Visit Debrief: 2011 PG Trey Burke

Trey Burke[1]

Columbus Northland HS point guard Trey Burke made an unofficial visit to Michigan today and earned a Michigan offer. Burke is down to two schools (Cincinnati and Michigan) and plans to decide by the end of the month. Cincinnati has long been considered the front runner but we will have to find out if Michigan did enough to catch up. We caught up with Trey for a quick update.

How did the visit go? It was real nice.  The campus was nice.  It was smaller than I expected, but the coaches were cool.  I met all the players and we went out to eat.  It was cool for the most part.

What did you do? When we got there, they were already in practice.  So we just went in to practice and we were watching it and after practice we kind of toured the gym and the locker rooms and stuff and right after that we went out to eat.  We went to Noodles and Company on campus.  After that we just walked around campus a little bit.  We went into a couple of the buildings and coach was just explaining what the buildings meant.  We went to the coach’s office and just talked and that was about it.

How does the visit rate with other schools you’ve visited? I have to say good.  Really high because I think that was my first—no, my second Big Ten school after Penn State.  The facilities were top-notch, the gym was top-notch, the football field and just the campus…basically it rates real high compared to all the other colleges I’ve been to.

You were offered today, correct? Yes, correct.

Who else has offered you? Michigan, Cincinnati, Providence, Seton Hall, Iowa, Nebraska, Penn State, Miami (FL), Oklahoma State and that’s about it from the top of my head.

Among those schools, where is Michigan? I narrowed my list down to two, so it’s between Michigan and Cincinnati.  I told them my timeline was to make a decision by the end of this month so I won’t have to go into school thinking about where I want to go.

What ultimately goes into your decision? Just coming in and making an impact on the team.  Somewhere I feel comfortable, and somewhere I could see myself living for the next few years.  That’s about it.

What do you like about Michigan? It’s close, it’s in the Big Ten.  Like they said most of their games are on TV with the Big Ten Network.  My family could come see me, it’s not too far away from home and they could come to most of my games, the majority of them.  That’s basically the benefit of Michigan.

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  • Bluebufoon

    Brundidge, Burke and Katenda would make my day for U-M’s class of 2011 and meet the majority of our needs for next seaon.

  • I would rather Pointer than Katenda at this point.

  • smance

    Dylan, who would you have…..Burke or Pangos?

  • Tweeter

    would love to get Burke. dont care who else we have a shot at, just get guys we know that can play and Burke can play. I also agree on Pointer. Katenda seems like a mystery and honestly dont know where he fits considering the guys we brought in this past year. Pointer brings something this team does not have.

    On a side, noodles and company? really? way to woo the recruits fellas. I understand there are rules and all that. But cant we at least get pizza house or brown jug or something that has a little more AA flavor.

  • Wolverine3

    SOLID class

  • I have never seen Pangos in person but when I saw Burke it was clear he had game. Burke would be a great addition to this class.

    Tweeter: They took Denzel Valentine and Matt Costello to Pizza House on their unofficial. How did that turn out? Ha.

    It’s also worth noting that recruits have to pay for everything on an unofficial.

  • fresh

    this is also good to know that he will be decided in a couple weeks so we dont have to wait on this either………

  • Ben

    sounds like it will be tough to get him from Cincy but hopefully we can, I Canadian soo I want us to get Pangos….lol

  • GregGoBlue

    Son of a coach or son of a former hoopster, Beilein likes bloodlines.

  • Paul

    His comments didn’t seem that high on Michigan unfortunately, sort of perfunctory answers

  • Fl Wolve

    Paul, I agree. He certainly wasn’t raving about UM which is what needed to happen if we wanted to catch up to Cincy. This one doesn’t look overly promising, but perhaps he’s just the type to play things close to the vest.

  • Benjamin

    Paul- Maybe Joe’s ! key is broken. ;)

    I think him coming away saying Michigan is in his Top 2 is pretty telling.

