Euro Game 3: Oostande Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

44856_122876627761449_113453778703734_136338_4785964_n[1]More photos on the Michigan Basketball Facebook page.

Michigan spent yesterday touring Paris and picking up a commitment from Trey Burke. (FYI: We’ve updated the scholarship breakdown chart) Today they are back on the court for another game, this time versus Oostande. Tip off is scheduled 2:30 p.m. eastern (8:30 p.m. local).

In the comments, Sven conveniently tallied a list of American players listed on Oostande’s roster:

  • Darrel Mitchell LSU 05-06 16.8 ppg 4.4 apg
  • Trevor Huffman Kent State 01-02 16.0 ppg 4.4 apg
  • Caleb Green Oral Roberts 06-07 20.5 ppg 9.3 rpg
  • Matt Lojeski Hawaii 06-07 16.9 ppg 5.5 rpg 4.5 apg
  • Will Thomas George Mason 07-08 16.1 ppg 10.4 rpg

Judging by their 20-12 record and third place finish last season, it’s probably a safe bet that Oostande is closer to Charleroi than Gent. Hopefully Michigan can build off their experience in the first two games and continue to improve.

Here are some updated player diaries from MGoBlue:

We’ll be following along in the comments and on twitter so feel free to join in the action.

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  • Adam

    Wow that is a good squad. I literally remember every single one of those players and they are all way better than anybody on our roster. I just hope we can get some good experience and don’t get blown out too bad!

  • Brick

    That team is stacked. A roster of guys who averaged 16+ points in college and add 5 years and a few seasons playing together. I don’t see how ANY college team would be favored to beat a squad like that. This is great experience. I don’t think we are going to see teams this good all season.

    On another note, Blake McLimans is TALL. He towers above our other post players in most of the pictures where they are together. I’m also surprised at how tall Evan is. I thought they were stretching it with the 6’9″ listing but he is taller than Horford.

  • Giddings

    Hey Dylan, I’m having the opposite problem as others… my phone is now loading the full version of the site rather than the mobile one.

  • Sorry — I had to nuke the mobile version for the time being.

  • matt d

    Looking at this picture gives me a greater appreciation for the work that Novak puts in on the block and on the glass against taller players. He is listed at 6’5, but from this photo, it’s obvious he’s 6’2 at the very most. As Morris is listed at 6’3(looks to be closer to 6’4 though), and DM is clearly taller than Novak.

  • Beast1530

    Matt D,

    It’s obvious to me that Novak is not 6’5″. He’s closer to 6’3″ than 6’5″. Not nearly as tall as Manny Harris. D-Mo is about the same height as Novak.

  • AC1997

    There was a blog entry on’s basketball page about how this trip has been bad for Michigan because they’re getting beat by European teams. The author seemed to think that the purpose of coming to Europe is to play patsy teams that you can crush and build your confidence.

    Apparently he doesn’t realize that our team has 6 out of 10 rotation players as freshmen and the actual point is just to get in more practices and games ahead of everyone else.

  • Adam

    Wow seriously? There was a blog entry about that? There are very few college teams that could contend with basically All-American teams from their college days who are older and more experienced. This trip is entirely about the experience together and developing chemistry.

  • From the Michigan hoops twitter: We are here in Oostende, but have no wireless in the arena floor, so updates are going to be tough. We will send stuff out at each quarter.

  • Beilein’s Bricks

    Yeah, read that article. The guy was clueless. They’re playing mature pros who in many cases were excellent college players on their homecourt a few thousand miles away from home and under different rules. They should lose every game, but I think this trip in the end will be a positive letting the team mesh a bit and gain some invaluable experience. Hopefully this translates into 1-2 extra wins during the year.

  • Is M’s 10-11 hoop schedule final? I went looking for it at mgoblue and sportsline and couldn’t find it.

  • matt d

    Beast 1530,

    I can certainly tell you for a fact that Novak is shorter than Morris. Regardless, I think we can all agree that Novak is at most 6’3 as you stated above, and that he battles on a nightly basis despite the fact that he’s undersized and challenged athleticly to say the least.

  • The schedule has not been finalized but here is what we have:

  • From Mich Hoops twitter: Tied with Oostende 18-18 after the first period. Three 3s from Stu Douglass already in this game.

  • Merlin

    saw the pregame video on Michigan Basketball Facebook-looks like Oostende only has 7-8 players.

  • Kevin

    That’s good to hear. Hopefully we can keep it close and get some experience in a close gam down the stretch.

