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Dylan Burkhardt

Anytime when we have an unusually high number of posts over the course of 24 hours we like to put together a quick link recap to catch everyone up to speed. With all the recruiting and practice content recently, now is a perfect time.

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  • Great coverage guys. I enjoy hearing good things about Eso. I remember when he signed as a walk on, some people said he would eventually work his way into major playing time or starter.

    I’m sad to keep hearing poor things about Vogrich. I know some posters will not like this, but it looks like his scholarship will be a waste. Just think if we could use his ship to get an additional player from the current crop of good H.S. players interested in UM.

  • Definitely think it’s too early to give up on Vogrich. It’s August before his sophomore year.

  • Wayman; it is way to early to start writing off a true sophomore guard. His shot can be lethal and could win us some games this year. I heard he has put on about 10 lbs. which can only help. We all need to have a little patience this year because we will be young and will probably get physically beaten up in the Big Ten. As long as they play hard, and compete every game, I am not going to be upset with a so so season. I know as UM fans, this is not an easy concept due to our decade + long struggles but if JB can finish off his 11 class strong (Pointer, Burke,CB), we will start competing for the upper half of the Big Ten in no time at all. Patience is the key though. Go Blue!!

  • Kenny

    What bothers me most is the inconsistent shooting from Stu, Novak and alike. This team needs to knock down open 3-pointers to win games. As long as Vogrich shoots well, he will find his way into the rotation.

  • TheYooper

    Great job again to both Joe and Dylan.
    Off-Topic when is Amir Williams expected to make a decision?

  • Amir will decide in the spring. He will probably trim his list before school starts though.

  • FL Wolve

    JMO, but this is a make or break year for Vogrich. Next year, the backcourt could be extremely crowded if they add Brundidge and Pointer, both of whom could end up playing over Vogrich. He really needs to pick up his game.

    Kenny, I agree with you about the shooting from Stu and Novak. They’re “shooters” who can’t shoot. By now, I don’t expect Stu to ever shoot a really high percentage. He never did it in HS and he’s yet to show he can in college. I think Novak could eventually come around because he usually takes higher quality shots but I’m not banking on either kid ever shooting in the high 30s.

  • Dean Smith said the one high school stat he really cared about was shooting percentage. Then you have Douglass, who admitted he had his best shooting game ever with Beilein watching.

  • UMHoops Fan

    Hey look, it’s SBell with a negative comment about a Michigan player or recruit. And FL Wolve with something bad to say about Stu. I can’t believe it!

  • Irritated

    I agree with UM hoops fan .

    Walmart wolverines are so quick to write players off . The one thing I hate the most is that these so called fan don’t apprecite NOTHING .I mean damn the season has not started and they already complaining .

    First Jordon Morgan is a waste of scollie and now Vogrich ? This is one of the main reasons recruits don’t come here … unloyal and ungrateful arrogant fans . These kids came here cause they wanted to be here . Btw , both had other options as well .

    I rememeber everyone was crying when Colton Christain signed . Now once he show some potential , they are on the bandwagon . I really can’t stand complaining and whiney types .I mean the type of disrespect these kidas are crazy.

    All I know is I’m tired of crybaby fans who complain about recruits and players but don’t go to games and see them play . I am no longer posting here or any other site. I get very irritated by the lack of respect and disloyalty from these so called fans ..

    Idios Amingos ! Go Blue !!!!

  • TheYooper

    It’s not disloyalty or a lack of respect, it’s called reality. We all know we aren’t going to be very good this year, why can’t we discuss it and our team without being branded crybaby fans?

  • Brick

    It’s not a discussion to call a kid a waste of a scholarship after seeing him play 5 minutes a game his freshman year. It’s an insult and one of the problems with supposed Michigan fans. There is a transition from being a good HS player to being a good college player and our kids deserve the respect to be given some time before they are called not good enough or a waste of a scholarship.

  • TheYooper

    I wasn’t supporting the people saying that anybody is a waste of a scholarship, I’m just saying some people need to relax and not attack somebody who says one thing bad about anything.

  • People need to relax all around. Cut the crap, cut the personal insults, etc.