Michigan Offers Dominique Pointer


We have confirmed an earlier report by Go Blue Wolverine ($) that Michigan has offered 2011 wing Dominique Pointer a scholarship. I spoke briefly with Pointer’s mom and she informed me that the Wolverines offered Pointer yesterday.

Pointer is a super-athletic wing who is currently enrolled in the Quality Education Academy in North Carolina. His recruitment has blown up this summer, especially after he turned heads at the Nike Global Challenge. The Sporting News recently mentioned Pointer as one of five of players who increased their stock this summer.

If you are interested in watching game footage of Pointer, NetScouts Basketball has tons of footage from the Nike Global Challenge. Pointer is #12 for the USA-Midwest team alongside U-M commit Carlton Brundidge (#7) and target Amir Williams (#15).

More: Pointer interview & video (8/8/10) / Nike Global Challenge highlights

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  • Beast1530

    I would take him over Valentine, no doubt. He’s a great athlete in a mold of Manny Harris. He can blow by defenders with his quickness and jump out of the gym.

    Michigan has a very good chance of landing Pointer.

  • Because everyone is back next year, it is interesting to consider adding Brundidge and Pointer to the current team.

    They would both bring something unique to the table… Pointer is obviously the super-athlete that would give Michigan a lock down defender on the wing. Brundidge is the pure scorer that is wired to get to the hole.

  • fresh

    this would be an excellent pick up no doubt………..also anthony davis went to kentucky dont know if that affects amir williams at all but hopefully things start to get exciting for michigans recruiting

  • Paul

    Hopefully we get Pointer and he turns into a poor man’s t-mac

  • sven

    They’d certainly push the guys who are currently on the roster.

  • georgeesq.

    I don’t see a lot of Manny Harris in him. Manny was wiry and a pretty good athlete who had trouble finishing with contact. Pointer is bigger, more physical player, from what you can see on video highlights. If he’s a lock down defender on the wing, that would also separate him from Manny.

    The caveat I would give re: Pointer is that he’s not going to be driving and dunking that much in high D1 basketball, and that’s pretty much all that the videos show. What else can he do?

  • Kenny

    Great move by Beilein and his staff. I see him in the same mode as Prather.

  • Tom_McC

    Dylan, I’d be curious to know what it looks like for Amir at this point? I don’t see Kentucky taking him and my guess is Zeller to UNC so I doubt Amir ends up there. Obviously, MSU is probably not an option.

    I wonder with Carlton, potentially Pointer, does UM become more of an option considering his familiarity with those 2 guys AND the fact that some of his A-List options are falling through the cracks.

    I still think it would be a long shot to land Amir, but it would be interesting to know where his head is at going into the fall.

  • Kevin

    What do we think the realistic chances of getting him are?

  • Thomas

    This is kid has potential….quick and good defender. Saw him play. Diamond in the rough.

  • Tom_McC

    Kevin, are referring to Pointer, Amir or both?

  • georgeesq.

    I don’t see much Manny Harris in Pointer. Pointer is bigger and stronger, more athletic than Manny actually. If he’s a lock down defender, that was not Manny’s MO. My only caveat with Pointer is that the video highlights are mostly dunks in transition, which won’t be available in high D1 basketball. So, what else can he do?

  • KRN

    Looks like Glenn Robinson III was also offered on his unofficial visit today according to Go Blue Wolverine.

  • Beast1530


    Michigan has a good chance of landing Pointer. Landing him will make up for losing out Valentine to MSU(though I don’t think Valentine is a high major D1 prospect).

  • aMaized
  • Brian W

    KRN, thanks for the news on Glenn Robinson III. He’d mentioned a couple of weeks ago that he thought he might get an offer, so good for him. Rivals has as him a 4-star.

  • Brian W

    Oops. That would be “has him as a 4-star”. Sorry, it’s been a long day working.

  • aMaized

    Interesting quote — looks like the original article was archived and requires a fee to access. But found this on a msgboard:

    Robinson said he likes Purdue “because my dad went there.”

    “But if I had the chance, I wouldn’t go there just because of that,” he said. “I like a lot of different schools. It will be a hard decision.” http://www.indystar.com/section/SPORTS0615

  • FL Wolve

    Interesting that GRIII was offered before Stauskas.

  • Just a note for a lot of you guys… The spam filter has been acting a bit looney so if you have posts that don’t go through shoot me an e-mail.

  • aMaized
  • Brian W

    aMaized, nice finds on Robinson…

    Beilein had a good feel for when to offer Smotrycz; hopefully he has the same luck with Glen III. If Glenn is similar to his Dad, as one the article suggests, he could be a very good college player. I’d love to have him pick U-M.

  • Kenny

    Wonder if purdue is going to offer GR3 soon?

  • I have to give JB and staff a lot of credit. After MSU pulls the 5 ships in 12 days, JB could have sulked back in the corner and surrendered. But he is coming strong with offers. There are still plenty of options out there in the next two classes and I think we will be happy with the results (just my opinion). Go Blue!!

  • GrandChamp

    Seeing this makes me feel old.

  • GrandChamp

    Oops mean to post that under the GR3 post.

  • GregGoBlue

    It seems like we have put out a lot of offers recently. Beilein is really turning up the heat, it appears. Offered (who like Meech):

    Carleton Brundidge (commit)
    Kevin Pangos
    Yogi Ferrell
    Gary Harris

    Dominique Pointer
    Eric Katenda
    Javontae Hawkins

    Amir Williams
    Glenn Robinson III

    Am I missing anybody who is giving Meech a serious look with an offer?

  • JBlair52

    I’m not sure that G-Rob is a “big” just yet.

    As a sophomore he was standing about 6-4 and played more like a wing.

    I suppose if he gets up to 6-7 or something he could probably play a forward spot.

  • sullycu

    Glenn Robinson isn’t a big, I don’t think.

  • Brian W

    I’d compared Beilein’s offering of Robinson to Smotrycz in terms of being the first high major to offer, before he had a breakout season, but Hardaway and Robinson would be a better comparison since both of them had the name recognition to start with. Beilein offered Hardaway early, before Tim Jr. started putting up bigger numbers in games. Robinson III seems poised to do the same thing.

    GregGoBlue, Amir is the only big with an offer that’s known at the moment. Robinson III is a shooting guard/wing player. Markus Crider had an offer at one point also, but not much has happened on that front for a while.

  • Bluebufoon

    Like georgeesq., all I see on the videos of Pointer are a guy dunking the basketball. Hope I’m wrong but I’m not impressed.

  • aMaized

    I coach B would be looking for players that have more than one dimension but dunking is definitely Pointer’s notoriety (SIAP):

  • Mark

    If we can get Pointer to commit I wonder if Brundridge and him can convince Amir to give UofM a chance. Maybe the Family AAU team can become a feeding ground for UofM.

  • Beast1530

    Glenn Robinson III is more of a wing player than a big guy. He’s not like his dad.

  • Sam

    It is also thought that Katenda probably does not have an official offer at this point, judging from what he said a little earlier.