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Dylan Burkhardt

The Michigan basketball team has safely landed in Belgium and that means we get a handful of pictures of the team sleeping in their Beats by Dre headphones.

Michigan practices today and will play their first game tomorrow morning/afternoon. For reference, here’s the full game schedule for the next week with links to official team site rosters:

  • Aug 22nd – Ghent (4 p.m local – 10 a.m. eastern)  – Roster
  • Aug 23rd – Charleroi (7 p.m. local – 1 p.m. eastern)  – Roster
  • Aug 25th – Oostande (8:30 p.m local – 2:30 p.m. eastern) – Roster
  • Aug 26th – Mons (7 p.m local – 1 p.m. eastern) – Roster

Beilein mentioned that many of the USA players might not be in Belgium yet, so take that into account when examining the rosters. But seriously, how could you not notice Courtney Sims (!) and Chris Hill on the Charleroi roster.

It’s unclear what type of coverage we’ll get but right now one of your best bet is following along on twitter. The Michigan coaching staff (Beilein, Alexander, Meyer, and Jordan) are on twitter. There is an official Michigan basketball twitter page as well as a number of players to follow (Smotrycz, Christian,and Novak). There’s also and the newly launched

This post will serve as an open thread of sorts for the Sunday game and we’ll see how that goes.

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  • Gordie Bell

    Awesome stuff, keep it coming please

  • Should have a full post up in the next hour or so.

  • Trevor

    As others have opined above, given preseason line-up experimentation, a short shot clock, jet lag, etc., I’m not at all concerned about wins and losses on this trip. But the 3-point % reported is mighty scary. Going on the admittedly very small sample of the results in this game and the bits of practice footage available, it doesn’t look like long-range shooting accuracy has made the much needed jump from last year. If this team doesn’t shoot better than 30% from 3 this year, I have a very hard time picturing them approaching .500 in the wins column.

  • Slacks

    The shooting must improve. I do wonder if there is some issues getting use to the ball. The international ball is lighter than American balls so it could throw off some shooters.

    I want to see all of that stats but 11 points by Blake is good. I wonder who he went up against (Daniel Emerson, Monwell Randle) and how he got the points. It is always encouraging since he is going up against older, more physically developed players. Also low post scoring is harder because the lane is larger.

  • Ragin55

    Novak had 17 Tim had 11 Mclimans had 11 Smot had 8 and Vogrich had 6-8 did anyone else score at all? We may have trouble with balance

  • FL Wolve

    I think we’re going to be fine from a balanced scoring perspective. I don’t think Novak can keep up those point totals and Darius and Stu will almost certainly look to score more.

    Want I really want to see for the future of this team is Hardaway and Smote averaging double figures per game. I think both of them can get there. It would be outstanding if Blake were to get up there as well although I’m a little hesitant to project him to score that much.

  • Darius and Stu looked to score, they just weren’t falling today. 3 of 21 shooting combined today…

  • gordie bell

    3-21 that’s so 2010, we need a new trend

  • Mitchigan

    ypsituckyboy I agree with your other points – just not the one about Novak. Nonetheless, I”m glad your a regular at Umhoops. Keep up the comments.