  • GregGoBlue

    Benjamin: Michigan was in his top two going in AND coming away.

  • Yeah… Michigan was in his top two before the visit but Cinci was the leader before the visit. The question is how much ground did U-M make up. We’ll find out soon enough.

  • Ben

    Its ok, its seems were really good at coming in second place with recruits. I truly believe if Beilein wants these kids, he has to start WINNING…. Now I think they will be better then most think this year but it will still be a hard sell to recruits if we bomb the year.

  • Section13Row15

    I think he’ll choose U-M. Just a gut feeling. It’s hard to read body language in a printed interview. Noodles and Company is a strange choice I agree. What about Blimpy’s???!!!

  • Beilein’s Bricks

    Yeah, will have to wait and see. Looks like he’d be a very good addition, though given Beiein’s penchant for coming in second I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one. The good news is that news should be forthcoming fairly soon.

  • Bigfoot

    They need to start taking recruits to No Thai!

  • ZRL

    I think our Europe trip may hurt us with this one. He’ll have the Cinci staff in his ears for the next few weeks while our coaches are in Europe. Oh well.

  • Given that MSU is done recruiting for a while, do people in the know think this is the best we can do? Not to knock the young man in any way, but a) do we have to act now and b) are there more talented kids out there? Is it an either/or deal with Burke and Pangos?

  • AG2

    You’d have to think Burke would know that Mick Cronin is on a rather hot seat right now.

  • Burke is a damn good player and I’m not what MSU’s recruiting has to do with it. I would say that Burke compares favorably to the PG in MSU’s class (Travis Trice).

    It’s also interesting that Cinci is a player in both Burke and Pangos’ recruitment.

    I don’t think the Euro trip will hurt us that much. Burke and his family know about the trip (which is why they made sure to get him up to campus before we left). They still have phone lines over there :-)

  • Mat

    Dylan and Joe,

    Thanks for all the great content lately. This site is continuously improving and has become a daily read for me. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks, Dylan. If you say he’s as good as Trice, that’s the kind of comparison that helps me. MSU is the #1 perceived recruiting nemesis, as far as I’m concerned. And while the “Beilein’s gotta get the McDonald’s AA’s” thing has been done to death, I do think everybody’s eager to see him snag some marquee player, transmit the message that we’re back.

  • GregGoBlue

    Marquee player like, for example, Carlton Brundidge? One of the best players in the state of Michigan, a four-star across the board and an early commit to U of M? Is that kind the kind of marquee player you all are claiming Beilein does not recruit?

    If Beilein deems a player offer-worthy, then by golly he’s offer-worthy. I think the coaches of the University of Michigan basketball team are probably better judges of talent than a small community of bloggers going on web videos and recruiting sites. And with 35 years of head coaching experience, I would expect that Beilein knows what he’s doing with his offers.

    As I’ve said before, it’s unrealistic to expect a team that just made the tournament for the first time in more than a decade to beat out an instate perennial powerhouse who has a proven record and a fantastic coach, for top flight instate recruits.

    We have an excellent coaching staff, that’s in on some great top-level talent and we’re building a great program the right way. Relax, and let these coaches do their jobs.

  • Mat

    Mattski is right, the conversation is done to death…

    What a lot of people want to see is the top 30 type recruits that Duke/UNC/MSU/Kentucky/Kansas types seem to get with regularity. These are the impact players that typically win championships, though not always of course.

    Amir Williams and Michael Gilchrist would be the type of guys that some people want to see in Maize and Blue – someone who can play at any program he wants. Bundridge isn’t quite at that level, even if he may end up a better player.

    You can make a case that its more important to land quality 4-year players like Bundridge, but if the goal is a championship you want some NBA-caliber super recruits. Michigan used to do this and some people would like to see it again. Its a legitimate view, but not the only legitimate one.

  • irritated

    I’m really getting frustrated at the lack of respect some fans have for recruits . You do know that he is ranked higher than Trice , right ? Come on now respect these young men who are at least giving the school a look .

