Q&A: 2012 Guard Anton Wilson


Anton Wilson (Flint Carman Ainsworth) visited Michigan before the team took off for Europe and had the chance to sit in on a practice.  Wilson is a 6-foot-5 2012 wing prospect who played for Team Pride this summer.  He was a little overshadowed by all the star power on his AAU team (Ray Lee and Matt Costello, specifically) but still managed to impress plenty of coaches and jump on their radar.  He’s a good scorer with solid range and athleticism.  He’s also extremely long and wiry, especially for a guard.  Here’s what Anton had to say about the visit.

Describe your game. I’m a scorer.  I like to score and get my team involved.  And I like to rebound.

You have visited Michigan, correct? Yes.

What did you think of the visit? It was great.  They told me about the student part of being a student-athlete.  They showed me how, if I went there I would be spending my day in academic courses.  It was awesome.

Did you meet some of the Michigan coaches on your visit?  What did you think of the new staff? Yeah, they were awesome.  They’re great.  They told me a lot of stuff about the school.

What did you think of practice?  Did you meet anyone on the team? The practice ran great.  It’s like, you got to go hard in practice to go hard in a game.  I pretty much met the whole team when I was at camp.

Who has offered you so far? Baylor, Central Michigan, Cleveland State, Rhode Island.

Who else has shown interest in you? Georgetown, Indiana, Ball State, Michigan, Michigan State, USC and that’s about it.

If you were to receive an offer from Michigan, where would they rank on your list of schools? Probably number one.

How do you think AAU season went? I think I was able to turn a lot of heads.  I played great.

Any other visits planned for the summer? No, not really.

Any timeframe for commitment? My senior year.

How would your game fit into Michigan’s offense? They run the ball and they also run set plays.  I love to push the ball but when I have to run set plays I can do that.

Anything specific you’re focused on improving right now? My defense .  That’s the main thing.  And my ball handling.

Any player you’re compared to? Glen Rice and Kevin Durant.

What ultimately goes into your decision? Academics, the school culture, their graduation rate and the basketball program.

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  • sven

    Now that is the kind of interview I want to see after a visit.

  • Adam

    What high school team does Anton Wilson play for?

  • BigBlueMaize

    What do we know for the size of this young man?

  • detroitbry

    msu was on Wilson early but backed off a bit. If UM grabs another wing I would prefer Pointer or Hawkins, we need some instate pride to be restored and some kids that are fired up to stomp msu.

  • He’s 6-5, goes to Flint Carman Ainsworth.

  • Brent

    It appears he plays for Carmen Ainsworth High School.

  • sven

    I heard from a little bird that he goes to Carmen Ainsworth High School. I’m also told that is in Flint….

  • JB

    i dunno if you’ve seen him play or not, but if not then it’s hard to say we prefer other guys over him when we haven’t seen him play. i do wonder though, he was overshadowed by ray lee, who we basically didn’t end up offering, right? sounds like a great kid though.

  • JBlair52

    3 scholarships left (’11 & ’12)

    I would guess we’ll need someone with size.

    But the other 2 could go to wings. Pointer, Katenda, Hawkins, Wilson, Stauskas, etc.

    Pretty good options out there! get ’em BLUE!

  • Adam

    I’d love to land Pointer and Stauskas and call it a day for wings

  • G

    Concerning current targets, I was wondering, have we cooled on Jalen Reynolds? I haven’t heard much about him in a couple months.

  • Reynolds committed to Xavier IIRC.

  • Reynolds committed to Xavier.

    Pretty sure Javontae Hakwins is still the #1 wing in 2012 — over Stauskas.

    I’ll work on a big picture recruiting post for next week… Was waiting for Burke’s decision.

  • JBlair52

    Darn right you’ll work on it Dylan.


    Just messin – this site has become literally my favorite on the web.
    You guys got above and beyond what I would ever hope for in a UM bball site.

    Props my man…

  • BigBlueMaize

    Outstanding, thanks Dylan.
    No joke, JBlair52-can’t get enough of this site.

  • Adam

    Yeah I’d like Stauskas or Hawkins but definitely Pointer is my #1 wing on the board. My only concern with taking Hawkins and Pointer together without Stauskas is the Beilein team will have minimal shooters. I wonder how effective his system can be without shooters. By that time Douglass and Novak will be graduated, Vogrich will be a senior, and Hardaway will be a Junior. Brundidge and Burke can shoot but aren’t known as “shooters”.

    Does Beilein know how to adjust his system to play with all athletic players with minimal outside shooting ability? That is my one question. I think you need to have a balance of both to make his system work. JMO.

  • I would say that Burke could be easily considered a “shooter”.

  • matt d


    I understand your concern about Beilein’s ability to adjust to a lineup with players not necessarily known as “shooters”. However, although Stu & Novak might be thought of as “shooters”, the percentages don’t necessarily indicate that. The reality is that Hardaway & Burke certainly have the ability to shoot 33% from deep, while being better in nearly every other aspect of the game. I love both of those guys, but the reality is that they haven’t produced, and replacing them with better players vs. shooters will equate to a better team. I think Hardaway has the ability to be 35%+ from deep, and Burke looks to have some potential there as well. I think if we can land Pointer(top priority for wings) for the wing spot, and some comibination of a big(top priority overall) and Hawkins/Stauskas, you simply take the kid who decides for Michigan first between Hawkins/Stauskas.

  • matt d


    I’ve looked at about 5 individual clips of Burke(3 below), and this kid can definitely shoot. The form is good, he has a decent release point, and stays on balance. I honestly think he could contribute next year, and it looks to me that he has more overall ability than D. Morris in terms of lateral quickness, shooting ability, and body control. Darius may have beter court vision at this point(also due to height), and the handle may be even, but Burke certainly has the higher ceiling from what I’ve seen. He looks to have a little CP3 in his game. You’re thoughts?




  • GregGoBlue

    matt d,

    I hope you’re right, though I think D. Mo has an extremely high ceiling in terms of athletic ability. I think we’ll see some of it this year, now that he’s been given the green light to shoot and drive the lane, but I think that by year 3 in the system he should really take off.

    By 2011 I see the points coming from a lot of places, especially from a year one Brundidge and a year two THJR. Add in a RS So McLimans, a So Smotrycz, and a Jr Morris, and I think that’s one heck of a dangerous (but still relatively small) team.

  • Romar

    Good article, but he did not play with Costello or Ray Lee this summer so that wasnt why he was overshadowed. they played for Tim Macs U17’s….Wilson is nice, but super streaky and I mean streaky…could go a day without hitting a jumper…likely due to his unorthodox J as pictured…….but, when he gets hot he can stroke it like mad. Good kid too. legit 6’5