Post-Commit Q&A: Trey Burke


Trey Burke has just committed to Michigan.  Dylan covered pretty much everything in the post below, but here’s what Trey had to say about joining the Michigan recruiting class of 2011.

So you committed to Michigan? Yeah, that’s true.  I actually committed last night and I guess my dad just put it out there.

How’s it feel to know you’re going to Michigan? It’s a great feeling.  I always wanted to go to the Big Ten and now I get a chance to play against my hometown school.  It should be real fun and now I’m just ready to get there.

What ultimately went into the decision? Basically, me and my family, we had a conversation last night.  We talked it over because Cincinnati, they were my top school for about three or four months.  My dad basically gave me his take on it and what he thought I should do and my mom was telling me the goods and the bads.  At the end of the night it just came out to be Michigan.  I felt like Michigan was a better opportunity for me at the end of the day.  Life after basketball, which school has the better degree, those were the kinds of things that were in the discussion.

Cincinnati was your top school for a while.  What made the tide turn to Michigan? The recruiting class, the recruits.  Michigan ‘s got Carlton Brundidge coming in and he’s a great player.  I’ve played against him plenty of times.  I’m looking forward to playing with him, Hardaway, Darius Morris and Horford.  They have a young team, and I can tell that when I get there, we’re going to do some special things.

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  • Dylan


  • Sullycu

    This is great! Who is the more talented player if you had to pick, pangos or burke? I know it doesn’t matter now but…

  • Dylan

    Sorry for the downtime. Everything should be up and running. Email me if you have problems.

  • Tweeter

    AHHH, I freaked out there for awhile when the site went down. Glad to see everything is fine.

    Man, I love this kid. Seems like he’s really got his head on straight. I always like to hear a recruit talk about life after sports since for the vast majority of them, college will be the last time they put on a uniform. Also good to hear that he his pumped to play against OSU.

  • Mat

    The list of people he wants to play with is interesting…

  • gordie bell

    Starting to get a look at the total picture, and it looks good. Not any reason, in a couple of years we cannot only compete with State, but beat State.

  • JB

    2010 and 2011 complement each other perfectly so far. great talent and good fits for beilein.
    plus horford, colton, and morgan in the mix.

    smotrycz might have to bust a few threes on him for not saying his name.

  • JayRich

    Glad he is happy with the recruits UM is bringing in since most people on here just complain all the time. I personally love what Beilein is doing.

  • Jimmy


    I prefer Burke. Nothing against Pangos, he’s a great kid and a fantastic player but I think the ceiling is higher with Trey Burke. I hate to play the “athletic” card, but Burke has said he loves to play defense and he can certainly fill it up. Based on what I’ve seen on film Gonzaga or Cinci is getting a fine player in Kevin Pangos, but I worry about him having the same problems transitioning to the college game as Matt Vogrich.

  • I’m glad someone finally committed to UM. That’s exciting. Mr. Burke seems like a good player.

    I’m sure some posters will not like this, but if we want to compete with MSU, OSU and PU our next recruit(s) will need to be a higher talent (NBA potential, 4-5 star). Guys – I’m not ragging on Beilein or UM, I want them to succeed in the worst way, but I just don’t want to be okay – I want to win the Big Ten and go to a Final Four.

  • sullycu

    I agree, I think right now, we really need a more athletic guy. loved pangos too and found it cool that hes an international player, but I think we can’t risk having another matt vogrich situation and just get the person excited and ready to play college ball. I have a feeling his stock will go up too, considering he will have the oppurtunity to be the star next year and not jared sullinger. So glad we have a commitment, now we can focus solely on Amir and Dominique. How great would it be to have 3 top 100 players for 2011!?

  • sullycu

    (my post was in reply to jimmy)

  • BigBlueMaize

    I agree Wayman Britt, but until we can get multiple top 100’s year after year, we will not get a super recruit.

  • JB

    wayman- we all want the best. i think this is a huge step in that direction. trey came to michigan to join young talent. i expect most of the new guys to contribute for 3-4 years, building a strong foundation for the program. it takes time to build college bball programs (when abiding by the rules). yes, programs have been built quicker than ours, but we’re on our way. and brundidge is a beast.

