Visit Alert: 2011 PG Trey Burke

Dylan Burkhardt

2011 Columbus (Northland HS) point guard Trey Burke is planning to make an unofficial visit to Ann Arbor tomorrow. Joe interviewed Burke’s father, All Ohio Red coach Benji Burke, last month. Burke doesn’t have a Michigan offer at this time but the Wolverines have been picking up interest of late and an offer is expected.

Burke’s offer list currently includes Miami, Cincinnati, Providence, Iowa, Penn State, Nebraska and Oklahoma State. Burke’s father reports that his two favorite schools at this point are Cincinnati and Michigan. Burke is currently ranked 99th by ESPN and 128th by Rivals while Scout calls him the #20 point guard in the class of 2011.

More: Interview / Video 1 / Video 2

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  • wayman britt

    I always like to evaluate recruits by what other top programs are recruiting a kid. It gives you a good idea what other coaches think of a player.

    Don’t see many top schools on his list. If UM wants to play with the top three of the Big Ten, they need to recruit like them.

  • AG2

    For what its worth, ESPN had Burke in the Top 100. Its not as high as, say, LaQuinton Ross who just committed to OSU from Mississippi but Top 100 is Top 100.

  • fresh

    top 100 espn, rivals 150, number 20 ranked point guard according to scout ……….has a lot really positive articles that he appears in throughout the summer, look at his rivals page………cant pass on this kid if he wants to come here

    – i will say that he is considered more of a scoring point guard so who knows how true of a point guard and passer and playmaker he is

  • Dan Stokes

    He has a lot of top programs on him but really nly likes two schools. Hes better than most pg’s in the top 20 if you ask most people. It would be a huge get if they get him.

  • aMaized

    Burke! Pointer! let’s commit people!

  • wayman britt

    I agree Burke may be a top 100 recruit, but if we all want UM to return to winning Big Ten titles and going to the final four or elite eight we need talent.

    I realize it takes time, but hasn’t it been long enough since the mid 90’s. We need a MacDonald’s All American. I’m not saying we need 5 or 6, but we need at least one or two players who are good enough to have a long NBA career.

  • JB

    no doubt a top 100/150 player would be a great addition. any thoughts on his passing ability? highlights mainly show off his shooting/scoring.

  • Dan Stokes

    From what I found, he led the district(Ohio) in assists (8ppg)and can be a true pg or a scoring guard. Against the Family aau(Brundridge) he had 41 and Brundridge had 39.So I think they know each other.

  • JB

    both of those are good to hear. thanks.

  • Kenny

    It is encouraging that Michigan is in his top 2. Again, Beilein shows that he is more effective recruiting kids from basketball families.

  • AG2

    Wayman, if I recall correctly, Daniel Horton was a McDonalds All American and he pretty disappointing.

    3 of last year’s 4 Final Four teams had no McDonalds All Americans on the roster. Beilein doesn’t necessarily need 5-star recruits as long as he gets a good chunk of 4-star recruits. As for Trey Burke, I only hope his assist stats weren’t inflated from dishing to Jared Sullinger a lot. I still cannot believe how big that guy is.

  • Daniel Horton was pretty disappointing!?!?!?! Sometimes I’m convinced that you guys have lost it.

    I saw Burke play back in April at the King James shootout and he can really play. Knows how to play and can fill it up. He had a very strong summer by all accounts which explains why Michigan would prioritize him. The main question has been whether they want to add a PG in ’11 or wait for ’12… If they offer, that should tell you how they feel about Burke.

  • AG2

    Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Daniel Horton wasn’t a good player, I’m just saying its disappointing we were never able to capitalize on his talent. He was out most of 2005 because of domestic violence charges and that pretty much ruined our season. In 2006 we choked away a tournament bid in painful fashion.

  • Fl Wolve

    Is a Burke in the hand worth more than a Pangos in the bush? Obviously, JB would prefer Pangos over Burke due to the amount of time that he has invested in Pangos but if he could somehow convince Burke to go blue, I think JB has to take him. Burke is not chopped liver and I’m in the camp that believes that we need a PG in the 2011 class and not 2012. The problem is convincing a PG in the 2011 class to commit to UM with Darius Morris having two more years on the roster.

  • For those wanting to get a feel of Burke.. Here are a few vids:

    There are more here:

    Burke is #3 for Northland.

  • BL11

    His updated list according to rivals says his top teams are Cinci, Iowa, & Michigan. Followed by teams like Ga Tech Wake, Forest, Butler, and PSU. What do you mean his list isn’t impressive?? Ga Tech and Wake recruit with the best of them and if they are recruiting (whether they end up offering or not) discounts your point. He was a late de-commit which effects who has offered him. The kid is good.

  • Brick

    I don’t see how it’s obvious that Beilein prefers Pangos just because he has been on him longer. The way some of our commits came out of nowhere, it wouldn’t surprise me if we get Burke and then have to pass on Pangos and Ferrell.

    This could get interesting fast since it sounds like Pangos, Burke, Pointer and Stauskas all have us at or near the top of their lists.

  • Bluebufoon

    I just watched the second video link– Burke’s a player. I wished he was a little bit more unselfish as a PG but there’s no doubt this kid can get his shot off and he handles the ball well. If I’m U-M, I take him if he wants to come.

  • Bigfoot

    I nominate AG2’s post as amongst the worst this blog has seen. The only thing disappointing about Daniel Horton was his habit of abusing women.

  • georgeesq.

    Keep in mind that Trey de-committed from PSU, which might be one reason why Beilein was not recruiting him as long as he’s been recruiting Pangos.

    Having watched the video, I’d be very happy to have Trey, even if it means no Pangos. Pangos won’t be deciding for awhile, so there’s no guarantee that we’d get him, in any event. Beilein has to take Trey if Trey wants to commit.

  • Dylan

    Burke got his official offer today on his visit. We will hopefully have an interview tonight.