  • RT @andrewbeilein: We were outscored 28-10 in the second quarter. These guys are incredible passers and defenders.

  • sullycu

    losing by 18 may be discouraging but whats not is the potential to outrecruit michigan state in 2011 if we get amir williams or dominique pointer.

  • Official Twitter: Halftime: Michigan 28, Oostende 46. Douglass with 12, Morgan with 5.

  • RT @michigan_mbball Michigan is closing the gap! 53-40!

  • Ben

    Nice!! As long as we play hard and don’t get embarassed. I love seeing morgan putting up some points

  • sven

    andrewbeilein – Would you believe me if I told you we were down 8?

  • Matt

    With the addition of Trey Burke and Brundidge next year it seems like Michigan will have a pretty crowded backcourt for the next couple of years. Not to mention that there arent any seniors on the team this year. Does this mean that guys like Akunne and Bartelstein will not be on the team or will beilein just carry a couple more players?

  • RT @Michigan_mbball: Score update: Oostende 53, Michigan 45

  • RT @Michigan_mbball: Scoring: Douglass with 15, Vogrich with 6, Novak and Morgan w/ 15

  • Kevin in GR
  • Giddings

    I assume they meant 5 for zack and Jordan…

  • Andy Beilein — After a Hardaway, Jr. 3 ball. 58-49 with 6:44

  • Dirtgrain

    I think Novak is a good athlete. Is he laterally slow? I don’t remember what he looks like when he’s trying to cover two guards.

  • Deacon Blues

    ESPN Big Ten b-ball sked:

  • sven

    Matt – Akunne and Bartelstein are walk ons.

  • RT @Michigan_mbball: Final score here in Oostende, Belgium. Oostende 70, Michigan 55. Stats to come.

  • sven

    Not bad considering we were down 18 at the half and things could have gotten really ugly. But instead our boys battled back to get the lead to single digits.

  • Giddings

    I think it’s encouraging that the scores at the end of the first quarter have been very close in all these games. The second quarter is when we start falling behind, but that also seems to be the time when Beilein starts experimenting with lineups and playing walk-ons / Horford / Morgan.

  • RT @Michigan_mbball: High scorers: Douglass with 15, Morgan with 9, Hardaway, Jr. with 8, Vogi with 6

  • 22 pts off the bench. 10 steals.

  • Kenny

    Glad to see that Morgan scored 9. I wonder how much minutes he did play.

  • AC1997

    Someone earlier commented on the crowded back-court next year. I couldn’t disagree more. Right now we have Morris and Douglas basically as our only guards. Vogrich and Hardaway for the time being are playing the wing and Novak plays all over. I’m THRILLED at the prospect of having someone to back-up at the guard positions next year. Then you’ll truly be 2-deep everywhere. Right now we’re screwed if either Morris or Stu struggle.

    I’d actually like to see Vogrich or Novak play more 2-guard so that Stu can get rest when he’s struggling or cover for Morris when he’s struggling.

  • Eek offense.

    RT @andrewbeilein 11/36 from 3, 32% from the field. .92 Assist/TO

  • Deacon Blues

    It’s interesting that U-M chose to play such seasoned opposition. That ESPN blog post, though overly harsh, was correct in that NCAA teams usually win their exhibitions. Even Nebraska went 4-0 on a trip this summer–but that was against way weaker competition in the Bahamas.

    U-M definitely is taking a different approach. Hopefully it’ll pay off.

  • Ben

    Where is Jordan Dumars??? Did I miss something?? He didn’t go to europe??

  • Thanks, Dylan. Nice to see Stu hitting his stride. Am I reading right that Novak got 15, too? Assuming Hardaway really comes on and all else is equal, I’m thinking those two are our difference.

  • smance

    Dumars I beleive isn’t eligible until winter because of transfer rules, thus didn’t join the team in europe for hoops activities…

  • Thomas

    Hi guys from Belgium,

    don’t look at the opinion of stupid espn writer, they don’t know anything about pro-ball outside the NBA. Belgian league is a average or even a bit above-average league in Europe around the level of german league. It’s vastly inferior to spanish, greek, italian or russian league but still better than anything outside NBA and Europe. I have always learned that you get better by playing against stronger competition, not against team you are trashing. By the way, the majority of the players in the league are americans. Gent is a crap team, they are the odd-boy and will finish with very few win next year. On the contrary, the other 3 teams are maybe the three best team for next year.

