Video: Kevin Pangos at Nike Global Challenge

Dylan Burkhardt

The video isn’t entirely Pangos but the first third focuses entirely on Pangos and he assists a number of the baskets later on. Courtesy of OregonLive.

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  • mitch

    He looks solid, but if we are trying to get back on the national stage and compete for Big Ten titles I don’t see him being good enough.

  • It’s worth pointing out that the competition he is facing at the Nike Global Challenge is very strong. The three US teams are made up of top flight players at this level and there were some strong international players as well.

  • mike

    I thought he looked great. Billy Donovan type player. I say if he wants to come we take him. We don’t have any pure natural point guards. I see him bringing a lot of stability to this team. I’m sure DMo and Brundidge could handle the point but I like them better as wings.

  • Kenny

    Pangos does have great composure. The #14 of Team Canada looks impressive too.

  • Section13Row15

    Hey Mitch, Butler somehow went all the way to the national championship game and competed with solid role players who played sound, fundamental basketball. Gordon Hayward was a 2 star recruit by the way. Michigan just needs guys that will fit into the scheme and buy into what Beilein is preaching. They may not win a Big10 title in the next few years but making the tournament and winning a few ncaa games is not a stretch because of Beilein’s unique scheme and preparation. They need to get back to playing more 1-3-1 on defense and knocking down open shots on offense. When those are falling, the back door cuts will be open underneath.

  • Adam

    I’m on board with Pangos. He looked like he played well against some great competition. Sign him up!

  • Reminds me a lot of Bobby Hurley, except he is smoother. I don’t think we have a #7 is someone should tell him in case it’s number he likes.

  • Jimmy

    ToBlav, you can’t wear #7 in the college game.

  • mitch

    I think Morris is a true point, and could possibly be All Big Ten by the time he is a senior. Pangos is good, and could be a solid back-up. I just think we need to get bigger, stronger, and more athletic. If we offer and comes, I hope he’s a stud.

  • sven

    He looks pretty damned good to me considering those videos are against team USA. Its not like he’s padding his stats against Luxembourg or Kazakhstan.

  • Ben

    he is solid and our chances of getting Ferrell will be slim considering the kid is exploding and the bigs will come after him soon. I hope Pangos comes to michigan, its close to home about 5 hrs from toronto and there is playing time to be had.

  • Kevin

    Looks like a pass first point guard that can shoot the 3 at worse: average. Seems to me like he’d fit in quite well, I’m on board.

  • Jimmy, yeah I know that, just not thinking and being flippant.

  • Adam

    mitch.. bigger, stronger, and more athletic like steve nash? Pangos always gets compared to Nash and he is by no means big, strong, and athletic but is extremely effective.. I’d love Pangos if he can be 1/2 of what Nash is

  • mitch

    He’s a white point guard from Canada. That’s why he’s compared to Nash. Im ont saying he is a bad player.