Euro Game 4: Mons Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt


Michigan has one last chance to pull out a victory on their European tour as they take on on new administrative assistant Travis Conlan’s former squad, Mons.

The Mons squad includes a number of former Division 1 players: Justin Cage (Xavier), Ronnell Taylor (UAB), Ron Lewis (OSU), Marcus Hatten (St. Johns), and Shan Foster (Vanderbilt).

Tip off is 1 p.m. eastern time and similar to the first three games this post will serve as an open thread with updates in the comments.

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  • fresh

    vogrich with 22 ……..that is awesome

  • CB2009

    just wanted to say the site has really improved since a year ago, especially with all of the overseas-coverage. keep up the good work.

  • Giddings

    Vogrich 22 and 7! Wow!

  • georgeesq.

    Happy for Vogrich. A lot of people on other sites been calling him a wasted scholarship and a disappointment after one season.

  • Frederic

    really great game from your team!
    first half your guys seemed to be unstoppable behind the 3pt line.

    really enjoyed watching this game,
    it was our first game after a week of physical training so pretty happy to see the team playing like this

    THJ was a pleasure to watch

    have a good season y’all :)

  • mitch

    I havent been a Vogrich fan, but hopefully he is starting to get some confidence. If he can be a lights out 3-point shooter for us, that would be a huge boost to the team. THJR sounds like he’s the real deal!

  • michigan hoops 4eva

    Wow…I’m impressed. Matt Vogrich really stepped up today which is an encouraging sign, and Hardaway Jr. and Smotrycz continue to show promise. This win with the commitment of Trey Burke give me some hope, GO BLUE!!!!

  • BigBlueMaize

    Hardaway seems like a beast! How did we get him, really! Can you imagine him and Pointer(hopefully) on the floor together. How electric would that be?

  • TheYooper

    Sounds like Vogrich played out of his mind. Hopefully he can keep it up and prove it wasn’t a fluke.

  • fresh

    everybody trashes vogrich and im still puzzled by it……..maybe he isnt the greatest defender but the kid was a top 100 player…..he doesnt need to prove anything this kid can play….the end..idk how many times i have read people ruining this kid when he played about 20 mins last year obviously not enough to make any judgments about him…….he was brought in as a shooter (some considered him the best shooter in that class) and obvioulsy anybody that that wathced him last year for those few brief mins that has any basketball knowledge whatsoever could see he has potential……….if novak can defend the 2 and 3 this kid can eventually………..obviously is a better shooter than most everybody on the team and more explosive than most im sure…………he is finally getting a chance to show his skills off, maybe he just needed another year

    -today was the first of many days like this for vogrich guaranteed

  • AC1997

    I want to see Vogrich get time at the 2-spot. I worry about Douglas and his consistency. I’d like to see the coaching staff comfortable playing Vogrich significant minutes at the 2 so that Douglas doesn’t have to be relied on so much and can moonlight also as the back-up PG as needed.

    Hardaway seems like he’s going to get lots of minutes at the 3, Novak will find time at the 2-3-4 as the situation dictates, Morris has the 1 spot locked down, so it comes down to the bigs.

    I love that we have four (maybe 5) guys competing for those spots. I’m not sure if anything was sorted out in the rotation between Blake, Jon, Evan, and Jordan. That will be the most interesting thing that we’ll learn as the season approaches.

  • Max in Chicago

    Excellent win today! I’m eating belgian waffles for breakfast tomorrow.

  • Had some people here saying Vogrich couldn’t rebound, right? Breakout game for the kid, hope he can carry it into the season.

    Some talent emerging on this trip–has been a success, I’d say! These guys will remember it the rest of their lives.

  • GregGoBlue

    Nice game, fellas! Another big game out of THJr…

  • Loving the Blue

    Over the past week I’ve gone from viewing the upcoming season as one that I was going to have to endure as a fan, to now looking forward to it. Not that I think were making the tournament, but this is a team. Good leadership, youthfulness, and talent. They should be fun to follow.

  • TheYooper

    Like everybody else, I’m glad to see Vogrich have a great game. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it was only one game.

  • BigBlueMaize

    I just hope we don’t fling the three around this year like it seemed we did last year. Does anyone know how many threes we averaged last year.

  • fresh

    1 thing that was apparent from the tweets was that michigan was at least utilizing the back door rather frequently and was successful for the most part ……….hopefully it is more diversified and its not just 3 after 3 after 3…..its a lot more fun when there is variety and hopefully there will be a nice balance