Euro Game 2: Charleroi Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

The news of the day thus far is that the roof on Michigan’s tour bus collapsed on their heads (more photos). Luckily no one was injured and they’ll move along to face Charleroi  this afternoon. Tip off is 1 p.m. eastern and you can use the comments here to keep track of any tweets, updates, etc. from during the game.

Game 1 Post Game:

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  • Ryan

    Is this going to be information coming from Andrew Beilein?

  • Scott

    Is there a video feed out there somewhere?

  • Negative about any sort of stream.

  • Kevin in GR

    Here’s a link to Charleroi’s website…….They post video’s there, so maybe there will be some footage after the game. They mention the game on home page of their site also.

  • Scott

    MBB Facebook page has a pan shot of the arena.

  • Some updates from Andy Beilein

    Three-balls galore for both teams. Beautiful take from D-Mo makes it 20-17 Char.
    less than 20 seconds ago via web
    and a Douglass 3 off a THJR assist, Jon Horford now entering the game for Jordan Morgan.
    5 minutes ago via web
    After a nice tip by Jordan, Char 3 ball, Smot 3 ball, Char 3 ball 16-9
    7 minutes ago via web
    10-4 Char, 5:47 remaining in 1st
    10 minutes ago via web
    THJR enters game. Morris, Douglass, THJR, Smot, Morgan
    10 minutes ago via web
    Evan currently 2-3 from the field
    12 minutes ago via web
    Jordan Morgan enters game for McLimans.
    13 minutes ago via web
    Smotrycz puts Michigan on the board. 7-2 Char
    15 minutes ago via web
    Smotrycz enters the game early for Michigan
    17 minutes ago via web

  • andrewbeilein: End of 1st quarter. 22-17. 3/8 from three but we are getting looks. 41% from field. 2nd Q starting.

  • Scott

    Hard to tell via twitter, but it looks like we are getting chances and not making the shots. I’ll be interested to see what our shooting percentage is at the half.

  • Drew

    Also sounds like we are playing little to no defense.

  • Watching the Facebook video… The other team looked pretty damn big.

    Here are some more updates from Andrew Beilein:
    Novak score inside and Vogrich 3 makes it 37-26. Smot and Horford in for Vogi and Novak
    less than 10 seconds ago via web
    Currently on floor. Bartelstein, Vogrich, THJR, Novak, Morgan. 37-21
    1 minute ago via web
    Michigan countering with a 2-3 zone, and Vogrich’s fast break lay up waved off due to traveling call.
    5 minutes ago via web
    On floor now. D Mo, Vogrich @ 2, THJR, Evan, Blake
    10 minutes ago via web
    McLimans for THREEEEE! 27-20
    12 minutes ago via web
    btw, Eso is at point for Wolverines this Q, Stu at 2. Char opens with a 5-0 run.
    12 minutes ago via web

  • Scott

    I wonder if Andrew Beilein can give us a feel for how the defense is playing? Is Charleroi making wide open threes or are they just shooting over a smaller player playing good positional defense? Based on the change to the 2-3 it sounds like man to man was providing too many open shots.

  • 39-30 Char at the half.

  • Drew

    Only down 9 at half. Not bad. Those guys do look big compared to us.

  • Leaders at the half: Smotrycz with 9, Novak with 5. Smotrycz with 3 rebounds, Hardaway, Jr. with 4.

  • Andy Beilein: At the break. 5/15 from 3 (33%), 11/28 total from the field. Charleroi is 14/33 from field. Darius has 4 fouls

  • scott

    Bad news: we’re shooting 39% from the field, similar to last year.
    Good news: we’re doing it against a much bigger professional team.

  • Ben

    |I think this team is the best team the face…. I read that they won their championship last year. I could be wrong but still I think we aren’t playing to bad.

  • scott

    Is this the team Courtney Sims is on?

  • Courtney is not playing but old MSU PG Chris Hill is.

  • Skinzkid

    Would have been cool if Sims was playing against them.

  • sven

    Yeah its like playing a college all-star team with some good Euro’s thrown in for good measure. Not to mention we are playing on their floor and by their rules. And we are playing everyone on our roster that is healthy enough to play.

  • Section13Row15

    I kind of wish we could see Colton Christian play a little bit. Is he going to be healthy at all during this trip?Chris Hill has catapillars for eye brows…haha!!

  • RT @Michigan_mbball: Tim Hardaway, Jr. hits a three as time expires to make it 63-47, still ten minutes left in the game.

  • RT @Michigan_mbball: Scoring update. More threes from Charleroi makes it 72-47 with 7:00 remaining in the game.

  • scott

    dang, gettin’ out of control. that team can shoot!

  • scott

    Well…that was fun. Good experience for the team.

  • U-M stats: Hardaway, Jr. with 12 and 5 rebounds , Smotrycz and Morris 9, Novak 8. Horford and McLimans had 5 rebs each

    RT @andrewbeilein: Minutes leaders in order: Novak (27) THJR (25) Stu (24) D Mo (23) Evan (22)

  • Troy

    Two games in a row Hardaway is the high scorer… look out!

  • Jim

    Hey Section13Row15, Hill still is better than any playe on the current U of M roster, just like back when he played for Sparty!