    Noone wants to come a school where they get ridiculed for not being ranked high . If you a UM fan worry about Michigan and not MSU. I mean come on if you never have seen the kid play how can you either say he not good enough ?

    Kill me with comments calling me ignorant and all . I’m saying certain posters ( not saying no names don’t want to get banned ) only use google and videos to determine if a kid is talented as they say .

    Ok riddle me this , if Burks goes to Cinninati , will it be Belien can’t recruit or will it be Burks is must get ?

    Yeh I’m ranting and all cause I am frustrated by wishy washy fans sometimes . They say a recruit ain’t good enough but when goes elsewhere… it’s Belien needs to recruit better .

    All I can say if you have never seen a player in person , don’t determine any less of a prospect than anyone else . Matt how do you know Trice is better if have never seen him play ? Oh cause he going to state right ?

    Just saying .

  • irritated

    Sorry about the grammer …. I use my EVO. I was not taking any shots at anyone . All I was saying is show the kids that are at least giving us a look some respect . Stop crying about what MSU and worry about UM . At least they fans respect they recruits , coach and team .

  • irritated

    Look at his offers …. if he good enough for offers from them schools then he good enough for us period !

  • Also — a heads up for you guys. Joe is headed to practice this afternoon. Last practice before they head out. We’ll have lots of content.

  • Brick

    Good to see I’m not the only one who feels like my head is going to explode if I see another post saying a recruit isn’t good enough based solely on a 2 minute video clip and star or number next to his name.

  • fresh

    does that mean more video footage of practice or just some notes?…….i have been watching those other videos way to much

  • We should have more video.

  • sullycu

    I know they are different, but if he had a choice, who would beilein probably pick, pangos or burke?

  • Brick

    I think he has them rated about even if he has offered both. I bet he prefers the one that wants to be a Wolverine :)

  • I am not sure the back court of Burke and Brundidge will be effective. They both score the ball. I am not sure Brundidge should be moved over to the two guard position. Nevertheless, Michigan can not afford to keep missing out on players. The Top 100 prospect list of quality players availability is dwiddling daily. Just because Brundidge is in the bias top 25 on the scouting services, the Elite AAU coaches who has seen this young man light them up sings his praises. He scored 53 points against Top #15 player Anthony Wroten in Houston. He literally fouled three of the Team’s Nationally rank players out. I believe the greatest compliment a player can receive is that of the team and coaches you play against. The scouting services do a good job, but at the end of the day, that got to sale their services. They highlight the big name players even when they have bad tournaments. I have seen it too many times.

  • Bigblue

    Here is an idea knuckle heads, How about we put our butts in some seats, make alot of noise, and do our part as fans. Nobody wants to play in a half empty Crisler Arena!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fresh

    i love the idea of burke and brundidge together……..burke is supposedly a true point guard where carlton is more of a 2…..both can score, both can shoot, and both can create that sounds like a pretty terrific scenario to me……….this is exactly what we complain about is that michigan now doesnt have enough creators so why would we not want as many as possible on the floor together……..

  • Ben

    I think Pangos is more of a true point guard then Burke. I’m not saying Burke is a scoring guard but I just think Pangos is the better point guard to compliment brundidge. I still will take burke if he wants to come though.
    I think we all get a little caught up in the rankings. Hardaway was not even in the rivals 150 3 star guy and everyone has been singing is praises lately about how good he is…(he still has to prove himself on the court) and not all 5 star recruits pan out. I still would love to get one though…lol

  • Kenny

    I think that Burke’s game is close to Brundidge’s. The are both scorers although burke likes to shoot more 3s and Brundidge likes to go inside and get FTs. Pangos, is more of a pure PG with great composure. Anyway, from Joe’s interview, I would be surprised if Burke chooses us.

  • Bob

    Well Kenny…. You will be suprised!!! Burke will rock the Maize and Blue next year!! Many of you have no clue who we are getting in Burke!! He can flatout play. He will be a welcoming addition!