  • georgeesq.

    LOL. The real Wayman Britt was a 6’1″ SF who would have been a 2 or 3 star coming out of high school if they had rankings back then.

  • JBlair52

    leave it to Wayman Britt to state the obvious and rain on the parade…

  • aMaized

    as a Michigan fan, I’m excited. Now, Pointer, let’s commit! Amir! C’mon — let’s do this!

  • Kenny

    I think the idea of having Beilein in Michigan is to install a winning program with solid 3-4 year college basketball players at its foundation, much like Wisconsin but with a high tempo offense. Having super-recruits is nice but should not be necessity. Burke is a good Beilein recruits, so is Vogrich.

  • Beast1530

    I think that it may close the door on Yogi Ferrell recruitment(I hope that it doesn’t because IMO, he would be one of the top PG in the country and you would make room for him for ’12 class).

  • Dirtgrain

    Gary Harris, too? Still, it’s a solid signing. Now, get a big who can bang in the post and score some.

  • TheYooper

    Wayman is being realistic, you guys need to relax.

  • Giddings

    It’s funny, watching his video he really did make me think of Talor Battle, and then I realized that Dylan made a comparison to him when he was still a PSU commit. As for Yogi and Gary Harris, I think we all agree that we had much better chances to get Prather and Zeigler and missed out on both… we can’t afford that this time.

  • ZRL

    Go blue!

    Is this site coming up as the mobile edition on anyone else’s computer?

  • ZRL

    That was really weird. It was in the mobile edition and then I post a comment and it’s back to normal.

  • KRN

    Great pickup for Beilein and crew. I just looked at the scholarship list and it looks like we only have 1 left for 2011 with Burke’s commitment. Does this make Pointer the #1 priority recruit now?

  • KRN

    That’s funny. The same thing that happened to ZRL with posting a comment seemed to work for me too.

  • Brian W

    Yeah, I see the mobile version also.

    Happy to have Trey pick U-M. I’ll be excited to see Trey and Carlton Brundidge play next fall.

    Hopefully the recruiting momentum continues with Pointer and Glenn Robinson III.

    Here’s an article about Trey…

  • tin mad dog

    Getting guys in the top 100 is a start and now we’ve had 2 Top 100 guys in the last two classes. If we can land Amir Williams as well, then we may start to be building up in the territory that Wayman is talking about. First we have to start making the tourney and winning a game or two when we do get there. This year is probably an NIT season at best but next season, especially if we land somebody like Williams, we could make the leap to being a Sweet 16-type team.

  • tin mad dog

    Re: Pointer.

    I would think landing a talented big would be the top priority. We’ve got a few wings already.

  • Brick

    Maybe it’s late and I didn’t read it right but did someone comment that we need better recruits to compete with MSU on a post about a commit that is rated higher than the point guard that committed to MSU? Wow.

    What I like about our recruiting is that we have a plan and are filling needs instead of just grabbing players regardless of position. We basically recruited a two deep roster with our last 10 commits.


    Not only are we two deep but the two players at each position bring a little something different depending on what the game situation calls for.

    Morris has more length but Burke will provide more scoring. Vogrich is a better spot up shooter but Brundidge will attack the basket more. Hardaway is a scorer and Christian is supposedly more of a defender/rebounder. Smotrycz shooting, Horford rebounding. McLimans more outside scoring, Morgan more inside banging.

    I like the ingredients, and I’m really interested to see how this team matures.

    Great job by our coaches. We really are in a position to take the best available players with the next few recruits because I think we have good roster balance.

  • Michigan is starting to turn the corner in getting better players. Trey Burke right now would be the 2nd best shooter on Michigan. If you leave that kid along, 8-10 times he will make the shot. Nevertheless, let us compare the MSU 2011 recruit against the Michigan 2011 recruits so far. Kearney vs Brundidge, most coaches who have seen them play would favor Brundidge (Even Izzo if he is truly honest). In Fact my sources say that Izzo was so upset Brundidge went to Michigan that he called his father and void that Michigan will never get another recruit that he coveted again). Trey Burke vs Travis Trice. Any basketball enthusiast in Ohio will tell you Trey Burke is the BEST PG in Ohio. Possibly Amir Williams or Dominique Pointer vs Duane Anderson. Unquestionably Pointer can do more things. In fact, this summer Pointer put up 33 points at the Izzo shootout against MSU recruit Anderson. I would also say that Pointer is as Athletic as MSU other buy Dawson. If Beilein can work some kind of Magic this year. You’ll start see top 50 kids seriously consider Michigan. Dick Vitale stated, “he could not understand why Michigan can’t get good recruits.” He said that when he coached the Piston, he was in awe of the University of Michigan.

