be a bball schedule where we play MSU, Nebraska, Iowa, Northwestern, and Minnesota twice and everyone else once. As things stack up now, that would put Michigan in a MUCH weaker division for basketball.

  • http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/news/story?id=5519832

    There’s the Katz article…. But he also tweeted this:
    RT @ESPNAndyKatz: Big Ten may opt in hoops, though, to stay with 18-league games. The 16-game model that Big 12/SEC use is not a done deal.

    It would obviously be a huge scheduling break for hoops. I’ll have more tonight if it becomes official.

  • AG2

    The division-based schedule for basketball would be a mistake. Take a look at what that meant for the Big 12. Kansas got to play Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa State twice, while the Big 12 South teams had to play Baylor, Texas, and Texas A&M twice. It also meant Kansas and Texas only ever played once a year. If going to divisions is a football decision than let it remain a football decision. Just keep things the way it is with 18 conference games except now there are 5 teams you play once a year instead of 2.

  • Beast1530

    If the division applies to basketball, it’s great news for Michigan because the conference would be a lot easier. The other division is tougher with OSU, Purdue, Wisconsin, Illini having to duke it out twice a season.

  • Brian W

    GoBlueWolverine has an interview with Glenn Robinson’s III Mom…


    Canada didn’t do so well in the FIBA World Championships, but Jevon Shepherd evidently impressed his coach despite not playing so well in the last game…


    The wife of former Michigan assistant coach Jim Dutcher passed away…


    Sanjay Lumpkin, 2012 forward, has heard from Michigan “a little bit”…


  • The divisions are for football only.

  • billiam

    Not that I don’t respect you-the opposite is true…but could you please post a link to that as well. Again, thank you for the scoop.