    Charleroi is the heavy favourite. They have an impressive roster.

    On their roster, their three main players are:
    Demond mallet (McNeese State and then an impressive pro-carrer in Spain and Turkey)
    Joseph Gomis (french national team member, scored 18+ point per game in the spanish ACB league, the best league in the world outside NBA)
    Mohammed Sene: a young senegalese center (an ultra athletic 7 footer who has played for the Seattle Sonics and was dominating french league last year ( But he wasn’t playing against your team

    Other important players are:
    Brent Wright (Florida) wasn’t playing against you.
    Brian Greene (Colorado State)
    Justin Hamilton (Florida)
    Dwayne Broyles (James Madison)
    Christophe Beghin (one of the best belgian player: same level as those guys) wasn’t playing against you
    Andre Riddick (Kentucky) 37 years old but still an incredible defensive player
    Chris Hill (Michigan State) not as good as the other guys but still quite good as a role player

    Courtney Sims isn’t part of the team this year but he was a bench player playing around 17 minutes a game to give you a better idea of the level.

    +Most of these guys have improved since they left college

    Oostende has:
    Will Thomas (George Mason) Great player, MVP of the league last year. He has improved tremoundously since he left college.
    Caleb Green (Oral Roberts)
    Matt Lojeski (Hawaii)
    Marcus Faison (Siena) wasn’t playing against Michigan
    Darell Mitchell (LSU)
    Veselin Petrovic (Serbian forward build like a tree, same level than the the NCAA guys)
    Stéphane Pellé (Colorado)
    Trevor Huffman (Kent State)

    Mons (Former Travis Conlan team) has :
    Ben McCauley (North Carolina State) don’t think he will play against you
    Justin Cage (Xavier)
    Ronnell Taylor (UAB)
    Ron Lewis (Ohio State)
    Marcus Hatten (St. John’s and an impressive career in europe)
    Shan Foster (Vanderbilt)
    Peter Van Passen (the second best dutch player after Dan Gadzuric)
    Sébastien Bellin (Belgian national team player)

    A quick selection of former NCAA players who are playing here in other teams and that you may remember : Taylor Griffin (Oklahoma), Cedric Bozeman (UCLA), Nik Raivio (Portland), Graham Brown (Michigan), Trent Strickland (Wake Forest), Darnell Wilson (Canisius), Bryan Hopkins (Southern Methodist), Chris Young (Michigan), Tyren Johnson (Louisiana-Lafayette), Christopher Copeland (Colorado), Loren Stokes (Hofstra), Stanley Burrell (Xavier), John Tofi (UTEP), Dior Lowhorn (San Francisco), Ade Dagunduro (Nebraska), Jared Quayle (Utah State), Rashaun Freeman (Massachusetts), Damian Hollis (George Washington), Stefon Jackson (UTEP), Antoine Agudio (Hofstra), Wink Adams (UNLV), Dennis Horner (North Carolina State)

    So don’t be too harsh on your players. Your team left quite a good impression on belgian fans. Your players are just too young, not strong enough in the paint but supporters of Charleroi were still impressed by the talents of the kids. I have no idea what’s the level of the Big 10 compare to the belgian league but I hardly doubt it’s as good. Once again, all of these guys were stars in NCAA and have improved since they left. So I don’t think those results are a correct indication of what you should expect next year. Don’t listen to espn so-called specialists who don’t know anything.

    Good luck next year and sorry for my poor english.

  • sven

    Cool. Thank you for all the info Thomas.

    I think most of us here are keeping things in perspective that wins/losses are not the most important thing on this trip. Some of the people over at The Wolverine message boards didn’t seem to get the memo though.

  • Mith

    Yeah, it is best to view the big picture here. I’m sure Beilein isn’t worried in the least if they go 0-4 on the trip. What a great opportunity to play with lineups and see what potentially can work.

    I’m very excited about the upcoming season, realistically I know it should be a struggle, but I’m optimistic that the team might be better than expected. I base this on nothing except the joy of being a fan.

  • fresh

    if anybody expected a group of kids (18-20) in which only 4 have played together sparingly to come in and beat 23-35 year old professionals is just an idiot…………..these are grown men who you are physically and mentally more capable than anybody on michigan so to be able to compete like they did is pretty terrific

  • Jim

    I agree with everyone else. You can only get better by playing tougher competition. The idea is to improve and discover areas that need improvement. the team will only benefit from paying stiff European competition.

    Excellent post by Thomas!