2010-11 Schedule Released

Dylan Burkhardt
The entire 2010-11 Michigan basketball schedule was released today. Not many surprises beyond what was expected but it’s worth noting that Detroit is not on the schedule as was rumored. I’ll have more thoughts on the schedule later today (or possibly tomorrow).
Here’s the full schedule:
  • Exhibition Game TBD
  • Nov. 13 – vs. SC Upstate – 7pm, BTN.com
  • Nov. 18 – Bowling Green at Michigan (Legends Classic)
  • Nov. 21 – Gardner-Webb at Michigan (Legends Classic)
  • Nov. 26 – Legends Classic: vs. Syracuse
  • Nov. 27 – Legends Classic: vs UTEP/Georgia Tech
  • Nov. 30  – at Clemson – 9pm, ESPN2
  • Dec. 4 – vs. Harvard – 2pm
  • Dec. 10 – vs Utah – 6:30pm, BTN
  • Dec. 6 – vs. Concordia (MI) – 7pm, BTN.com
  • Dec. 14 – vs. North Carolina Central – 7pm, BTN
  • Dec. 18 – vs. Oakland – 12pm, ESPN3.com
  • Dec. 23 – vs. Bryant – 7pm, BTN
  • Dec. 28 – vs. Purdue – 2pm, BTN
  • Jan. 2 – vs. Penn State – 4pm, BTN
  • Jan. 5 – at Wisconsin – 8:30pm, BTN
  • Jan. 9 – vs Kansas
  • Jan. 12 – vs. OSU – 6:30pm, BTN
  • Jan. 15 – at Indiana – 8pm, BTN
  • Jan. 18 – at Northwestern – 9pm, BTN
  • Jan. 22 – vs. Minnesota- 7pm, BTN
  • Jan. 27 – at Michigan State – 7pm, ESPN/2
  • Jan. 30 – vs. Iowa – 4pm, BTN
  • Feb. 3 – at Ohio State – 7pm, ESPN/2
  • Feb. 6 – at Penn State – 12/3pm, BTN
  • Feb. 9 – vs. Northwestern – 6:30pm, BTN
  • Feb. 12 – vs. Indiana – 4pm, BTN
  • Feb. 16 – at Illinois – 8:30pm, BTN
  • Feb. 19/20 – at Iowa – 4:30/1pm, BTN/CBS
  • Feb. 23 – vs. Wisconsin – 6:30pm, BTN
  • Feb. 26 – at Minnesota – 4:30pm, BTN
  • Mar. 5 – vs. Michigan State – 2pm, CBS

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  • sven

    Damn it! Why can’t we ever play in Chambana on a weekend.

  • Kenny

    Is Concordia D-I?

  • Kenny: No

  • JT

    At least we get MSU at home on a weekend. It seems like we always play them in the middle of the week.

  • It’s a weekend but it’s spring break I believe.

  • sven

    I’m selfish though. I’d much rather play Illinois on a weekend and MSU during the week since the Illinois game is the only one I’m going to.

  • Camo

    Why are we playing a NAIA team?

  • Maybe because they let us use their gym? Ha.

  • JT

    Just thought of that, I think we played them at the Breslin Center on their break last sesaon.

    This team needs W’s in December. That is a brutal 1 week stretch in January with @ Wis, KU, and OSU.

  • Kenny

    Why are we playing teams like Concordia, Bryant (1-29 last season), North Carolina Central (7-22 last season), and SC Upstate (6-23 last season). Can we schedule at least half-decent mid-major teams, not those bottom low-major teams.

  • ZRL

    Sucks that they scheduled the 2 best conference games for when the students are on break. I’m going to be a Junior and I still have not been able to see Purdue play at Crisler (during Spring break freshman year).

  • fresh

    kenny they are still playing a really solid non conf. schedule……..they will be playing syracuse, kansas, utah will be solid, georgia tech/utep, clemson those are going to be 5 really good squads……..its common sense this is a young team they need to play some easier teams and i would say these 5 schools on top of conference games is a pretty hard schedule………..what do you expect?

  • Michigan has no control over Big Ten games… So break games are inevitable.

  • Beilein’s Bricks

    I’m fine with scheduling a few tomato cans. I think the schedule is pretty difficult already, especially for this young bunch, so no need to find tougher mid-majors.

  • As people said above… the top of the schedule is tough. There’s an argument to be made that playing against D2 teams is better than terrible D1 teams because they don’t count instead of hurting. We also play some terrible D1 teams though obviously.

    Also U-M Dearborn exhibition has been cancelled per a text I just got from Tom Wywrot. It will be replaced by a TBD opponent.

  • Tweeter

    Yea I dont think this upcoming season is a year to complain about the schedule. If they had a bunch of quality mid majors instead of some of those lower level d-1’s, then we might really be talking about a bad record. As it is know they have a bunch of games which are winnable and then some really tough opponents.

    I dont have a ton of expectations for this team except that we see improvement as the year goes on, but I do expect them to be in contention for an NIT bid. This schedule should allow them to get some nonconf wins and at least have a shot at that.

    I also dont understand people complaining about the games scheduled during breaks. For one, as Dylan pointed out, the Big Ten schedules those not Michigan. And two, if you really cared that much then dont go on break, stay and watch. Or only go on break for part of the time and get back for the game/s. No one is making you leave town for those games.

  • JRose

    Good call Tweeter! Due to the schedule, my buddies and I will be making AA our Spring Break this year! A good showing in any of the tough nonconf games is just a bonus…noone expects a young UM squad to beat any of those top 5 nonconf teams, but an upset would be real sweet!

  • TheYooper

    Wish we would play Central or Detroit. I have some friends at Central and I want to see Zeigler in action. I want to see Detroit just for McCallum though.

  • ZRL

    I understand UM has no control over the break games, I was just pointing out that its unfortunate that some of the best games reside over breaks. And I will be staying for the MSU game, but I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of green in the arena. Oh well.

  • JBlair52

    Kenny, we have a pretty tough schedule. We did last year too.

    Not only is the Big Ten pretty tough but our non-conference has been full of good teams.

  • AG2

    I don’t know about contending for an NIT bid, we didn’t have a winning record last year. But I do expect to see Michigan finish ahead of Penn State and Iowa.

  • Paul F

    I’ll always support the blue because their my school of choice to root for. They could play Carson party store team and I’d still watch it. When you look at scheduling games in the big picture it’s about showing up and supporting the team. It’s about getting Michigan’s basketball team back to it’s winning ways. The team and coaches love to see fans at games the more fans show up the Better the team plays. I really believe that. So worry less about who their playing and think about coming to games support the team. They need to see you there. More fans show up it looks better to recruits also who are visiting on game days.

  • really

    i don’t know how were suppose to show improvemet over last year. we lost our best 3 players and we have a team full of kids that have barely played at the college level. i’m expecting a last place finish in the big10. maybe a tie for 9th if we’re lucky.

  • Mstt

    Reading is hard. Improvement over the year.

  • TheYooper

    3 best players? What?

  • Fred Basil

    I see guaranteed losses to Syracuse, Clemson and Utah before conference play and possible losses to UTEP/GT, Harvard and Oakland. The likely wins come versus six teams with a combined 48-131 record. The Big 10 is brutal this year. Mich may very well start out 0-8 before finally winning against Iowa at home.