  • Is anyone still getting the mobile version?

  • Colby

    So is it thought we lead for Pointer and has he said when he might make his decision?

    Would be nice to get that dynamic wing and hope that JB can coach up his skill level. Then all we need is that top big man who can make a difference in the paint. Thanks

  • smance

    This morning on the recruiting round up, Sam said that he thinks we’ll round out the class with one of Amir or Pointer. Said that both wanted at some point to decide by the late signing period, but Pointer’s dad wants to have a decision by November. Pointer might visit for the State game (Assuming football). Said that this might speed of the decion of both. (Paraphrasing…)

  • AG2

    As far as Pointer v. Williams, if they both have offers, then isn’t it simply a matter of who commits first?

    Also, I find it the grandest of ironies that we swiped one of the top point guards in Ohio right out from under a team that has struggled to find a point guard since Jamar Butler left.

  • john

    The class is a good class but I wouldn’t write off Branden Dawson easily. He’s still a pro.

  • Nice post, Doyl. I appreciate the insight and love the Izzo anecdote. Doesn’t sound like the kind of thing someone would invent from whole cloth.

  • p nel

    About time we got a point guard and he is the first recruit we have gottenout of Ohio in a long time!

  • tin mad dog

    I think once the new Player Development Center starts to take shape, we will find that recruiting will get a lot easier.

    As for 2011, either Amir or Dom would be fine but I’d love to land a top big for a change. Smotrycz is the only top 100 big that Coach B has landed and we always lose the rebounding game against quality opponents.

  • Sid

    Dick Vitale coached the Pistons in 1978.

  • BigBlueMaize

    It’s funny how quickly the attitude has changed around here!

  • Bluebufoon

    Thrilled with Burke’s commitment but the fascination with Dom Pointer
    I don’t get ? U-M already has Hardaway, Douglas, Brundidge, Burke and Darius Morris to play in the backcourt and on the wing– along with Novak and Douglas will be around around for another year.

    Then in 2012 U-M appears smitten with Javonte Hawkins, Nic Stauskas and Glenn Robinson. Michigan doesn’t need another wing with the last scholarship for 2011, we need a multi- purpose front-court player like Katenda or Evan Smotrycz type.

  • SteinerBlue

    Hey Dylan, just thought I’d let you know that I can no longer access the mobile version of the site on my Blackberry.

  • Bill

    I agree with wayman britt 4 or 5 star would be easier to get worked up about.

    Compare to LLP. Not much of an upgrade depending on how you view ratings. I’ll get excited if we get a player in top 50. He is a good addition though but only time will tell.

  • Bill.. This was you a couple weeks about about Trey: “He looks very good at first I couldn’t tell if he was right or left handed.”

    Burke can flat out play. You can’t just say every kid in the 100-150 range on Rivals is the same kind of player. Thats asinine.

  • detroitbry

    Burke is a beast, if he were bigger he would be ranked much more higher. UM needs ballers, Burke fits the bill, I am very happy right now.

  • Bill

    “He looks very good at first I couldn’t tell if he was right or left handed.”

    Ok but I would still like to see a guy who is bigger with this skill set. My point is that LLP was very similar they are almost the same size. He spent a lot of his time on his butt after being banged on and stopped going to the hole after a few games. I think he is very talented. This is why I said ” He is a good addition though but only time will tell.” If it was up to me the refs would call fouls in the big ten and allow talented guys like this excel.

  • eric

    maybe not on rivals he isnt, but burke is on the espnu100 as number 99 rated a 95, carlton a 96,smotrycz was 94 and hardaway 93. signs of improvement in recruiting